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This smelled great when I first sprayed it on, but once it dried down all the florals disappeared and it just smelled like woodsy soap. It lasted a really long time though.
11th September, 2017
This is a lovely scent. Delicate, but full of presence. Earthy florals with a decent amount of sweetness. This has a lot of popular elements. I think, in the future, when people want to reflect on the scents of this time period, this will be closely tied to that scent memory (like how aldehydes tie to the 40s/50s).

This has a moderate sillage for the first 2 hours and then it becomes a skin scent. Lasting power is about 7 hours on dry skin in warm weather.

Beautiful and self-empowering sort of scent. Lends itself to romantic atmosphere, but not entirely inappropriate for work. Day or night. Thoroughly enjoy!
05th December, 2016
Cliche in a bottle. The female equivalent to Cool Water for over-use, over-application, and apparent wearer myopia with regards to how 'great' they smell.

12th November, 2015
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When I first heard of the name Flowerbomb I knew to give this one a miss. Full-on florals, which the name implies, are the one category I just don't do. A while later I smelled a dry/woody only slightly sweet fragrance on a colleague. It was fairly low-key and rather pleasant. She told me it was Flowerbomb. After that I tested it myself and found it wouldn't work for me. But on other people, especially on that girl, I found it rather pleasant. I can only conclude now that I must have come across a statistical cluster of people with a very light trigger finger.
Come to think of it, that girl must have had an unusual body chemistry. On her the old Dior Addict seemed to have a woody/cinnamon quality which is usually doesn't have.

We have since moved to a different area, one where every other female seems to use Flowerbomb. And they're not shy in the application of it. I'm in a public facing line of work, and at least once every day I get almost knocked down by a veritable force field of this stuff.
So while I started out as on the fence about Flowerbomb, it is now what garlic is meant to be to vampires.

Often one can appreciate a fragrance just for the idea and artistic effort, even if they don't work for everyone. In this case the end result smells exceptionally shallow and cheap. Nothing seems to even aspire to reflect the listed notes. It only consists of generic artificial sweetness and equally fake shallow patchouli.

Normally I'm content to avoid trivial fragrances and don't bother reviewing them. But with the obnoxious omnipresence of this stuff I just have to.
17th April, 2015

Yes FLOWER BOMB!A Needful example for any professional Collection.Definitely pure Tempting in a Bottle!Elaborate like all creates By Carlos Benaim& Olivier Polge.Classy,Romantic, Appealing,Expensive,Feminine,Gorgeous,Hot and Elegant.

The scent is definitely more Floral.In fact Sophisticated scent of Floral.The refreshing top of Bergamot.It is Sweet but not too sweet.Great notes that makes it High Class and Feminine as it command attention.

The bottle is as Bold as The is fantastic for ROMANTIC mood like a Bomb!A Beautiful perfume for a Beautiful Lady.Heavy for daily Use but Great for EVENING.Surely for WINTER.If you like a Expensive Smell for your wife this one just for you.


Longevity?You can spray it in the Evening and it will stay with you until the Morning.

Thank You V&R

15th April, 2015
A bit over-the-top... people love don't mind the fragrance. I'm not sure how I feel about it. Very floral for when you want to get noticed. The floral/rose scent is okay... but... maybe it is the patchouli... there is something in there that I don't really LOVE. I wear it, but won't buy it again.
04th April, 2015
Flowerbomb opens with an overwhelming blast of sugar and juicy-fruity notes with a subtle and quite weird sort of tomato-pimiento aftertaste (I thought of red pepper, but I don’t see it listed, so perhaps it may be due to the tea note whatever they built it with). Gallons of galaxolide provide a shampoo feel, adding power to an already quite nuclear and sickening concoction. Still, I also get some herbal-green nuances which I quite enjoy, that manage to add something fresh and crisp to this candy in a bottle. Honestly though, I get quite the “bomb” but not the “floral”, as Flowerbomb is basically more a sort of sugary-green gourmand with a warm heart supported by patchouli, and dusted with a powdery shade – these must be the flowers, but they’re so light and generic they could be anything. Just a whiff of soapy feel. Boring yet everlasting drydown. Intergalactically far from being a masterpiece, and still much far from being actually just barely good; but I won’t consider it a complete disaster, I guess fruity gourmand lovers may like this – in the end, it’s the same stuff many niche brands do at twice the price. Just – please! – apply it sparingly.

(did it really take all those people to make this?)

