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Floral sweetness incarnation. Good sillage, projection and longevity, but it gets fastly uninteresting.
04th June, 2018
This is a lovely scent. Delicate, but full of presence. Earthy florals with a decent amount of sweetness. This has a lot of popular elements. I think, in the future, when people want to reflect on the scents of this time period, this will be closely tied to that scent memory (like how aldehydes tie to the 40s/50s).

This has a moderate sillage for the first 2 hours and then it becomes a skin scent. Lasting power is about 7 hours on dry skin in warm weather.

Beautiful and self-empowering sort of scent. Lends itself to romantic atmosphere, but not entirely inappropriate for work. Day or night. Thoroughly enjoy!
05th December, 2016

Yes FLOWER BOMB!A Needful example for any professional Collection.Definitely pure Tempting in a Bottle!Elaborate like all creates By Carlos Benaim& Olivier Polge.Classy,Romantic, Appealing,Expensive,Feminine,Gorgeous,Hot and Elegant.

The scent is definitely more Floral.In fact Sophisticated scent of Floral.The refreshing top of Bergamot.It is Sweet but not too sweet.Great notes that makes it High Class and Feminine as it command attention.

The bottle is as Bold as The is fantastic for ROMANTIC mood like a Bomb!A Beautiful perfume for a Beautiful Lady.Heavy for daily Use but Great for EVENING.Surely for WINTER.If you like a Expensive Smell for your wife this one just for you.


Longevity?You can spray it in the Evening and it will stay with you until the Morning.

Thank You V&R

15th April, 2015
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Head-clearing top notes energize me.It wears down smooth and sexy.Don't know the vernacular yet, but I have the nose of a Bloodhound.I am EXTREMELY picky, there are only a handful of Fragrances I can wear without running to the shower and changing my clothes.I love it,from start to finish.
23rd April, 2014
Flowerbomb to me is a sweet candy like smell which i love in a perfume, the bottle is also very nice. Unfortunately for me the perfume seems to dissapear after only a couple of hours. If you like Flowerbomb you could also tryD AND G POUR FEMME as this has a similiar smell to me,,,,,, In fact this is the one i choose first now before my Flowerbomb.
11th December, 2013
Very, very sweet. I don't get the floral notes very much though. It smells more to me like a sweet shop (which is still very very very good).

When you spray this on your body, it is almost exactly like a bomb of sweets has gone off. The top note for me (which is quite surprising) is Candy Floss.

This is, however, a summer fragrance (even though it is not branded as such). In the winter this would smell almost... wrong.

I like this, and were it not for the existence of Loverdose by Diesel, I would have purchased a bottle by now.
29th June, 2012
Very sweet floral. The strangest thing is, in my mind the first notes I detect are of sugar-coated fennel seeds..the kind that are served as an after-dinner treat at Indian restaurants. Just don't understand how it could have descended from Angel..I hated that one..but quite like Flowerbomb.
14th May, 2012
Anna_V Show all reviews
United States
I cant stop talking about this scent. When I wear it men turn around to find out what it is - I only wear three scents - this one, Christopher Dicas and Fracas- all of them get great attention but this one FLOWERBOMB EX - well this is another animal! I search for it because the department stores only sell it during Christmas...
27th April, 2012
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United States
A Juicy bomb. A very intoxicating scent. I love to smell this on a woman with one spray cause it projects well. Bergamot ,patchouli blended in this beautiful scent. Damn
10th March, 2012
I first smelt this when it was released in 2004, loved it but never thought I'd own it because of the price. Over the next six or seven years I would smell it every time I went into a department store that sold it, dreaming. And then last year my brother bought me it (I'm sure you can imagine my happiness). I love the sweet sharpness of it - though it seems to have got sharper and less sweet as time as passed (though it may just be that my tastes have changed)
08th February, 2012
I smelled this on another woman and loved it. On myself, it is less impressive, but I don't know why. It's a well-balanced floral with sweetness, and creaminess, with no particular note standing out. And it must have patchouli, or I wouldn't give something in this genre a second thought. It's beautiful, but it's not outstanding enough for me to be sure that I would stay interested enough throughout the duration of a full bottle.
17th October, 2011
love this so much, its ever lasting and so wow, every time i wear this someone comments all the time in a good way too! nice big bottle too, cant go wrong with this
06th July, 2010
I was initially ambivilent about this frag, and rather rolled my eyes at the sugary fluffy opening notes (bergamot and tea, I think not) which in my opinion since Angel have been overdone, and are a tad childish.

However, FB dries down to a lovely rosy patchouli that I am quite keen on, and because of this, find myself testing and re-testing it. It eases into something warm and comforting, yet sophisticated. The sillage is good but not offensive, and I think it can be worn day or night.
20th May, 2010
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Not your usual sickly sweet perfume!

