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This fragrance is not that bad. It's actually one of the better fruity florals I've smelt during the lead up to this year's Summer.

Echo Woman does have a fruity punch to it, however it is sweet and refreshing. A fantastic word to describe this scent is pretty; it's feminine and youthful, great for those younger women searching for a nice, light, Summery fragrance.

I particularly like the casual and laid-back feel of this fragrance. It is certainly not a strong or offensive type of perfume, it manages to stay quiet a majority of the time, only sending wafts of its scent towards the people that come close enough to you.

I don't smell the vodka or white musk notes, (vodka is usually fairly odorless in general), however I can smell the floral notes and a hint of orange and pear (although those notes are not listed).

I'll agree that the lasting power is fairly average, however I wouldn't say that it was terrible. You just might have to carry this perfume around in your purse to reapply every now and then if you plan on spending your day out and about.

04th June, 2011
This is a nice day time scent, great for the office. Its a light floral, completely unoffensive, and subtle. Not a perfume for a date, just a nice everyday fragrance. I really like this one, a staple during the working week.

Unfortunately, lasting power is not all that great, particularly considering its an EDP. Again, it fades to a more subtle scent that holds close to the skin.

Could always reapply - but I am not one to carry fragrance around with me.
03rd November, 2007
Very average. For the person who wants to smells like everyone else.
18th October, 2007
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Mediocre. Cucumber salad + a few raspberries. No lasting power.
14th May, 2007
Well, this one has won every "scent-test" to date with the husband. He loves it. I'm unconvinced. This is certainly the sweetest scent I have in my collection; yet it never offends my nose. Actually, I had a student that came into my office last quarter wearing this perfume. It smelled so nice and unrecognizable on her that I had to ask her what she was wearing. On me, it smells of lychee, azalea, and ozone. Not bad, but sweet, noticeable, pleasant, and fruity. I would wear this on a sunny day in early spring. (It might be a bit daunting in hotter/more humid weather.)
01st August, 2006
Love, love, LOVE those hints of grape and raspberry - very nice to find something different. I might even buy this one, I just wish it would last a little longer on me.
16th June, 2006
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United States
I like the bottle and the pink juice... hints nicely at the sweet, ripe berry fragrance. I close my eyes thinking "berry, berry, violet, powder" and an hour later "sweet berry powder violet vanilla, and some slender thread of pungency I'm too young to know about." At two hours, I'm thinking "did I put echo on this arm today? Maybe it was yesterdy." And that's when it hits me! If I listen very closely I can still hear soft notes hanging on. Sam says "You smell good" (always a plus--he's eleven) and Micah likes it better than YSL Paris (but I don't).
Nose educational notes: White Grappa accord, grape raspberry granite, iris pulp, osmanthus flower, cristal amber, violet wood

Aha. Grape. Boy I wasn't expecting that. And grape raspberry that another word for concrete? As on the way to absolute? Iris I need to explore, to clear away the violet powder that came to mind instead. But is iris pulp going to mean orris root pulp? Clearly the art of perfumery includes a language all its own. Maybe my second post will just say "I really like this one.
Sweet berries get sharp but drydown nice and soft. Makes me think of cobbler."
08th November, 2005
This fragrance is stunning! It is ultra-feminine and light, with floral hues. Disappointing, is how long the fragrance remains, as its fragrance is short-lived and re-application would definately be necessary during the day. Subtle and lovely, I wouldn't mind if this was a pure Perfume, so that the fragrance could linger with me all day.
25th August, 2005