16th December, 2014
This is memorable for me as one of the worst fragrances ever. A salesperson sprayed my arm & I immediately felt as if I'd been flea bombed. Horrible! I hurried to a restroom to wash it off but still had a headache within a couple of minutes. An hour from home, I smelled it all the way back & even a shower didn't fully remove this mess. Hence my 5 stars for longevity. There is nothing in the list of components which I haven't previously worn and enjoyed, so maybe there's an odd synthetic in the mix?
10th July, 2014
Head-clearing top notes energize me.It wears down smooth and sexy.Don't know the vernacular yet, but I have the nose of a Bloodhound.I am EXTREMELY picky, there are only a handful of Fragrances I can wear without running to the shower and changing my clothes.I love it,from start to finish.
23rd April, 2014
Oh Yuck! It's initial scent is of the foul-smelling formic acid used in cheap colognes; This gives way rapidly (thank goodness) to an unpleasant bouquet of "Raid" insect spray and the artificial, sickeningly sweet odor of S'More-flavored white chocolate, as found in some mass-market candy bars. It's a strident scent that lasts quite a while.
31st January, 2014
If you love the smell of the marshmallows you grow in your flower garden then this is the one for you. Not bad for the semi-gourmand floral category but there are many that pull it off better.
21st January, 2014
Flowerbomb to me is a sweet candy like smell which i love in a perfume, the bottle is also very nice. Unfortunately for me the perfume seems to dissapear after only a couple of hours. If you like Flowerbomb you could also tryD AND G POUR FEMME as this has a similiar smell to me,,,,,, In fact this is the one i choose first now before my Flowerbomb.
11th December, 2013
I agree with flaming_june0101, I used to love this bomb - I felt like The Bomb wearing it! Eventually my bottle was empty and while I saved up money for a new one I discovered it on others and yes, they smelled cheap! Maybe because I recognised it and remembered how I used to be (very young) and therefor didn't like it, I don't know... It's a great fragrance for young people, but as a grown-up I don't feel comfortable wearing it.
12th March, 2013
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I used to love this fragrance. I wore it every day for a couple if months. But then I smelled it on an acquaintance and it smelled so cheap and cloying. That ruined it for me. I feel like it smells great on me, but smelling it on another person opened my eyes to another facet that I didn't like. This one will go on the shelf for a little bit.
17th February, 2013
Ah, Flowerbomb. I want to like it just because I love the name, but I simply can't. It's that pink pepper/patchouli/amber smell that every single smellalike woman's designer perfume smells like like now, mixed with marshmallows. There are some bubblegum fruits in there, some sort of dark green spice that I think is supposed to balance the treacle but just smells "off," and possibly some kind of flowers, but any floral notes in here (despite the name) are unimportant sweeteners buried in a thick, sticky sea of marshmallow fluff and common-smelling pink pepper goop.

This smells common in the most literal way: If you go to a bar full of girls wearing perfume, they'll all smell like this. It's not that they're all wearing Flowerbomb, it's that Flowerbomb, as well as the dozens of other perfumes you'll smell, all have the the same basenotes and throwaway topnotes, so every girl at a bar, or on a bus, or in an office smells like this same pink pepper/patchouli/amber/marshmallow smell. Obviously the ladies of the world love this smell, but as a perfume aficionado, I just can't get get excited about yet another one of these.
02nd July, 2012
Very, very sweet. I don't get the floral notes very much though. It smells more to me like a sweet shop (which is still very very very good).

When you spray this on your body, it is almost exactly like a bomb of sweets has gone off. The top note for me (which is quite surprising) is Candy Floss.

This is, however, a summer fragrance (even though it is not branded as such). In the winter this would smell almost... wrong.

I like this, and were it not for the existence of Loverdose by Diesel, I would have purchased a bottle by now.
29th June, 2012
Not exactly a bomb of flowers this Flowerbomb. Sure there's a bouquet full of variety, but what stood out more to me was the waffle-like sweetness, growing more intense in the heart notes. The dry down is still sweet but in a different way, and less aggrressive overall.

Flowerbomb was made to be popular, and the mission was accomplished quite well.
23rd June, 2012
Very sweet floral. The strangest thing is, in my mind the first notes I detect are of sugar-coated fennel seeds..the kind that are served as an after-dinner treat at Indian restaurants. Just don't understand how it could have descended from Angel..I hated that one..but quite like Flowerbomb.
14th May, 2012
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United States
I cant stop talking about this scent. When I wear it men turn around to find out what it is - I only wear three scents - this one, Christopher Dicas and Fracas- all of them get great attention but this one FLOWERBOMB EX - well this is another animal! I search for it because the department stores only sell it during Christmas...
27th April, 2012
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United States
A Juicy bomb. A very intoxicating scent. I love to smell this on a woman with one spray cause it projects well. Bergamot ,patchouli blended in this beautiful scent. Damn
10th March, 2012
I first smelt this when it was released in 2004, loved it but never thought I'd own it because of the price. Over the next six or seven years I would smell it every time I went into a department store that sold it, dreaming. And then last year my brother bought me it (I'm sure you can imagine my happiness). I love the sweet sharpness of it - though it seems to have got sharper and less sweet as time as passed (though it may just be that my tastes have changed)
08th February, 2012
Dear Flowerbomb,

I have tried, truly tried, but I do not understand you.

In spite of your listed notes, you are no floral. You are Boston fruit slices in a bottle, assorted penny candies liquified, a poor rose swimming in simple syrup.

