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Another minimalistic and subtle great work from the sadly departed Bruyere, a master of the chic fragrances. This is a very feminine, watery, delicately fruity, subtle musky rosey scent with hints of orchid, white flowers and citrus. Uncompromisingly womanly, youthful and airy in a joyful and light-chic carefree way. Some tasty fruits as strawberries are supposed to be in the blend as well as some hidden green element. The musk is light and a bit soapy and a touch of chemical human smell seems to be added somewhere, as usual for Bruyere, in order to arouse in the air the  perception of feminine body's molecules. Thanks again great Laurent.
14th November, 2011 (last edited: 22nd December, 2013)
I like this quite a bit and I'm not a very "floral" person. It contains rose, purple orchid and fresh musk. They describe it as having the "cheerfulness and sexiness of a spicy rose." It's quite nice if you ask me.
19th October, 2006
very very very good, original and fresh,the best.
21st March, 2006
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