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Neutral Reviews of Echo Woman by Davidoff

Total Reviews: 3
Very average. For the person who wants to smells like everyone else.
18th October, 2007
Mediocre. Cucumber salad + a few raspberries. No lasting power.
14th May, 2007
Well, this one has won every "scent-test" to date with the husband. He loves it. I'm unconvinced. This is certainly the sweetest scent I have in my collection; yet it never offends my nose. Actually, I had a student that came into my office last quarter wearing this perfume. It smelled so nice and unrecognizable on her that I had to ask her what she was wearing. On me, it smells of lychee, azalea, and ozone. Not bad, but sweet, noticeable, pleasant, and fruity. I would wear this on a sunny day in early spring. (It might be a bit daunting in hotter/more humid weather.)
01st August, 2006
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