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Average quality rosey-powdery fragrance with the typical clean, laundry-detergent, musky base. Safe, mainstream-ish and, in the end, boring. Too juvenile. Nah!

01st November, 2013
Juvenile clean rose.

Average quality rosey-powdery fragrance with the typical clean, laundry-detergent, musky base. Safe, mainstream-ish and, in the end, boring. Too juvenile. Nah!

19th July, 2013
Scent Gloss leaves me a little underwhelmed like Scent Sheer did. Everything else from this brand seems a little bit daring, even if a touch unisex, however Scent Gloss is very feminine; girly and 'pink'. A scent better suited to the younger crowd.

It's a delicate and inoffensive blend of pink rose, strawberry, orchid and white musk. The outcome is quite fresh and sweet, even if a little juvenile. It settles like a body spray, yet one that lasts.

The rose is very watered down in Scent Gloss, in fact all I managed to smell was the musk and the fruity nuances. It's a linear fragrance, one that doesn't develop all that well, and it's usually in these cases that I become irritated by perfume brands, 'playing it safe'.

Because it smells so innocent and feminine, I can see why someone would recommend this for weddings. It would suit a white and flowery atmosphere, like that of a childhood dream. Rainbows, lollipops and big, white fluffy dresses aren't really my thing, so I think I'll skip Scent Gloss.
21st April, 2012
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I tried to find an interesting element that could place SCENT GLOSS somewhere ahead of the pack within the crowded powdery feminine floral musk genre. Unfortunately this is as uninspired as it gets - the 'gloss' is sadly missing.
21st March, 2012
Another minimalistic and subtle great work from the sadly departed Bruyere, a master of the chic fragrances. This is a very feminine, watery, delicately fruity, subtle musky rosey scent with hints of orchid, white flowers and citrus. Uncompromisingly womanly, youthful and airy in a joyful and light-chic carefree way. Some tasty fruits as strawberries are supposed to be in the blend as well as some hidden green element. The musk is light and a bit soapy and a touch of chemical human smell seems to be added somewhere, as usual for Bruyere, in order to arouse in the air the  perception of feminine body's molecules. Thanks again great Laurent.
14th November, 2011 (last edited: 22nd December, 2013)
I really like Scent, and I LOVE 21, so I thought Scent Gloss would be a hit. Unfortunately, it's not. A rather boring "spicy rose" with too little spice and too little rose for that matter. It's a safe scent for someone who is just not that into fragrance, but for anyone who's looking for something more interesting it will probably disappoint. On the positive side, it has fairly good lasting power on my skin, and to me the dry down is not the blah mish mash that others have alluded to (instead, one can still detect some rose along with the musk). Still, there are far better fragrances with rose, spice and musk out there (I'm thinking Gourmandises by Keiko Mecheri right off the bat as one). As Trebor said, 'Nothing to get your knickers in a twist." (LOL, I just love that phrase! note to self: use it on the kids!)...
11th July, 2008
I like this quite a bit and I'm not a very "floral" person. It contains rose, purple orchid and fresh musk. They describe it as having the "cheerfulness and sexiness of a spicy rose." It's quite nice if you ask me.
19th October, 2006
very very very good, original and fresh,the best.
21st March, 2006
Seems to have potential at first but dissolves into something quite dull. A basic blend of orchid, musk and - depending on who you ask - also rose and/or violet and/or blackberry. Really just a straight-out semi-exotic type of floral balanced on a neutral musk base. Neither here nor there. The "scent color" for Gloss is supposed to be shimmering pink taffeta, but in my head I see a sheer dusky purple fabric that neither shimmers nor sparkles. Costume National scents always disappoint me, I'm sorry to say; I appreciate the brand's fashion but fragrance-wise, not a good label for me. Everything in the line, including this Scent Gloss, is very one-note and lacking in imagination and inspiration. Not truly bad, just boring.
26th September, 2005
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United Kingdom
Totally unrelated to the original Scent trio. VERY VERY VERY feminine scent. SCREAMS "PINK AND FLORAL" so much so it gave me a headache. This was obviously their attempt to "femme" up the line. Not a bad scent just VERY potent!
06th August, 2005