I am usually attracted to fresh green scents and have found that most sweet scents just sit on my skin and smell gooey sweet or very strong. When a clerk at a store sprayed Flowerbomb for someone else while I was walking away from the perfume, it smelled so wonderful that I turned around & walked back to find out what it was. When she handed me the bottle I was so disappointed because it was so sweet--and explained that while I liked it, it would NEVER work on me. Still, she slipped a sample in my bag. I wish I knew what her name was so that I could thank her! I tried it a few weeks later and it didn't get sappy & sickly sweet like many other sweet fragrances do on me--just a nice soft scent. I disagree that it smells like cotton candy or that it is sugary sweet--but keep in mind that I usually can't wear any sweet scents, so it clearly is mixing differently with my chemistry than it does with the usual person.

I just love this scent--which surprises me--it is the freshest "sweet" smell I have found!

If you would like to try a sweet scent but have difficulty with excessive sweetness, give this one a try--it might just work for you!
09th May, 2010
I'm a convert. I initially wrote this off as the lovechild of Angel and Pink Sugar. I love Angel and I really like Pink Sugar, so I was more disappointed with Flowerbomb's lack of originality than the fragrance itself. But something prompted me to try it again, and now it's on my Wish List.

It starts off sweet but fresh, like cotton-candy and lemonade, and this is where I compare it to Pink Sugar. The citrus is bright and slightly tart, but creamy lemon curd, and I can already smell the jasmine coming through. I definitely get flowers, most noticeably the jasmine, but there are others shyly making an appearance every now and then - a bit of rose and something subtly spicy that could be freesia. It seems ambery and I agree with Aries81, it's very reminiscent of Alien due to the much so that I'm surprised it's not mentioned more frequently (but I don't, thankfully, get anything remotely resembling Tresor - I can't tolerate its musty/dusty peaches and roses accord.) I don't get a lot of burnt-sugar sweetness in Flowerbomb - no caramel, but something sweetly creamy/buttery/ambery and resinous. I've seen other sources list a sandalwood note, and I would agree with that. The patchouli is the clean kind - powdery and fresh. (Btw - I don't like Coco Mademoiselle. I certainly get the comparison but to my nose their similarities are very superficial and mostly about the patchouli. I don't get a nice jasmine from Coco Mad if any at all. Flowerbomb is all about the jasmine. And after getting to know it a bit better, I can't seem to find what I initially perceived as a similarity to Angel - that's just gone. It, too, was probably very superficially about the patchouli.)

This isn't an explosive or loud fragrance at all, so as others have noted, the name isn't particularly appropriate, even in its kitschy cutesy-ness....although the fragrance is a bit more casual and fun than formal or elegant, so I suppose the presentation isn't too bad. But presentation aside, the fragrance is the real story and I think it's wonderful - womanly and luxurious, sultry and sexy, smooth and luscious. I just love every element of it - from start to finish. And it finishes beautifully, and lingers for quite a while. I'm very pleased to see that V&R have several bath and body products in the line - I can only imagine how heavenly the Voluptuous Body Cream is.
30th January, 2010
I really like it. It's a heck of a lot like another "expensive" perfume of its ilk, Curve Vintage Soul. And even in that Flowerbomb is like Coco Mademoiselle. The citrusy patchouli drydown really gives that away. Even then it's the jasmine "florals". And another commonality is Flowerbomb shares the patchouli, musk and vanilla (what doesn't?) with Coco Mademoiselle. Flowerbomb is much more floral and sweet patchouli and is not as vibrant as Coco Mademoiselle nor as open and "clean as Vintage Soul. Now contrary to the "flower" name, Flowerbomb dries into a patchouli musk with touches of vanilla. Oh yeah, and there's rose but it's overpowered by everything else going on. The EdP is fantastic but the EdT is so mild that it just kills the essence.
11th November, 2009
When I went to Dillards to give my friend her sample Of Above by Fred Miller ( the vendor gave me a sample of this. This is one of the best perfumes I have smelled in a long time! I was told that this is V&R first women's perfume, & they nailed it! A Very Pretty Floral Fragrance!
27th October, 2009
wow!!! i died and went to the big candy store in the sky
sooooo sweet and sugary
the most gourmand vanilla sugar fragrance ever, right next to angel
30th September, 2009
WOW! That was my first reaction to this beauty. Instant love at first sniff! Very sweet, but somehow Flowerbomb pulls off the sweetness without being cloying. The delicate floral notes wrap around the sweetness to produce a smooth creaminess that is pure decadence. Intoxicating! Reactions from female friends are somewhat "meh", but my male friends practically started drooling on me!
I cannot detect the bergamot note at all. In fact, I am skeptical that it's really there at all! Bergamot seems to astringent to mix with the other notes here. A light tea moving rapidly to light jasmine is what I get. The middle notes last the longest on me; I only get the faintest notes of rose. Truthfully, there doesn't seem to be any drydown; like Ultraviolet (another winner for me) Flowerbomb has a very quick opening followed by hours of an unchanging middle.
I also do not detect any patchouli, in fact was surprised to see it listed as a note. I suspect a light hand was used with the patchouli, and it is probably that note that keeps the sweetness in check. Not super long lasting on me, but with my chemistry that is typical (only about 4-5 hours at best).
All thumbs up for me!
17th July, 2009
I only recently discovered Flowerbomb and tested it several times before deciding its charms were collection-worthy. There's more sugar than flowers, but the rose definitely comes through in a soft, powdery, sweet sort of way. Amber isn't listed in the notes but it's definitely there (to my nose) and warms everything up nicely. The tea comes through as well, as does the freesia. I believe the jasmine note is of the sambac variety, which I instinctively gravitate toward, and which smells more liquid, powdery and light than any other species of the plant (for reference, see Alien). The patchouli is a very clean version of itself - hardly there, in fact. Nothing like the patchouli hangover of Angel (which I adore but which would ruin this lovely feminine). I detect a slight hint of chocolate, as well. I used to own and adore Bath & Body Works' Sensual Amber, which is very similar to Flowerbomb, but with fruity notes replacing FB's chocolate.

