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Negative Reviews of Love by Gorilla Perfume [Lush]

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Yup, apple pie -- for about 2 seconds.
Then it gets very synthetic and becomes a computer-generated hologram of apple pie.
"Damn it, Number One, the replicator is malfunctioning. Not only can I not get my beloved Tea... Earl Grey... hot... but the apple pie is floating outside Orion's nebula."
An odd, sharp, brisk, detergenty echo of apples, cinnamon, and crust. Quite obnoxious.
Let us avoid such "love".
05th March, 2012
illyria Show all reviews
United Kingdom
It's supposed to smell like apple pie.
To me this is acrid. The top notes shriek 'synthetic green apple' and they don't blend well with the clove-y rest of it.
I had the soap in my bathroom, but I threw it away because the whole place smelled of it and it made me sneeze.
18th June, 2008