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Very strong scent. Use sparingly. Although not in the notes, I find it smells a lot like grapes, and a few of my friends agreed also. Once it sets in it calms down a bit.
16th November, 2017
I own the Eau de Parfum. to me Alien is (think real flowers) a tad of Tiger Lily and then all Jasmine, & fresh air. I have a huge amount of jasmine which grows on the back fence, far from the house, but when it blooms and I open the sliding glass doors, I can smell it alllll the way to my house. that jasmine bush smells heady & magic, it makes you close your eyes and breathe it in. i wear Alien to work almost exclusively and it's because i alwaysssss get told "you smell good" "what are you wearing?" strangers in elevators, everywhere. in fact, that is how I came to buy it. i walked in a club house at a friends condo. there was only one woman there. I asked her, hey, what's that smell in this room, it's incredible. bcuz so many people mention it, I asked my boss if I had too much on, she said no, you smell clean.
by the way, you need ONE or TWO dabs or sprays, it is STRONG, with great sillage and longevity. Well worth the price
27th October, 2017
Vile, Vile, Vile, disgusting acrid, bitter, nasty, abominable thing!

Rivals Secretions Magnifiques as being the worst thing ever devised, created and fobbed off on a public who obviously has lost all of its taste.

I opened this on my porch. Immediately three passing dogs turned over, barked their last and expired on my sidewalk. Their owners keeled over and hit their heads on the pavement. Once the ambulance arrived, the medics immediately put on their gas masks. I was warned to "Put it down, sir, and walk away from it."

I did so and they picked up the sample vial with plastic gloves and dropped it into a container for the lab to follow up on.

If you like this, cut your nose off. Your face will be the better for it.
24th July, 2017
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Jasmine? Where are you? Very faint floral top note quickly cashmere and woods came in and turns sour type of woods.

Not your typical floral or wood scent, I like sweet, floral, fruity, aquatic, cream, vanilla type of scent and Alien is not those. If you're a non fruity floral vanilla fan try this one.

Color I think of: dark green, black, dark purple.
Words I think of: mature, elegant, serious business.
Suitable age (objective): 45+
24th December, 2016
This is a lovely perfume that I almost skipped because it's so commonly worn.

Alien starts with some sharp white florals (mostly jasmine), a lot of sweetness and a hint of woods and metal. After about an hour it settles in nicely to a somewhat sweet creamy (almost nougat like) jasmine that has a touch of powder to it (possibly some sandalwood).

I like it much more than I had originally thought I would. Because it is so widely available and because Thierry Mugler is such a popular house, this has the stigma of being seen as "ordinary" or "generic", when it isn't. Yes, it has the ever popular elements of white floral and sweetness, but it's done in a way that is different enough (and lasts decently enough) to be more enjoyable than mass market sugar or fruity/floral bombs. Sillage is soft to moderate (about 2-3 feet) and lasting power is about 5-6 hours. Really lovely and versatile fragrance. I think my favorite time to wear it would be Fall/Winter day or night.
05th December, 2016
This is a perfume I fell in love with, beautiful, different, true to its name. I went to buy it, but when I got to the counter to smell the tester to make sure the love and attraction was still there, it turned me off. The scent was overly strong in the commercial way. Perhaps that was an old batch or one that had been in the heat. If there was a lighter version of it, I would reconsider.
20th September, 2016
Alien is the fragrance I love despite myself. I sort of dislike everything the perfume stands for, it's name, the gaudy packaging, not to mention it's notoriety. Alien is too well known for it's own good in a way, it's celebrity making it feel that bit too obvious, and therefore overplayed and unrefined. Thierry Mugler seems to be the worst kept secret in perfumery. And yet, the scent itself is so appealing and irresistible to me, that I overcome my snobbery and all these things, the name, the packaging, they pale into insignificance because at the end of the day: I love that smell. It's as simple as that. However loud and conspicuous there is something in the combination of notes in this fragrance that always pulls me in. It is sort of a throw back to the 80s in it's big brassy unabashedly sexy floral nature. It's kind of brash and overt in it's sexiness so I have to be in a very specific mood to wear it - usually a winter's evening, it should be worn with heels. It should feel dated by now I tell myself but Alien remains a heady and intoxicating magic potion I can't help but adore, an ex-lover who is no good but I keep coming back to anyway.
14th June, 2016
So Alien smells a little trashy. I think the house of Thierry Mugler wears trashy on its sleeve like a badge of honor, so there's kind of no point in pretending otherwise. The "space jasmine," as another Basenote reviewer perfectly describes this scent, is a spicy cinnamon-inflected nuclear jasmine overlaid with a streak of menthol. The tension generated between the warm cinnamon and the cool menthol is, to my nose, what makes the jasmine seem to vibrate in the air--for hours and hours. (So much so that overspraying can send me straight into the fetal position with a migraine--beware).

