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Neutral Reviews of Alien by Thierry Mugler

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Alien is the perfect name for this fragrance. With only three notes Jasmine, woods & amber you would think it is a simple fragrance which it is yet not really.

Alien is all about Jasmine, she dominates the entire show from the moment you spray her until the end. The woods and amber do show up but they don't have a prayer in hell with the Jasmine leading the forefront. Now there is a problem here, it is with Jasmine. I so happen to like Jasmine but Mugler seemed like he wanted to amp it to 100x's & on top of that it can come off as a synthetic mess!

Yes Alien is a bit to synthetic for my taste as I use to wear it sometimes, tho there was always this almost stomach turning feeling I'd get from this & I knew it was from the Jasmine. On the bright side, it will get you noticed across a stadium & it will last on you from sun up till sun down. Normally only Aliens have that type of power. :) Nice, but a no for me as my nose cannot bare it anymore.
25th March, 2018
It's just a cheaper regurgitation and intentionally weird repackaging of Hypnotic Poison, devoid of any of its richness, class, and easy suavity- like Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga trying to recreate classic Madonna with added shock appeal. It would be pleasant if the sweetness didn't make the construction so opaque.

If you want to like Alien and Hypnotic Poison but feel they're not quite for you try tracking down a sample of Deep Night by Ghost.
04th August, 2014
Something I've found with most Mugler perfumes is that when I first try them, they are something completely new and different. However, once I have worn them a few times, and I'm used to them, they lose their novelty, and I find them too sweet, too gourmand and too strong. This is exactly what happened with Alien: I loved it at first, but now, I'm afraid I find it a rather loud and brash scent, which shouts overly sweet vanilla and jasmine. Less than halfway through my one and only bottle of Alien, I really had had enough of it. Definitely not a perfume I would ever want again.
31st July, 2014
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Genre: Floral Oriental

Notes: Sambac jasmine, Cashmeran, “solar note,” white amber.

The idea here is kind of fun: take a familiar, even ubiquitous, fragrance ingredient - like jasmine - and amp it up so high it starts to smell strange, jarring, or even…alien. Alien’s jasmine is so intense, so overflowing with indolic decadence, that it no longer smells remotely like a flower. While I find it interesting, I’m not at all sure it’s wearable, or even particularly pleasant. In its sheer overindulgence, its monstrous scale, and its hair-raising volume, Alien can feel more like a stunt than a perfume. For all of its weight, it also smells a little bit bare, like a large house with insufficient architectural detail for its bulk.

Alien’s predecessor, Angel, was a stunt of sorts, but it generated a fascinating internal tension by juxtaposing accords which by all rights ought to have been incompatible. Alien, in contrast, is monolithic, its entire structure devoted to supporting the elephantine jasmine. In this regard it is a degree less clever, and at Alien’s outlandish proportions, any deficit in wit can render a fragrance fatally vulgar. That said, Alien comes within a hair’s breadth of being truly great.

The balance hangs upon the drydown. Even without Angel’s clever internal contradictions, Aliens’s jasmine from another planet might have amounted to brilliance were the drydown suitably dramatic or transcendent. With a surprise ending – say a plush, animalic leather, or even the indulgent luxury of creamy sandalwood and musk that Dominique Ropion supplied for his same year’s Carnal Flower, I’d count Alien a work of genius. As it is, Alien’s unadventurous artificial wood (Cashmeran) and laundry detergent musk base notes are a letdown, and any sense of anticipation deflates upon their arrival. The base notes, while commonplace, play at the same extraordinary volume as everything that’s come before, with the unfortunate result that the drydown displays all the charm of the Oscar Meyer ditty played by the Berlin Philharmonic brass section. Too bad – it came so close…
08th June, 2014
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Really a nice fragrance with the sambac and jasmine giving it a floral note. The wood sets in later and the amber together with the floral side makes it too sweet for my taste, but it is an interesting scent, although not spectacular.
10th September, 2012
To properly appreciate this composition by Dominique Ropion and Laurent Bruyere you don't have to simply like jasmine, you should instead love JASMINE (say it as loud as you can).
When a new fragrance from Thierry Muglier comes to light, it's always surrounded by big expectations, and lately this expectations have been sadly unsatisfied.
Alien provides us with all the ingredients we usually expect form Thierry Muglier (juxtapositions, uniqueness, sweetness, pushed to the limits ingredients, weird bottle and advertisement) but it does it in the wrong way. This time Mr Ropion has simply failed. It happens, even to the best perfumeurs.

