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Negative Reviews of Donald Trump The Fragrance by Donald Trump

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Average, generic smelling scent that went straight to the bargain bin. I remember seeing this at Ross and TJ Maxx for super cheap and it just sat there. What's really appalling is that they completely ripped off the bottle design from Lauder for Men, which was a fantastic scent! Not that I was ever expecting anything original or tasteful from this self obsessed imbecile, but to blatantly copy the design of Lauder for Men for his bland smelling swill is just simply unacceptable. And for the record, tRump the fragrance smells nothing like Lauder for Men (vintage).
21st September, 2017
O.K. this isn't a bad scent in the least. It is very pleasant and smells oddly enough like LAUDER FOR MEN... I mean come on it is LAUDER FOR MEN... they put it in the same freaking bottle... just added TRUMPS name... wow... if you want Lauder for Men then this is for you... I believe this is cheaper than Lauder for Men so it is worth a buy but as far as a review we already have Lauder for Men so this gets a huge thumbs down.
14th July, 2016
Get yourself a jar of Vlasik, put the juice in an atomizer and voila: Donald Trump "The Fragrance".
It will be cheaper and as bonus you get to eat the pickles!!!!!!
In few words, don't waste your time in this hideous concoction
24th July, 2011
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I wonder who would care to wear such fragrances as this. Certainly, not Donald Trump himself. Terribly common!
17th January, 2010
Why would anybody want to smell like Trump? He's old.
21st October, 2007
Is this what you would choose if you hade a billion on your bank account...? Or is this what you think that a flamboyant person like Mr. Trump would smell like...? I just hope that the base of his building empire is more solid than the base notes of this house of cards... And can you imagine that this is done in collaboration with Mr. Lauder...what were you guys thinking of...obviously not perfume...
09th December, 2006
I'm sorry to say this Donald, but this product is shouting out to the consumer 'quick buck'. Unfortunately, in a desperate attempt to earn more money, multi-millionaire, Donald Trump, has released a very mediocre product that does not live up to a name of his esteem. The problem with this fragrance is that it is too sharp and spicy; and is a really shocker to the nose. To be fair; I think that this product may have appealed more to the public if Trump got rid of the 'spicy notes' as part of the "Middle Notes".
12th January, 2006
27th April, 2005
Well this just goes to show "The Donald" is needy enough to eneter a mad dash for a nickle against a homeless person. Apprently the board game wasn't enough to boost his ego, so he needed to be on the box of his own fragrance. This is just another example of someone getting into something they should have no business in. I hope he doesn't enter the hair product market... I really wouldn't trust "Trump Shampoo". Any ways...about the fragrance. Smells like Atheletics by Tommy Hilfiger. I was expecting something more spicy. In all, it wasn't terrible cuz I did like Athletics when it was still being made, but nothing great. Sorry Donald, you're Fired.
28th December, 2004