Lots of reviewers feel disappointed by the drydown, but this style of loud perfumery really doesn't leave a lot of room to manouver. As it is, I find Alien creamy and alluring on skin. After all that oscillation, Alien gently gradually slows down and comes to a rest. What's wrong with that?

I really enjoy this perfume; but then, I wore Poison in 1986 and Paris in 1990. Big florals like these can be marvelously beautiful, and they're also a lot of fun. I reserve Alien for evenings with noise and drinks. Even then, a judicious trigger finger is the secret to these beasts.
25th February, 2016 (last edited: 13th April, 2016)
Honestly, I wanted to love this fragrance because the bottle reminded me of the Halo video game. But I found it over-hyped for what was promised. The wood/leather notes felt really harsh and synthetic against powder. Not interesting, just weird and migraine-inducing. I had to wash it off after an hour. I much prefer the Alien Eau Extraordinaire which is less synthetic leather smelling.
05th January, 2016 (last edited: 13th March, 2016)
What I love most about Alien is how 80s-minded it is. The purple grape hairspray quality of it is reminiscent of both Giorgio and Poison, but it smells completely modern. The jasmine in it smells electric and opulent and the woody drydown adds a warm fuzz to the cold, mentholated florals. The way it bounces around the room is really amazing--my boyfriend was wearing it when I came home one day and watching The Hunger. It went perfectly with the movie--stylish, cold, pleasantly empty. I love it for being the only thing on the market this loud that I still commonly smell on people, even in largely fragrance-free Austin. If you wear it, wear a lot of it. It needs to be oversprayed for that wonderful narcotic effect. I like it on women, but it's possibly even better on men.
02nd October, 2015 (last edited: 11th December, 2015)

When a man stops you and ask what are you wearing?It smells Great.You know it is worth every penny you spend and in my opinion THIERREY MUGLER fragrances have this sensible characteristic just like ALIEN.It is Dark,slightly Decadent and so other words Magnetic,Woody,Irresistible,Strong, Exotic,Glamorous,Sensuous and Modern.

At first spray it can be a powerful and heavy burst but as it fades i found it to be quite Lovely.It finished with Amber.This is a winning combination for a perfume that screams Seduction of skin as it takes your senses in a Intoxicating Fancy to a For-Off land as it smells like a Dark Mysterious forest in a fairy tale or a Princess living in the forest.

Totally most prominent to me is a mix of Jasmine and Wood.The perfume lasts all day only with 2 or 3 sprays.Cool Autumn Evenings and Dreary winter moments come alive with ALIEN and this is due the base notes and definitely Amber.If you want to draw the attention of Men to you in a Party this is a Noticeable perfume but not for Everyone.


Longevity?Lasts and Lasts.


18th April, 2015
It's just a cheaper regurgitation and intentionally weird repackaging of Hypnotic Poison, devoid of any of its richness, class, and easy suavity- like Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga trying to recreate classic Madonna with added shock appeal. It would be pleasant if the sweetness didn't make the construction so opaque.

If you want to like Alien and Hypnotic Poison but feel they're not quite for you try tracking down a sample of Deep Night by Ghost.
04th August, 2014
Something I've found with most Mugler perfumes is that when I first try them, they are something completely new and different. However, once I have worn them a few times, and I'm used to them, they lose their novelty, and I find them too sweet, too gourmand and too strong. This is exactly what happened with Alien: I loved it at first, but now, I'm afraid I find it a rather loud and brash scent, which shouts overly sweet vanilla and jasmine. Less than halfway through my one and only bottle of Alien, I really had had enough of it. Definitely not a perfume I would ever want again.
31st July, 2014
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Genre: Floral Oriental

Notes: Sambac jasmine, Cashmeran, “solar note,” white amber.

The idea here is kind of fun: take a familiar, even ubiquitous, fragrance ingredient - like jasmine - and amp it up so high it starts to smell strange, jarring, or even…alien. Alien’s jasmine is so intense, so overflowing with indolic decadence, that it no longer smells remotely like a flower. While I find it interesting, I’m not at all sure it’s wearable, or even particularly pleasant. In its sheer overindulgence, its monstrous scale, and its hair-raising volume, Alien can feel more like a stunt than a perfume. For all of its weight, it also smells a little bit bare, like a large house with insufficient architectural detail for its bulk.

Alien’s predecessor, Angel, was a stunt of sorts, but it generated a fascinating internal tension by juxtaposing accords which by all rights ought to have been incompatible. Alien, in contrast, is monolithic, its entire structure devoted to supporting the elephantine jasmine. In this regard it is a degree less clever, and at Alien’s outlandish proportions, any deficit in wit can render a fragrance fatally vulgar. That said, Alien comes within a hair’s breadth of being truly great.