Descended you are from Angel, Lolita Lempicka, Euphoria, Coco Mademoiselle and Juicy Couture JC, yet they manage to be interesting while you twirl your hair and drool. How is it you are so astonishingly popular? I am shocked by it. I wonder if today's girls simply find no discernible difference between flies and men.

Poor Flowerbomb, a classic of perfumery you are not. You are to Coco Mademoiselle as Giorgio was to Poison. As your simple charms lose their appeal, your formula will cheapened, reduced to a 40 dollar EDT in Wallgreens for our daughters to buy discounted for their "naughties" theme parties, where the teenage girls of 2030 will dress like hipsters, dance to "Sexyback" and say "I can't believe Mom used to wear this!"
21st January, 2012
I smelled this on another woman and loved it. On myself, it is less impressive, but I don't know why. It's a well-balanced floral with sweetness, and creaminess, with no particular note standing out. And it must have patchouli, or I wouldn't give something in this genre a second thought. It's beautiful, but it's not outstanding enough for me to be sure that I would stay interested enough throughout the duration of a full bottle.
17th October, 2011
Initially rough because of the first whiff of earthy tea and citrus this one turns out as an oversweety cocktail of flowers, patchouli, amber and in my perception sandalwood and musk, too monolithic, sugary, powdery and boring for my taste. The outcome is a rose-jasmine-patchouli scent with a musky cloudy-dusty temperament almost gourmand for its sweetness that reminds a bit the dusty effect of eliotrope. The smell is not enough changing and multifaceted for my taste. The combination of citrus-patchouli and flowers with the addition of some aromatic-boise' notes reminds effectively the aromatic-floral smell of Coco Medemoiselle which is anyway a far better and more complex fragrance, surely more luxurious with its reinterpretation of vintage-retro' that takes on a paradoxically more futuristic smell with an angular-fresh starry patchouli that reminds Angel in some stages of its development. Flowerbomb  owns a faint longevity and a discreet projection under my nose.
29th August, 2011 (last edited: 25th September, 2011)
I was impressed with this perfume. I thought the bottle was very creative and unique and the scent equally as creative.

Although this fragrance doesn't really appeal to my tastes in perfume, I can appreciate Flowerbomb for what it is.

Flowerbomb is a strong floral with beautiful hints of vanilla. The scent is sweet and powdery without being too overpowering and is warm and soft on the skin.

This fragrance is along the lines of Angel by Thierry Mugler in the way it has been uniquely composed and in popularity. Like Angel, this fragrance either grabs you or disinterests you.

I might have considered purchasing this perfume if it wasn't so expensive, however I understand that Viktor & Rolf are an exclusive brand and wish to be noted in same league as Chanel and Guerlain.

26th April, 2011
Smell this blindfolded and 100% that you won't be able to distinguish it from other millions of generic sweet floral perfumes of the last decade or so. Awful!
25th April, 2011 (last edited: 14th May, 2011)
On first whiff, I too get a little girls sugar n spice and all things nice vibe.
Interestingly this fragrance brings back memories of my first experiences with buying and trying fragrances for myself as a new teenager. Victor & Rolf's FB is the expensive version of a range of Impulse body sprays aimed at teenage girls. I would give anything to remember the exact name of the Impulse body spray. However, I wouldnt be surprised if the exact same one I remember from ten years ago has been repackaged as something else. Who knows, it could be FB aimed at those grown up teenagers who fell in love with the Unilever sugar water scent.

EDIT : I went back to the pink, fluffy, sugar water scent and I was converted. Its almost as though its catnip for tweens. This stuff has an oddly addictive snuggly side (a little bit like Lush's rockstar - which I was also initially sceptical of at first whiff). Pleasantly surprised or perhaps seduced by the addictive girly catnip fragrance.
14th October, 2010 (last edited: 03rd February, 2011)
When I first smelled Flowerbomb it was a little off putting.. This & Opium are my cousins signature scents! While Flowerbomb does not smell bad, it leaves a heavy floral note to my nose. I only tested this frag on my skin once, but smell it everytime im around my cousin. It has worn on me & it smells good on her, altho its not something I would buy & wear, but I have learned to appreciate this frag for its development over time. I can see a man pulling this off. Its a neutral rating for me. Nothing more or less!
31st August, 2010
love this so much, its ever lasting and so wow, every time i wear this someone comments all the time in a good way too! nice big bottle too, cant go wrong with this
06th July, 2010
Okey! Is a good fragrance, sweet, oriental and intense. Something different from what we smell in many other fragrances out there today. But, This Really Worth The Price? I don't think so.. especially when Flowerboom's weak point is the fixation.. cuz I allways believe that a good fragance is a combination of perfect smell and a reasonable fixation..

Many people compare Flowerboom and Can can by Paris hilton.. and after testing this two fragrance, I think Can can is the same but more cheap..
20th May, 2010