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Positive Reviews of Love by Gorilla Perfume [Lush]

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i like this, it reminds me of romance by firelight, it matures on the skin after an hour into a subtle citrus
19th February, 2014
Review of the re-issue in 2010 by Gorilla Perfumes, previously B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful:

Love begins like chewing gum for the nose: not only does it smell like Wrigley's Juicy Fruit gum, it also feel like something to pass the time after a brief moment of refreshment. An hour later, I realised those lush, perky citrus notes so typical of the Gorilla range were still pulsating to their own merry beat and that the accompanying jasmine wasn't going to be coming forward any further. Love is, in fact, an incredibly rich cologne in the manner of Eau de Guerlain, but infused with a tropical fruit playfulness all its own. Super.
22nd March, 2011 (last edited: 25th March, 2011)
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United Kingdom
I don't get apple pie at all. Starts with a HUGE wonderful great zing of lemon, soon joined by a hint of those pyramid-shaped little pastel boiled sweets - perfumed bonbons I think they were called. This quickly mutates into bubblegum, yes bubblegum, with a hint of some sort of 'skin' smell, maybe skin that's been rolling around in sand. Again quite quickly, a strong jasmine note pushes it's way through the bubblegum and remains dominant for the rest of the wearing. I would sum this scent up as LEMONS, followed by BEACH overall, I think that people who like 'beachy' scents would probably like this. I did get the word 'innocent' coming to mind quite strongly when I first tried this perfume. Overall I think this is an uplifting scent, it's strange too, but I like it.
16th June, 2009
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United Kingdom
Love was created to represent the bittersweet quality of naive young love and of love when it goes a little sour too (although that's not always mentioned in the marketing materials). I think the perfume is an interesting mix of fruit and florals and the sour apple note adds a mouth watering edge to what would otherwise be a very sweet, fairly middle of the road perfume. This is one to try and wear, rather than to sniff from the bottle or on someone else. It can either be fruity and fun, or go a little too sour. Luckily I'm in the first camp and enjoy wearing this when the right mood strikes.
10th August, 2008 (last edited: 17th June, 2009)