The balance hangs upon the drydown. Even without Angel’s clever internal contradictions, Aliens’s jasmine from another planet might have amounted to brilliance were the drydown suitably dramatic or transcendent. With a surprise ending – say a plush, animalic leather, or even the indulgent luxury of creamy sandalwood and musk that Dominique Ropion supplied for his same year’s Carnal Flower, I’d count Alien a work of genius. As it is, Alien’s unadventurous artificial wood (Cashmeran) and laundry detergent musk base notes are a letdown, and any sense of anticipation deflates upon their arrival. The base notes, while commonplace, play at the same extraordinary volume as everything that’s come before, with the unfortunate result that the drydown displays all the charm of the Oscar Meyer ditty played by the Berlin Philharmonic brass section. Too bad – it came so close…
08th June, 2014
While testing frags I stumbled across Alien after loading up several dozen cards and smelling them blindly while at a red light. I was very into the floral scent of it. I returned the next day with the card to purchase it and gave it a this scent is STRONG and incredibly long lasting! I actually almost don't like it before the dry down it's almost too much. However after the dry down tames it just enough to the point I can't get enough of it. I wish my wife liked it as much as I do. I ask her to were it on special occasions and out to a nice restaurant/bar.

I prefer this scent with dry cool weather. People ask or compliment more times than not when out for an evening.
15th February, 2014
Sweet and exotic. I LOVE this fragrance.

The best feature of this perfume is its wonderfully intoxicating vanilla and jasmine scents that last and last. A little goes a long way. Well worth the price. Love that you can refill at department stores like macy's for less!

13th October, 2013
I bought Alien on a whim, in Duty-free, only because what I'd read was so positive. At first spray, the impression was a cloying, dissonant, chemical disaster. Once I left the duty-free area, however, heading back to the lounge to await my flight, the first impact of the fragrance hit me. Abstract. Powerful. Something I wanted to "get to know better" or try in vain to "understand". The first inkling of attraction - that quality that mystifies and draws you in.
It's been a week now, which I feel is enough time to weigh in on my experience with Alien. And I admit it - I'm in love.
To me, Alien embodies EVERYTHING that a true WOMAN should be - the sparkling jasmine opening is unabashedly feminine, confident and strong (a warning is befitting here - a small amount goes a long way - one spray is usually all you need!) the sheer and magical essence of solar accord and amber, the green-metallic je ne sais quois- make her seem mysterious, aloof, and cool - classic qualities of an attractive woman. At the same time, the balmy/woodsy vanilla drydown with just the slightest hint of musk make her warm, inviting, almost approachable? And the overall impression is downright BEAUTIFUL. Perfect for a confident, original and classy woman who discriminates in life and love.
22nd March, 2013
A candied floral entity that projects a luminous holographic jasmine for the first 15-20 minutes before it runs out of power. The jasmine sambac is indeed glorious but the supporting ambery accord is toothache personified. Best to smell ALIEN from a distance where you catch whiffs of laundered, indole-free white florals.

The bottle is something else though - like an object from another universe, it's sci-fi geek's wet dream. I see guys buying this purely for the bottle alone.
20th March, 2013
Wow! I love wearing this jasmine-amber bomb. Sprayed very sparingly it's truly awesome!
It opens with a blast of wonderful jasmine (a bit medicinal and overwhelming if you spray too much, so be careful), the drydown is amazing: warm, sweet yet fresh (amber and jasmine), woody, cozy and a bit powdery.
Plus, it's one of the longest lasting scents I know.
Sultry, original and bold. Men notice this scent every single time I'm wearing it.
It's extremely popular, nevertheless perfect for being a signature.
Femininity and sophistication. One of my top favorites.
14th November, 2012 (last edited: 10th December, 2014)
Glorious space-Jasmine. I swear it smells like it’s glowing.
Aside from the fact that I've had more compliments (from both sexes) with this scent than any other in my sizeable collection, I like the straightforward scent structure and how it shows off the richly faceted sambac jasmine to perfection.