Overall Alien is a nice scent but remember that the word "nice" can be pronounced in several ways. In this case you should say it without even opening your mouth.
24th April, 2011
Like Angel this has unbeatable staying power and sillage but it's not as adventurous in its composition-it's straight up jasmine and quite linear on me. It would definitely be too strong for some but on my dry skin it doesn't evaporate right off like most perfumes... the boyfriend loves it but i'm indifferent.
15th August, 2010
Ambivalence. Depending on weather, body chemistry, and amount sprayed, Alien can be either delightfully floral, warm, and woody or overpoweringly vanillic, sweet and synthetic. Today it was the latter, and when it manifests like this on me, I really don't like it. On gentler days, Alien has a synthetic, metallic quality which can appear as gasoline, lighter fluid, or acetone. This adds an intriguing edge.

The opening is powerful, lasts for hours, and screams JASMINE! soaked in gasoline or acetone: a heavy floral cut with a dark industrial note. This makes Alien interesting but can also lead to headaches. A synthetic vanilla rises. This makes it a little...boring. Pretty, but boring. As the juice dries down, it becomes far tamer and less interesting: amber, wood, the Cashmeran accord. It's a nice floral-oriental, but it looses that weird quality that it has in the opening when all the notes are jumbling together like in a particle accelerator.

Overall, it's a very feminine, floral fragrance but doesn't align with the bottle or concept at all. Alien? How? If Dominique Ropion had been able to extend that synthetic quality throughout the scent's life, then yes, perhaps it would really smell like something alien...a strange creature from a planet covered in white flowers who has acetone for blood. That would create an interesting juxtaposition. But that quality fades rather quickly and we're left with a jasmine/wood/vanilla juice that smells like something a matronly 5th Avenue Lady Who Lunches would wear rather than something that might waft off an alien being. Too bad too, because I really wanted to love this one.

Long lasting, massive sillage (alien fumes!), headache inducing if over-applied, slightly opulent, very linear, feminine, ok for day but absolutely for night, and a bit boring.
28th April, 2010
At first application I got anise, pepper and grapes. Yuck. Softened with wear and got smokier. I prefer drydown much more than the opening but even so, this is just neutral to me. I don't find it overpowering if applied very lightly.
23rd April, 2010
smh78 Show all reviews
United States
At first sniff this smells God-awful. Like some super heady synthetic sludge. Synthetic and overpowering, not nice at all. It has a sweet play-doh-y feeling and a slight woodiness--but the woodiness seems very synthetic and not very deep to me. I can say that it does smell very foreign, and very alien, and that's not just the ad copy influencing me. The question is, is it a good kind of foreignness, or is it just wrong? As those awful and scary topnotes dry down, the jasmine, the best aspect of this fragrance, comes to the front. The Jasmine and vanilla combine to create a sweet accord which to my nose lacks depth. I keep wanting the woods to come out more to play. The first two hours after the loss of that awful synthetic ugh are this lovely jasmine powder scent, which is very appealing. I begin to like it more the longer I wear it. It is like the smell of jasmine soap in the shower when it picks up the unwashed human body smell and becomes sort of tangy and vanilla-y. Alien at this point seems old-fashioned but still synthetic, and it retains hints of that same weirdness that are so disturbing at the beginning.

Unfortunately, just as I was about to add this intriguing scent to my bottle wishlist--I need a nice jasmine-the jasmine pulled away, and I was left with a cheap smelling synthetic on my arm with way too much longevity. I mean, all of a sudden, it started smelling like the more egregiously synthetic abominations of Bath and Body works. Just bad.
08th April, 2010
I have mixed feelings about Alien; it really is a lovely fragrance (particularly in the richer Parfum version). It turns into a sweet vanilla-jasmine scent on me, which is very familiar, and not entirely unique. There are green and spice notes in there too, but they are faint. The EDP tends to get a vanilla ice cream note after a few hours, which is a little sickly. For me it isn't a particularly sophisticated perfume, and a little too "edible", though I have smelled it on other people, and it has developed into something much deeper altogether.

