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Negative Reviews of Tubéreuse Criminelle by Serge Lutens

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This is the first "tuberose" fragrance I've tried. I was warned about the top notes, and yes, they do smell like wintergreen with a whiff of diesel fuel. The smell close to my wrist remained like this for quite a while, but the silage that drifted up to me -- and it was quite strong, despite having applied only a dab or two -- was a white floral. But what a white floral! Heavily indolic, it smelled familiar, and not in a pleasant way. Hopelessly old-fashioned and heavy. A fur coat in mothballs, wrapped in plastic. Shag carpet recently steamed with an industrial strength cleaner and still wet. The open-casket funeral of a wealthy great-aunt. Wow.

I wonder if I will ever dare try another tuberose. I'm sure I'll test this again someday when my nose is more educated, though probably on fabric. I can't imagine ever putting this on my skin again. I'll edit my review if anything changes. For now, thumbs down.
08th October, 2009
Well, if anyone has a hankering for the smelling like Grandma’s mothball stuffed hall closet, look no further because Serge Luten’s Tubereuse Criminelle is for you! I scrunched up my nose so hard when I smelled this – it was teeth-gnashingly revolting. Tubereuse Criminelle’s vaunted top note is a cross between mothballs and the bitterness you get when you take a swig of mentholated Dayquil. Yeah, yeah, a decent tubereuse smell eventually emerges but I just could not get past that nauseating mothball initial note.

For a beautiful creamy floral without any olfactory pain, I much prefer Serge Lutens’ Un Lys to this.

As gleaned from various sources on the internet, here are Tubereuse Criminelle’s notes: menthol, tuberose, orange blossom, jasmine, vanilla, clove and banana.
18th November, 2008
I love the way this smells for the first 15 or 20 minutes. Its really captivating start of hospital air mixed with camphor and asphalt.

Bad news is, after this wonderful beginning this turns into a very simple floral scent. After one hour of application, this is nothing but very pretty and feminine tuberose with other flowers. It reminds very much of the scent of hyacinth, the flower which is traditionally much used here in Finland during the Christmas time.

Of course it still has slightly rubbery scent to it due the tuberose, but I don`t find it anyhow weird or avant-garde.

Tuberose Criminalle is just a nice floral fragrance for women, after all.
That is, if you actually like to smell tuberose or hyacinths on a woman...

I don`t.
18th November, 2008
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United States
It's interesting to sniff Tuberose Criminelle (what a GREAT name!) but I can't imagine wearing it. I don't think I'll ever put it on my skin to try it again. It smells like hot asphalt, antiseptic, rubbing alcohol, and tuberose. It's the smell you might encounter when stuck in a hospital room on a hot day, while visitors bring in the send of outdoors on their bodies and clothing. The hospital smells mix with the asphalt and tuberose, giving a hint of what's outside, but can't be experienced. That's my observation of Tuberose Criminelle. My six year old son's observation, with crinkled nose,was, "Eeewww. What stinks?"
03rd May, 2006
Not a fan. This fragrance seems to be something of a cult favorite but I expressly do not like it. And it's not so much the unorthodox topnotes that make it a non-starter for me - though they're certianly nothing to get happy about, consisting as they do of one or more things, exact sources unknown, that conspire to create an air of camphor-mentholate/tire rubber essence. No, that's not the worst part. What really throws this one for me is the sickly tuberose it's got in there. It's so sweet - and thin! I almost feel sorry for the note, it's so anemic. I like my tuberose heavy, buttery, dry-steamy, distinctly unsweet, very bossy, totally take charge and way over the top. The poor tuberose here is none of those things, none at all. It smells like it's been mistreated; there's almost a little rottenness to it. I guess this fragrance is difficult to come by in the states - I bought a vial from someone a while ago and wore it twice before giving it away. No, I mean - trying to give it away. No one I asked would take it. I'm not even sure what happened to it and I don't care. I dislike this fragrance that much.
30th September, 2005