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Perfect man's perfume for the summer time.Very low cost!
Aroma reminiscent of Aqua Di Gio,but Donald Trump is more wealthy and better in all respects!
Aroma for men with high taste!I recommend!
05th June, 2017
I gave this a thumbs up only because there's no thumbs diagonal icon. The fragrance starts off with a bizarre bubblegum- meets- nail poish- remover accord (or is it discord?). Afterwards it settles down into a fairly generic woody spicy fragrance with a touch of sweetness. It actually reminds me somewhat of Kenneth Cole Signature.
20th August, 2011
I personally love this stuff, especially after shower in the morning before work when I am in the great mood. Sure the name is tacky, but it does smell very pleasant: just the right amount of lemon. I am almost done with my bottle and will definitely buy some more if I can find it for a cheap price. I did get a couple of compliments but I never revealed that this was a Trump fragrance. It smells nice and clean.
13th May, 2010
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Trump is the man. This fragrance is nice but not something you wear and people will compliment you but it is good. I only wear it on important business things where I want to feel successful. Id give it an 8/10. BTW I got it at TJ Maxx... lol...
10th January, 2008
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United Kingdom
Ok its obvioulsy not the best mens scent available, but its rather nice! I bought it blind and was expecting some horrible mess like Hilfiger Athletics. Pleasent citrusy scent with a wamer drydown. Not terribly spicy but very easy to wear. Pleasent and fresh. Good office wear if you dont want to stand out!
24th October, 2007
OK OK ITS NOT THAT BAD. it does smell like a lot of other stuff. But these old ppl here just dont like the spice. Its meant for younger guys.
23rd August, 2006