The real downside, is that Alien is incredibly strong; annoyingly so (traditionally strong fragrances such as Narcisse Noir or even Poison pale into insignificance here!)! Even the smallest squirt of EDP or dab of Parfum is evident on my wrist 2 days and 3 baths later! If Alien floats your boat, I'm sure you won't mind this, but I found it quite annoying, especially when I wanted to wear a different perfume the following day. It definitely isn't a fragrance I would want to wear day after day; a tester once or twice a year is enough for me.
11th March, 2010
I am not into florals of any nature, but there is something so beautiful about Alien making it the type of fragrance you would wear in the most beautiful sunlit, forest, fantasy-like setting. If I wore oriental florals, my choice would be Angel.
28th July, 2009
I find this scent highly confusing. To me, a fragrance should evoke an emotional response similar to: "mmm.. more". However, when I smell Alien it's almost as if the scent is telling me to back off. I feel guilty sniffing it, as if I'm breaking the boundaries of privacy. I have yet to smell this perfume on someone. I wonder if my emotional response to it will be to leave them alone.
Other than that it seems a very interesting scent. However, as 'm not comfortable with it, it's not one for me.
11th May, 2009
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I'm still on the fence on this one. I got a mini of it, and I could smell it strongly even before I opened it. I wore it for a few hours, and couldn't decide if I like it. It is like nothing else I've ever worn. Even though I don't see it in the description, the top notes were lemon, lemon, lemon, and then definitely the musk.
It is interesting, and would definitely turn heads, but I doubt I'll buy any more.
25th March, 2009
It's seems sophisticated and grown up, yet its smell kinda reminds me of rubber. I think it's alright...
22nd February, 2009
Interesting "sexy" jasmine with airy woods. This would smell great on any girl.
31st January, 2009
Gimpee Show all reviews
United Kingdom
After the first overpowering whiff of sharp jasmine this settles into what really struck me as a slight licorice scent (I love licorice). Its probably the jasmine softening and mixing with the amber. It settles nicely, but the jasmine is probably a bit too much for me (and my wife). But still pleasantly surprised by this frag. which is very strong and will hang around you for a long time.
15th September, 2008
Alien is not an easy scent to like,I think..I have to admit that the first time I tried it I really hated it!I found it sour and weird smelling.However I've learned from experience that I need to retest most of the scents I try several times and with a huge time gap between.Alien also reminded me a bit of Crystal Noir in the beginning,but it's cooler and less sweet.Not sure what caused me feeling that way about it,because now I find them really different from eachother.On me Alien smells mostly of Jasmine,but it gradually warms a little up and the amber comes through.It also has a quite green quality about it I think.I've grown to like this scent more and more,but it's defenitely a scent I would have to be in the mood for.Defenitely a very original mix of notes and the bottle is cool too.
22nd October, 2007
Well, the purple bottle is fantastic. The scent is completely synthetic and odd, but not in a bad way, more like purple neon. It's a virtual jasmine, a virtual amber, very electric, artificial, technological if that makes sense. Like an alien's take on Earth scents. It is unabashedly divorced from Nature. The longevity is incredible, the sillage pronounced. Very different!
22nd March, 2007
vampixi Show all reviews
United Kingdom
There's no point comparing it to Angel, it was never going to be like it after being called alien was it? I can't stand Angel anyway, I agree this is so much like Dior's poison. Really dry, long lasting, a bit acetone-y. Men seem to like it. It has warmth and a coldness at the same time- very intiguing....
05th December, 2006
Love the bottle - hate the name. Love the amber base - hate the jasmine top. I guess I'm about 50/50 on this one! Really, the warm amber basenote is the best part of this fragrance. I personally don't think the 'green' belongs in this mix, it seems to take away from the smoothness of the amber and creates a sharp edge. (Maybe THAT was the point in this creation, I don't know!) Anyway, as far as an amber/floral scent I would recommend Versace Crystal Noir over Alien.
28th April, 2006
Received a couple of samples from friends and we've all been very disappointed. It is a very lovely floral, with a rather fresh and sweet middle and almost woody base. Lots of Jasmine here, but no real depth. It did remind me somewhat of JPG Classique, but not as powdery. Overall, this is a pretty scent, but not one that I think I would reach for. I know it's hard to follow in Angel's footsteps, so leave all expectations and ideas behind and enjoy this one without the curse of comparison.
09th September, 2005 (last edited: 15th September, 2005)