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This is ginger and nutmeg having sex. Not making love. And there is no ginger in it, but all the other spices make like ginger to my nose. I want it to be more profound, a little deeper, but for me it is a tad fleeting. There is an attraction, a desire to keep sniffing. But overall, I tihnk an intense version would hit the spot for us frag junkies. The notes are too sumptuous to be light. A very similar fragrance is Jafra J9 in the matte black bottle.
08th January, 2011
I agree with Todd. Nothing like the original Skinwear whatsoever.

A really excellent sequel perhaps better suited to evenings or cool weather. Sensual and spicy but with a warmth and richness to it.

Cannot decide if the topnotes are clove or nutmeg, I think maybe the former. Certainly if you like exotics such as YSL Opium PH or Cacharel PH then I think you'll be delighted with this and also with the fact that it's a very reasonable price.

Longevity and sillage are very good and I cannot fault this scent at all. I like it loads and wear it very often, in fact it's become one of my firm favourites.

Add odd thing to notice perhaps, but people seem to gravitate closer to me when I am wearing this one. It seems to draw people in, perhaps to get a better sniff ? Whatever! Everyone just seems to like it. It's not overpowering, ourageous or outstanding, it's just really nice.
03rd August, 2010
Not at all what I was expecting, after the light crispness of Skinwear. Unlike that, this ones heavy, even murky. Not sure how to begin to describe it. Smoky leather coffee? Definitely a winter scent. Not sure if women would prefer it, but one could wear it to poker night with the boys, and not fear ridicule. Super long lasting. As with Skinwear, the bottle's half the fun. I'd buy it again.
07th December, 2007
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