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Positive Reviews of Ellipse by Jacques Fath

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I think this fragrance is heavenly. It reminds me of Vero Kern Onda or Guerlain Djedi, but J. Fath's Ellipse is much more complex and more refined. I think it's a scent unique and precious.
My review is for the eau de toilette, which I find as an intense edp. I can't live without Ellipse.
18th April, 2014
I managed to get a bottle of a 1970s version of this scent from my mother's vintage collection, and it's heavenly. It smells quite stuffy and balsamic in the bottle, but on the skin it transforms into a wonderful dusty, sultry, summery scent, not too floral, with what my partner believes to be salty note. I'll be sad when I've used up the tiny bottle, there is nothing I can think of that can match this among contemporary perfumes.
08th January, 2012
I used to wear this ages ago. And I still miss it sorely. As far as I remember, it began with fresh bergamotte notes but quickly developed its heavier, more sensuous undertones of yasmine, rose and oak-moss.
I always liked the bitter-fresh bergamotte which hinted at an energetic and emancipated woman, whereas yasmine and rose promised femininity and eroticism.
Luca Turin reviewed it somewhere and suggested La Perla's "La Perla" as a substitute. Not for me - I still deplore Ellipse's demise and I am still looking for something to replace it in my wardrobe.
03rd June, 2011
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