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United Kingdom
Amber, White musks, Bourbon vanilla, Benzoin
That is a lovely opening: orangy vibes with a nutty almond undertone, a touch of fruitiness with cyclamen thrown in - quite characteristic and well thought out. The base is flowery, with a muguet-peony dyad dominant, and merging into a slightly boozy benzoin-dominated base of wood, musk and vanilla.

The performance is good on me with moderate sillage, good orojection and seven hours of longevity. Well-composed, a touch synthetic but not in a manner that interferes with its overall impression. 3/5
25th June, 2015

CINEMA is a must have for a elegant lady who whishes to impress the others and see the heads turning.It's as great as M7 for me.A addictive sweet perfume that imagine a sweet embrace of comfort,familiarity, sweetness,reliability and's also one of my mother's favorite.Charming,Classy,Amazing Magnetic, Lovely light floral,Warm,Scrumptious, Feminine and Night scent.

This Lovely EDP is sweet without cloying.seductive without being intimidating.truly at the begining i was not impress but minute by minute a Glorious seductive fragrance emerged.the citrus notes are neither juicy and sour.the feminine floral hearts renders the pure essence of a lady with fine taste with it's peony and jasmine that blended perfectly with the musk and amber for a perfect drydown.this elixir makes you feel like a modern european beauty.

In my opinion this one is a warmer in your Wake in AUTUMN/WINTER.perfect for a exclusive party as definitely attracts the attention people or staying at home in front of the fire place watching an old movie with glass in the hands as it makes a great effect in that moments with him.CINEMA is just for a real sophisticated woman in her finest dress on the town not a young shy Girl.


Longevity?Really Noticeable on my skin.


09th June, 2015 (last edited: 12th January, 2016)
Genre: Fruity Floral

Cinéma opens up with an irrepressibly perky accord of tart citrus, sweet fruit, and flowers that might have been the blueprint for today’s parade of trite, adolescent fruity florals. In fact as soon as I smelled it I was struck by the idea that the designers behind all of those twerpy pink-tinted bimbo juices sniffed Cinéma’s happy little amuse guele and mistook it for the entrée. More likely, they understood it’s appeal and then spent just enough on their concoctions to mimic it, without putting in any more funds (or thought) to extend it with anything substantial or intelligent.

At any rate, I digress. Cinéma itself is a clever and sophisticated scent: a light green-fruity floral that keeps itself elegant and balanced by avoiding excessive sweetness. A naturalistic, dark, and moderately indolic jasmine lends Cinéma some depth and mystery beneath its bright, pretty surface. Sillage and projection are moderate, so while Cinéma is not weak, it’s not distracting either, and would make a perfectly nice everyday scent. The drydown sets in after about four hours, and consists mostly of very soft, creamy woods and vanillic notes. Is it groundbreaking? No. But in an age when scents of this type are almost invariably idiotic, Cinéma is refreshingly smart, and that has to count for something.
11th June, 2014
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Why Turin describes this as "sweet mimosa" is a conundrum, since it contains no mimosa, nor does its chemical composition even hint at that scent. [If you want the perfect mimosa, try Caron's Farnesiana.]

This is a decent powdery almond cookie-like scent - the musks, ambers and vanillas are dominant. The initial clementine is quickly gone. I don't get the middle floral notes at all.

Nothing terribly original here, just very nice. More the effect of a powder after bathing than a perfume.
12th February, 2014
This is a beautiful fragrance. It always makes me feel sexy. It's the right amount of floral, amber, vanilla, etc. Feminine and easy breezy to wear with a light hand, or more opulent, rich, and deep with a couple more sprays. Longevity and sillage are very nice. I just can't get enough of this. Oh, and I just have to mention that the bottle pictured is the pure parfum bottle, which looks different from the EDP/EDT bottle :)
07th May, 2013
I own nothing else like this. To me, it's a perfect combination of florals and musk/amber. It's subtle, elegant and a real catch for me. Sillage is ok and longevity doesn't seem to be a priority for this scent, but that just means that I get to keep it close to me for a few glorious hours.
03rd January, 2013