If your skin seems to amplify the amber and the fruity aspect of the sambac jasmine a bit too much (i.e. you smell candy and nothing but candy) you should check out the Eau de Toilette version, which isn't just a diluted version of the EDP. It's a different formulation with a slightly more complex structure while still being recognizably Alien.
14th November, 2012
Jeszra Show all reviews
United States
On paper it was a lovely jasmine opening with the rest being jasmine behind a candy haze. On my skin it's mostly just the candy haze.
24th October, 2012
I keep trying to leave reviews of this but no luck. Anyway, first of all the bottle is beautiful, despite the penguin comments, its like holding a precious jewel in your hand. Initial impact after a spray, is WOW beautiful jasmine and pure black pepper, to my nose. After awhile it is still strongly jasmine and the wood and amber, and later still even more beautiful jasmine and oudh. The fragrance is like a mysterious alchemy, like night and day combining and creating an alternative reality... It is an exquisite meeting of opposites, the sweetness contrasting with masculine black pepper, heady jasmine combined with grounding oudh wood. Don't stop making this, Mr Mugler, please, and don't change the formula!! Ever since I received this as a gift, I have worn no other scent (and I have a lot : ])
16th September, 2012 (last edited: 22nd September, 2012)
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Really a nice fragrance with the sambac and jasmine giving it a floral note. The wood sets in later and the amber together with the floral side makes it too sweet for my taste, but it is an interesting scent, although not spectacular.
10th September, 2012
sickly sweet ultraviolet woman
30th August, 2012
drseid Show all reviews
United States
Alien opens with a blast of white floral jasmine with an almost oud-like undertone that melds with the florals extremely well. The jasmine and oud-like woody notes at the heart are sweetened by amber in the base... and that is pretty much it. The scent is extremely minimalist and linear and what you get up top remains throughout. Projection is very good and longevity is above average.

Alien is a pretty simplistic composition, but it just plain "works". The jasmine white florals definitely are the star of the scent with the woody oud-like accord and the sweet amber used strictly for support. Ropion being one of the parfumiers on the scent does not surprise me, as the florals have his name written all over them, while underneath the florals that sweet base that Mugler frequently features shows Alien's pedigree. On the whole Alien smells quite good and I definitely recommend it, but this one will most likely smell best on the ladies (not to say men *couldn't* wear it). Alien earns a well-deserved very good to excellent 3.5 to 4 stars out of 5.
28th August, 2012
I wanted to be blown away by this. With a name like Alien and a bottle like Star Wars Clone Wars, it ought to be over-the-top-weird, right? Otherworldly? Artificial? As it turns out, I had to settle for only the last of those three adjectives.

At first, I got excited by what promised to be a vinyl note, but it failed to develop. After that, something screechy and metallic wound its way through the entire fragrance, but it never fully distinguished itself as a note, per se. The "jasmine" certainly smelled artificial, but it fell far short of the impressively odd, green, powdery, plastic flowers of Kenzo Flower. Now, those truly were alien. They smelled like flowers straight out of a toy box.

In the middle of this fragrance, I smelled the not-so-weird scent of... a root beer float and a pitcher of berry Kool-aid. Certainly those don't smell strange to anyone raised as a kid in America.

Disappointed I was. Take the bottle, I will. And may the farce be with you.

28th January, 2012
Smelled lovely on the test strip, lovely when I first put it on, then the dry down. Sickeningly sweet artificially flavored caramel and scorched fabric. Total scrubber. I find the bottle garish and pretentious.
16th January, 2012
Okay, the thing with Thierry Mugler is that you cannot smell once, and make a judgement. It will almost always be NO! This has happened with EVERYTHING I have tried by him. Suddenly after a while I realize that the fragrance morphs into something else, then hours later, something else...they are warm and always unique. Unending compliments, especially for Alien. My favorite of all, my tip is to spray it on your bra and let it sit overnight if you find it too strong. In the morning if you are not so surprised than this one is not for you. Blessings & Good Smellings!
29th November, 2011
I...Love....Thierry Mugler. Everything this house has put out has been quality. Longevity, projection, originality. you name it, this house has it. I can not get enough of this scent. It smells like grape soda, fizz and all. It is one of my favorite clubbing scents. And here is the kicker, I'm a guy. This is as unisex as a fragrance can get, in fact many of TM's fragrances are. My girlfrend loves it on me just as much as her and it gets huge compliments. Guys, dont be afraid to carefully select a womens perfume for yourself. There is nothing wrong with it. They are stronger and it opens the doors to everything. Now there are very few that i would venture to try, they cant be too feminine or floral, but this one is right up my alley for cold weather, nightime wear. So i sprayed givenchy play intense, le male, 1 million, and Alien on papers and had few guys test them out and i asked them which one is the womens perfume. All 4 guys got them wrong. Hmm......? give it a try....everyone.
20th November, 2011
So finally I found my Alien! I have always liked it, but I found it a bit too sticky! But now I am the happy owner of the EdT, and that one sings beautiful on my skin!

As Thierry Mugler is environmentally conscious, I am proud to wear all of TM perfumes who works well on my skin!

Thumbs up for Alien EdT from me!
22nd October, 2011