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Negative Reviews of Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf

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Cliche in a bottle. The female equivalent to Cool Water for over-use, over-application, and apparent wearer myopia with regards to how 'great' they smell.

12th November, 2015
When I first heard of the name Flowerbomb I knew to give this one a miss. Full-on florals, which the name implies, are the one category I just don't do. A while later I smelled a dry/woody only slightly sweet fragrance on a colleague. It was fairly low-key and rather pleasant. She told me it was Flowerbomb. After that I tested it myself and found it wouldn't work for me. But on other people, especially on that girl, I found it rather pleasant. I can only conclude now that I must have come across a statistical cluster of people with a very light trigger finger.
Come to think of it, that girl must have had an unusual body chemistry. On her the old Dior Addict seemed to have a woody/cinnamon quality which is usually doesn't have.

We have since moved to a different area, one where every other female seems to use Flowerbomb. And they're not shy in the application of it. I'm in a public facing line of work, and at least once every day I get almost knocked down by a veritable force field of this stuff.
So while I started out as on the fence about Flowerbomb, it is now what garlic is meant to be to vampires.

Often one can appreciate a fragrance just for the idea and artistic effort, even if they don't work for everyone. In this case the end result smells exceptionally shallow and cheap. Nothing seems to even aspire to reflect the listed notes. It only consists of generic artificial sweetness and equally fake shallow patchouli.

Normally I'm content to avoid trivial fragrances and don't bother reviewing them. But with the obnoxious omnipresence of this stuff I just have to.
17th April, 2015
This is memorable for me as one of the worst fragrances ever. A salesperson sprayed my arm & I immediately felt as if I'd been flea bombed. Horrible! I hurried to a restroom to wash it off but still had a headache within a couple of minutes. An hour from home, I smelled it all the way back & even a shower didn't fully remove this mess. Hence my 5 stars for longevity. There is nothing in the list of components which I haven't previously worn and enjoyed, so maybe there's an odd synthetic in the mix?
10th July, 2014
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Oh Yuck! It's initial scent is of the foul-smelling formic acid used in cheap colognes; This gives way rapidly (thank goodness) to an unpleasant bouquet of "Raid" insect spray and the artificial, sickeningly sweet odor of S'More-flavored white chocolate, as found in some mass-market candy bars. It's a strident scent that lasts quite a while.
31st January, 2014
Ah, Flowerbomb. I want to like it just because I love the name, but I simply can't. It's that pink pepper/patchouli/amber smell that every single smellalike woman's designer perfume smells like like now, mixed with marshmallows. There are some bubblegum fruits in there, some sort of dark green spice that I think is supposed to balance the treacle but just smells "off," and possibly some kind of flowers, but any floral notes in here (despite the name) are unimportant sweeteners buried in a thick, sticky sea of marshmallow fluff and common-smelling pink pepper goop.

This smells common in the most literal way: If you go to a bar full of girls wearing perfume, they'll all smell like this. It's not that they're all wearing Flowerbomb, it's that Flowerbomb, as well as the dozens of other perfumes you'll smell, all have the the same basenotes and throwaway topnotes, so every girl at a bar, or on a bus, or in an office smells like this same pink pepper/patchouli/amber/marshmallow smell. Obviously the ladies of the world love this smell, but as a perfume aficionado, I just can't get get excited about yet another one of these.
02nd July, 2012
Dear Flowerbomb,

I have tried, truly tried, but I do not understand you.

In spite of your listed notes, you are no floral. You are Boston fruit slices in a bottle, assorted penny candies liquified, a poor rose swimming in simple syrup.

Descended you are from Angel, Lolita Lempicka, Euphoria, Coco Mademoiselle and Juicy Couture JC, yet they manage to be interesting while you twirl your hair and drool. How is it you are so astonishingly popular? I am shocked by it. I wonder if today's girls simply find no discernible difference between flies and men.

Poor Flowerbomb, a classic of perfumery you are not. You are to Coco Mademoiselle as Giorgio was to Poison. As your simple charms lose their appeal, your formula will cheapened, reduced to a 40 dollar EDT in Wallgreens for our daughters to buy discounted for their "naughties" theme parties, where the teenage girls of 2030 will dress like hipsters, dance to "Sexyback" and say "I can't believe Mom used to wear this!"
21st January, 2012
Smell this blindfolded and 100% that you won't be able to distinguish it from other millions of generic sweet floral perfumes of the last decade or so. Awful!
25th April, 2011 (last edited: 14th May, 2011)
Uninspiring and unoriginal. Smells like sugar water was poored onto unfortunante girls. I don't understand the main stream appeal either. If you want to smell unique, try Tom Ford or Bond No.9 Do us all a favor ladies, throw this stuff out and grow up. Smells almost like Pink Sugar.
26th April, 2010
What a damn shame this one is. Both my mother and sister own this fragrance and its hello and goodbye at lightspeed. The notes are very boring and non chalant. I can't see why anyone would drop the bucks for this one. It's a nice bottle with a popular name. Thats it.
22nd February, 2009
Sweet vanilla flowers in a cigarette ashtray. Even sans the unappealing smoke odor, it'd still be too sweet.
23rd August, 2008
Flowerbomb is not for my skin, it becomes way too sweet and too uninteresting. I am sorry.
20th April, 2008
Awfully boring tutti-frutti syrup for such a big price tag.

Viktor & Rolf need to put on their big girl panties and come up with something other than these treacle-covered blossoms of theirs.
14th October, 2007
Caramel bomb. No flowers. Another, boring, sticky, caramel stuff. So childish, barbyish.
14th May, 2007
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the new angel competitor is this bomb who hide very spécial plastic flowers!!
"courage fuyons"
they want to destroy our noze,pitty,
or, i go to live in sooth pole!!
with pinguins !!
03rd February, 2007 (last edited: 22nd January, 2014)
I was really dissapointed by this one. I was expecting a really lovely and loud floral. All i was presented with was candy floss, it's sickeningly sweet and 'sticky' smelling. Not worth the price (about £50 for 50 mls over here in the UK). Fantastic bottle though!
29th December, 2006
Tried this one yesterday and I didn't find it as extroardinary as I thought it would be. It starts with a smell that is very familiar (must be Allure) and further.... nothing. It just doensn't last on my skin and fades after a few minutes.
16th December, 2006
Frankly, it is a mess. I tried both the original and etailer versions of it (some people suggested that the etailer interpretations were much better). None were better than the others. The notes are mixed up in an indecipherably manner. It is flat, but ironically loud and cloying. You don't get the complexity of the artisan fragrances, just a sickly sweet cloud.
22nd October, 2006
too too. it's trying to hard and the drydown is worthless. you need to be really young to pull this off. sense memory of disco in the late 80s, amyl nitrate and all.
01st October, 2006
Flowerbomb smells like cotton candy and is overpoweringly sweet. It is much too cloying for me. I liked it more on a paper strip than on my skin. It might work best in very small concentrations.
30th December, 2005
Sticky, sweet, melted sugar..not really sexy, or fun, doesnt even smell all that good...imagine being buried in cotton candy on a very hot day...
27th December, 2005
1980s-aggressive and rather sickly...This is a no go for me!
26th October, 2005