Cinema introduces that sort of common (fresh/warm) aldehydic/almondy/white powdery/musky oriental basic structure that is a cozy olfactory ambience for fresh fruity accents, sweet spices and some light/delicate floral patterns. I detect some pear, citrus (lemon-orange), a sort of heliotrope (but more likely benzoin)/jasmine/ylang-ylang/cinnamon chord and sweet/honeyed floral notes (yes, may be mimose among the others). Reminds me many perfumes around (combining inside some facets of those) from E.Coudray Ambre et Vanille to Burberry Brit Summer Edition for Women, passing through Organza, Teinte de Neige Villoresi, Phul-Nana Grossmith and Poeme. Pleasant, sophisticated but nothing new carring out.
23rd November, 2012
This is indeed a warm scent, and my favorite to wear in cooler months. My chemistry tends to swallow up perfumes and this one holds on with warm delicateness. It is a bit too strong to wear in hotter months though.
21st November, 2012
Deliciously soft and warm. For me it's a MUCH better version of Armani code.
04th November, 2012
Oh I just LOVE this fragrance! It may sound weird but it reminds me of Schweppes! Really bubbly and sparkling and a bit mischievous. It's vanilla sprinkled with stars.
02nd August, 2012
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Czech Republic
Cinema is very near to the perfect perfume for me. I know... the warm apple crumble signature is there but that is not all. Not at all. No matter how descent it manages to shine through. I remember, before all the cinema multiplexes came into fashion, those small local cinemas, where films were often showed even if they were not just hot off the producers... The silver screens waiting for a movie to begin and again the same silver (actually golden) screen after the credits were over. Sometimes people used to stay till the credits were finished, pinned down by the atmosphere. This is Cinema EdP for me. You are pinned down. Not necessarily knowing why but the projection grasped you and the impression stays.
13th May, 2012
I totally agree with Luca Turins' assessment of Cinema.
It does smell just like a mixture of sweet mimosa and warm apple crumble.
UM, UM good!
13th March, 2012 (last edited: 15th March, 2012)
At first I completely ignored this perfume when I first tried it. I did not like the name (did not evoke anything to me). I thought the opening was too sharp. But later on I tried it again and now I can safely say it is one of my favourites. I usually like warm and bold scents and this one hits the olfactive spot. I would recommend it to anyone who likes Chamade or Shalimar. Not that it is the same but in my opinion it works in a similar way. At first you are taken aback and then it settles down and has a lovely vanilla finish, not at all synthetic. All in all, agood job well done!
10th March, 2012
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I bought this on an impulse when I heard that it was being discontinued, and then of course, started to appreciate it. It's a wonderful yummy citrusy vanilla with a warm bourbon vanilla dry down. Wearable, and gourmandy without being too sweet. Perfumey enough to make you feel like a lady, but not so much that you feel like you are a lady from another generation.
11th July, 2011
Cinema begins like Hot Couture and Elle Intense, with strong and disturbing top notes of a graphite pencil shavings harshness. IMHO both of the others are better of their kind. After a while Cinema tails away into to a light sweet note. It's a disappointment if put in contention with original modern perfumes such as Womanity and Lolita Lempicka but maybe one for women who want a step up from bland fruity florals such as Dior Addict 2 and Miracle without getting into power statements. As a beginner I can only say sadly Cinema does nothing to attract me to the world of perfumes and to YSL as a brand.
06th July, 2011
While I agree that Cinema is a lovely, elegant and inoffensive scent, I have experienced what many other reviewers here have mentioned; it reminds me of something I've smelt before.

I don't mean that in a bad way, and I certainly wouldn't be put off this fragrance because of it. After racking my brain for a few hours I haven't pin-pointed exactly what it smells like however I think it's a little similar to Organza by Givenchy, Poeme by Lancome and Donna Karan's Gold.

In regards to the scent, I find it to be very classy and cosy. It has all the glitz-and-glamour to be worn to special occasions and the comforting vanilla in the drydown that makes for a wonderful casual, 'hanging around the house' type scent.

Cinema fits the oriental category perfectly, with rich ambery and musky notes surrounded by sweet, honey-like florals and thick vanilla. The woman that wears this fragrance, in my mind, is mature and confident.

It also has a soft, powdery-like quality which I really admire. Cinema certainly wasn't as strong as I expected it to be. For some strange reason I expected a loud and brash floral explosion.

While the sillage is quite average, the lasting power is not. Cinema lasts considerably well, at least 9 hours so far. A somewhat creamy and rich oriental, that I do whole-heartedly recommend.

26th June, 2011
From the moment this touched my skin, it smelled exactly like an air freshener found in a rest area restroom. Not being sarcastic or snotty. That is what sprang immediately to mind and it did not fade. Sweet, fruity - not always a bad thing in my book. But this just did not work on me

Eventually, with the dry down came a nice warm vanilla. However, I could still detect that floral scent that does not agree with me.

Mercifully, it is short lived on my skin like many other fragrances. Whew. For a change, I am relieved.

Totally eating my words - 12/1/12 - I re-tried a sample of Cinema. I don't know if there has been a change in my chemistry or my nose. However, after trying it a few more times from the sample, I have purchased a large bottle and am wearing it even as I type. Aldehydes and floral at the beginning with the underlying musk faintly evident. As it dries, I am getting floral and sweetness with a nice warm base. It has lasted throughout the work day and has become a warm skin scent by night. So, naturally reapplied before bed! The fact that it has lasted so long makes me believe my chemistry has done some small shift as it disappeared within 30 minutes last time. So, thumbs enthusiastically up!
15th May, 2011 (last edited: 02nd December, 2012)
After the aldehydic opening, this is a fresh, sweet & very pretty floral, with a lovely, honey-like note of almond blossom. As it dries down it becomes more powdery & ambery. The sillage is good & it lasts around 5-6 hours on me. l don't get the associations with the name; l think this is simply a classy yet youthful fragrance, perfect for Spring.
13th February, 2011
With one purchase of Y.S.L Cinema and in
return takes you to a world of the highest
Echelons of Glamour where Gods and Goddeses rule the silver screen irreproachable divas in exclusive suites
made of finest marble & gold flowers of
Calla white Pomeranians tip toe across
the bed and servants wait on you hand
and foot ala Sophia Loren or Cate Blanchet or male actors like Mastroianni
or George Clooney driving Lamborghinis
though Roman Plazzos or going to an exclusive and Elegant restaurants drinking Martini and wearing Armani or
Dolce & Gabbana while the Paparazzi
hounds waits outside.

