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The bottle design is not half-bad, reminiscent of Lauder For Men. From Donald Trump, I didn't expect class, but I did expect power - perhaps an Obsession or Z-14 wannabe. Instead, the fragrance is a very thin, grassy water that reminds me of Navy For Men, although Trump is not as poorly constructed. Clearly not much cash went into the concoction of this celebrity tie-in.

His shirt and tie lines are what you'd expect - ostentatious power business clothes (I even own a few). Had Donald Trump The Fragrance gone along the same lines: over-the-top, in your face, self-consciously masculine, it might have had at least a kitschy enjoyment. Had it been cast against type and smelled subtle and rich, it'd be a pleasant surprise. As it stands, this fragrance is dull and stereotypically drugstore cheap. Not terrible smelling, but irrelevant. I'll give it a neutral as it's not offensively bad and at $8 not pretentiously priced.

Kenneth Cole's Signature for Men delves into similar waters.
07th September, 2010 (last edited: 10th June, 2014)
All the negative reviews of this didn't impact my decision to blind buy this. A price of 7.99 at Marshall's on a boring day of fragrance browsing was reason enough for me to give this guy a try. I'm quite glad that I did, and far more pleased than others.

Firstly, I'd like to comment on the top notes. Citrus.. huh? mint.. ehh, basil.. yes, cucumber.. YES, pickles.. YES!! I get a big fat slap in the face with a half sour pickle; and like the food, it's quite an acquired taste. Not your normal pickle, half sours: distinguished look and taste, as is this fragrance. Sort of a off-citrus and very light synthetic cypress thing going on, but the big player in this stuff is the cucumber. The heart is pretty boring. Smells like a mix of juniper berries, greens, and some spices.. notably basil. The base then adds some vetiver. I also get a bit of aloe from this fragrance, perhaps this is their attempt at mint, that ends up smelling like aloe.

Boring, yes. Why this is billed as the worst fragrance ever to some, is still beyond me. It doesn't smell bad. I wish the cucumber/half sour pickle opening lasted much longer. The Fragrance doesn't project much, but that helps it because if this did project anymore than it does, it would smell very cheap.

This reminds me of a more wearable Polo Explorer mixed with the synthetic cypress from Usher's VIP, and infused with cucumbers. Worth 7.99? Sure! give it a go, you may like it. It may become your signature fragrance. It's got a different opening than most, but is ultimately boring and generic. To me.. this sounds like the perfect office scent, and let's face it: boring, generic, casual, versatile, less projection.. these are the qualities we look for in an office scent.
04th September, 2010