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Vile, Vile, Vile, disgusting acrid, bitter, nasty, abominable thing!

Rivals Secretions Magnifiques as being the worst thing ever devised, created and fobbed off on a public who obviously has lost all of its taste.

I opened this on my porch. Immediately three passing dogs turned over, barked their last and expired on my sidewalk. Their owners keeled over and hit their heads on the pavement. Once the ambulance arrived, the medics immediately put on their gas masks. I was warned to "Put it down, sir, and walk away from it."

I did so and they picked up the sample vial with plastic gloves and dropped it into a container for the lab to follow up on.

If you like this, cut your nose off. Your face will be the better for it.
24th July, 2017
Jasmine? Where are you? Very faint floral top note quickly cashmere and woods came in and turns sour type of woods.

Not your typical floral or wood scent, I like sweet, floral, fruity, aquatic, cream, vanilla type of scent and Alien is not those. If you're a non fruity floral vanilla fan try this one.

Color I think of: dark green, black, dark purple.
Words I think of: mature, elegant, serious business.
Suitable age (objective): 45+
24th December, 2016
Honestly, I wanted to love this fragrance because the bottle reminded me of the Halo video game. But I found it over-hyped for what was promised. The wood/leather notes felt really harsh and synthetic against powder. Not interesting, just weird and migraine-inducing. I had to wash it off after an hour. I much prefer the Alien Eau Extraordinaire which is less synthetic leather smelling.
05th January, 2016 (last edited: 13th March, 2016)
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United States
On paper it was a lovely jasmine opening with the rest being jasmine behind a candy haze. On my skin it's mostly just the candy haze.
24th October, 2012
sickly sweet ultraviolet woman
30th August, 2012
I wanted to be blown away by this. With a name like Alien and a bottle like Star Wars Clone Wars, it ought to be over-the-top-weird, right? Otherworldly? Artificial? As it turns out, I had to settle for only the last of those three adjectives.

At first, I got excited by what promised to be a vinyl note, but it failed to develop. After that, something screechy and metallic wound its way through the entire fragrance, but it never fully distinguished itself as a note, per se. The "jasmine" certainly smelled artificial, but it fell far short of the impressively odd, green, powdery, plastic flowers of Kenzo Flower. Now, those truly were alien. They smelled like flowers straight out of a toy box.

In the middle of this fragrance, I smelled the not-so-weird scent of... a root beer float and a pitcher of berry Kool-aid. Certainly those don't smell strange to anyone raised as a kid in America.

Disappointed I was. Take the bottle, I will. And may the farce be with you.

28th January, 2012
Smelled lovely on the test strip, lovely when I first put it on, then the dry down. Sickeningly sweet artificially flavored caramel and scorched fabric. Total scrubber. I find the bottle garish and pretentious.
16th January, 2012
Unfortunately I have to say that I agree with jtd. There is definitely a note in this perfume that distinctly reminds me of artificial sweetener, and I also find it really unpleasant. Plus, I just find this perfume much too heavy and sweet. I actually have pretty much the same opinion of Angel so I'm not sure why I got a sample of this one. I think I just liked the awesome bottle!
I don't really recommend this one for most people or for general wear.
18th August, 2011
Sorry. I can only mix metaphors to account for Alien. Its topnotes (approx 2 hours) are like shrieking microphone feedback. The drydown (the remaining 2-3 days) is like snorting artificial sweetener.
20th April, 2011
Don't do it. Don't ruin your life.
07th January, 2011
GAH!! :( This stuff smells like my grandmum's (rest her) notorious 'spring tonic (that had ingredients you were better off not knowing about but was reported to have moonshine and turpentine in it somewhere) with a hefty dose of cinnamon and left-over-from-1969-patchouli thrown in. If there's Jasmine in there anywhere, I can't smell it. I've scrubbed my poor wrist half raw, doused it with alcohol and STILL can't get the stench off! It's bad when something smells so horrid that the dog starts pawing his nose and the horses turn tail and gallop away. HOW DO I GET THIS GAWD AWfUL STUFF OFF????
27th October, 2009
OH No. How can anything like this have been created by Tierry Mugler? This has to be the most unpleasant fragrance mistake I have made in ages. I find it nauseating and headach inducing just like Dior's Poison. It lasts for ages even after you bathe, which is a pity when you just want to scrub it off. It does smell like a particularly nasty cleaning fluid, and would more than likely do wonders for blocked drains!!
20th March, 2007
I have not found a perfume bottle that I have been so impressed with so I had to smell this one. I did not like it at all. It smelled to me of turpentine. It did not smell anything like Angel at all. It had an odd smell, and I would give it credit for originality. Perhaps it truly is Alien.
14th November, 2006
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Perfectly suitable for christening the Antichrist. Also doubles as bug spray.
03rd October, 2006
A terrible headache at first, then a disgusting smell of tar accompanied me for an entire day. Bleaaah!!!
27th August, 2006
I received a 3 piece Alien coffret as a Mother's Day present from my husband. He said he searched high and low for the set, and it was a rare find.

Too bad he found it. It's just about the worst thing I have had the displeasure of owning and I have to make believe I actually like it.

The volume is way over the top. Even a tiny spritz makes a very lasting impression. And, oh! what an impression it is. I can not actually define the initial scent in terms of floral, green, aldehydic, because it was just so overpowering. I can tell you it was not very appealing to me, though.

After 5-10 minutes, the scent became a bit more familiar, but I couldn't quite recall what it was. After a few more minutes, I hit on it: FLORAL SCENTED RAID. Just like the stuff I use to kill the hornets. Argh!

As the scent continued to dry down, it became like a more powdery version of Floral Raid, til finally, it converted to a grape-ish scent.

This stuff is awful. I love my Angel perfumes, but this Mugler device has got to phone home.
Beam me up, Scotty, and get me away from this Alien!
16th May, 2006
Tried it a couple of days ago, and my coat still smells of it...arghhh! It's like an alien invasion! not my taste as too loud, too sweet, too straightforward. no complexity here, just plain.basically, I agree with Tropical_Storm.
10th February, 2006
This has got to be one of the most unfortunate fragrances I have ever tried. Too much, too strong, too intrusive, too loud, too overwhelming. The initial blast of flowers is enough to blast you out of your shoes, there are no detectable woods on my skin, and the dry down is an extremely strong smelling (and to my nose revolting) artificial jasmine that bombards me like repeated blows to the face.
Unbearable. Shades of Giorgio! It's hard to believe that Mugler put his name on this atrocity.
01st December, 2005
As an angel devotee, I was disappointed by this cringeworthy perfume. Nothing innovative or interesting about it. Just heavy and green.
20th September, 2005