But what does this picture smells like?
the top note starts very sweet with an
sugar note then dries to an nutty note
of almond blossom then the flowery hypnotic scent of peony in it's beauty,
and an curious little flower Amaryllis an delicate floral makes it more feminine jasmine drifts quietly in the background and the ending performance
dries exquisitely with warm amber
musk with it animalistic undertones
and the ending of the show is the powdery texture of Vanilla.

12th February, 2011
If you insist on buying another sweet-as-bubblegum modern feminine at least make sure she has some brains before you take her home! Cinema is like Burberry's Brit when she takes off the glasses and lets her hair down, opting out of the work-friendly clothes in favor of a more dance-friendly dress. Deep down she's always been the same girl but you wouldn't know from her carriage during office hours how cool and fun she really is. This is one of my very favorite offerings from YSL.
02nd February, 2011
First impression of this scent - Thai restaurant. Like the lemongrass in tom yum soup. Dries down to a lemony vanilla. Still not sure if it's for me, but I love it.
29th August, 2010
This is gorgeous, one of my favourite perfumes. I am often asked what I'm wearing when I have this on, mostly by other women rather than men. I think this is an exceptionally feminine fragrance and I can see it becoming a classic.
23rd April, 2010
like most ysl scents, this is classy and elegant.

you cant go wrong with this, inoffensive, suitable for most occasions
27th March, 2010
For some reason the name and design of YSL Cinema gave me to expect a green/chypre scent with something of an edge. In fact this is a sweet, powder-puff of a scent - soft, almond-scented flowers on an amber base. It has a close-wearing warmth that always make me think of sun-kissed skin - and reminds me very much of Estee Lauder Private Collection Amber Ylang-Ylang, from its buttery floral heart to its play-doh base, although AYY is I think ever-so-slightly saltier in the drydown, and Cinema a little lighter/greener in the heart. Given that I already own Amber Ylang-Ylang, I don't need Cinema to whisk me away to a summer-holiday-in-my-head. Cinema is in the end a little too sweet for me, but it's nevertheless a very pleasant, easygoing scent, which could actually be very sexy on the right woman.
26th March, 2010
This is one of the few fruity florals I actually like. I mostly get notes of dried orange peel, mimosa, cyclamen/heliotrope, vanilla, and light amber and musk in the drydown. But then I'm not sure what almond blossom and amaryllis are like! Not much peony, which is a shame because I love peony and it's not a common note. I don't find Cinema particularly strong or long-lasting, but it might be a bit cloying on a very hot day.

It has the same sort of "inedible vanilla" that I smell in Kenzo Amour, so people who like Amour might enjoy this.
11th August, 2009
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United States
Cinema is a “happy” sunny vanilla floral powder. It is warm and very easy to wear. It’s a little bit sweet, but not cloying. The lasting power is pretty good and the sillage could be very strong if over applied. It makes me have the same luxuriously satisfied feeling I get if I have a wonderful, indulgent nap in sunlight or in a magnificent downy comforter. There is no getting around the fact that Cinema is really a sophisticated comfort scent. In case anyone is wondering….get Cinema rather than Estee Lauder Private Collection AmberYlang Ylang. Both are pretty, but I actually think Cinema is smoother and just better composed. Truly they almost smell the same. ELPCAYY does have a lovely opening, but once that passes, it seems a little bit clumsy in comparison to Cinema. ELPCAYY almost seemed to copy Cinema’s heart and base and add a dash of nice woods. Cinema is overall better and a better value.
17th March, 2009
So is no-one else getting pure Charlie Sunshine (yellow packaging) from this? Perfectly pleasant, quite generic, a little fresh, quite happy and outgoing. Really not for mature, dress-up, complicated, earthy or dark days - wear this to the office when you just want to smell 'nice'. Not a big favourite here.
13th January, 2009
It smells expensive and sophisticated, a little old fashioned but still modern and light mixed with lots of vanilla. To be honest if you do not love vanilla you are not going to like it.
Be warned though it is very strong and dominant! I would only wear it for a night out... and preferably not in summer.
07th January, 2009
Sweet almond cookies. Oh, and some flowers and resins, too. Lasts, and gets more resiny with time. Not bad, but you may have more luck with Hypnotic Poison (both smell like Play-Dough on me).
NOTE: I sampled the parfum.
01st January, 2009
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Russian Federation
This is an attractive scent overall. To me it is too much of Bourbon Vanilla, and the fragrance is very powerful, so I would not recommend it for a business meeting. However, it could be useful for a night out; jasmine, peony, vanilla and musk could be considered sexy and complement a little black dress, helping you to be dressed up while dressed down. Cinema it is!
07th December, 2008