The lasting-power is good, as it is with most powdery, rose scents. In structure, I would certainly compare it to Alien, and it has that same, sweet-rosy-powdery vibe that Tresor offers, only much softer and "pinker," and with a tea accord keeping it just slightly brighter. I think over-applying this scent will keep it from developing. It stays close to the skin however, so over-applying won't leave a strong trail of sillage in your wake.

My guy smells caramel and I did too, on the test strip, but on my skin, it's a different story. Sometimes, when the weather's colder, I get more of a grape-juice-and-tea smell at first, which fades down to a very sweet jasmine. Other days, when my body temperature rises, I get more rose, more chocolate, and more of the powdery amber which is my favorite part. On the test strip, as my guy correctly noted, it smells of the trick-or-treat candy bags of our youth. He was sweet enough to get me a refillable bottle of this juice for Valentine's Day and I could not love the bottle more! The black V&R tab of the original has been replaced with a pink, metallic tab which matches the cap. It's overall, a thicker, rounder bottle and extremely original (though the juice may not be).

Definitely recommended for anyone who likes Tresor, Alien, Lipstick Rose, or other sweet scents.
21st April, 2009
The first time I smelled this it must have turned under the lights and on top of the hot glass case at the department store. I purchased two bottles to sell overseas to French West African clientele when I rediscovered this perfume. Wow is all I can say. It is somewhat reminiscent of Coco Mademoiselle BUT in my opinion more modern and wearable than C.M. (which my mother wears and seems way too dry and dead after a bit). Men love it and everyone asks about it-after all we wear perfume to attract the opposite sex, and it seems to me that the compliments I get from them are a positive. I only wear one other sweet floral and that is Carolina Herrera but this is a departure. I disagree with the negative comments on this one. It is extremely sexy and I wear it for every occasion. This is not a young woman's perfume.

I just read more reviews about this and I think it is really very silly for people to compare some other scents as though they are exactly the same, Coco Mademoiselle is not even close and Angel is very chocolate-y and not even similar.
19th February, 2009 (last edited: 04th February, 2010)
Tony T Show all reviews
United States
fairly young floral. for ages 35 and under i would think. very sweet jasmine, and patchouli without ever being to cloying. at least they did not over think this one as the men's version "antidote" has 25 different notes!!! i like them both though.
31st January, 2009
Interesting name, appealing bottle and good marketing made me try this scent in the mall... I sniffed the bottle first then gave up trying it on my skin as I thought it was another sweet sugary smell out there.
Found it ordinary... But two weeks ago, a lady who I met in a conference was wearing a perfume which was amazing, she said it was Flowerbomb. Couple of days later another lady in the office was wearing a very good perfume and she said it was Flowerbomb, again. So I tried it again on my skin and changed my mind about it. Because it develops on your skin in a very good way. I cannot detect bergamot, tea and flower notes much, except jasmine, it blends with patchouli very well and becomes milky. This is definitely not an Angellike overly sweet perfume, not offending, and quite good choice for night and special occasions... Oh by the way, drydown reminds me of Gloria of Cacharel (although the notes are not similar)
22nd January, 2009
I fell in love with this when it came out. I only where it during warm weather. My dr. who has never commented on anything "personal" asked what smelled so good when he came into the examining room. Now I have gone there for 15 years on a regular basis. I find it to be sexy and I feel confident when I am wearing it.
06th December, 2008 (last edited: 06th November, 2011)
I love it, like I love Allure and cafe (an older fragrance). I like sweet fragrances and this one is perfect and last for many hours. I almost gave up buying it because the grenade bottle that remember me war, I hate it! But it smells so good I couldn't resist!
It's pricey here in Brazil, but it's irresistible, my husband loved it!
09th November, 2008
Every afternoon in a local gym a ripped, rich, middle-aged estate agent with loads of attitude struts her stuff in a cloud of Flower Bomb, in the firm belief that she's da bomb. This cloud to me reeks of grainy, unclean patchouli on wilted flowers. Not at all objectionable, but perhaps a bit too much in a semi-crowded gym where ventilation can be an issue from time to time. All this doesn't mean to say that I won't be testing it on myself soon, make NO mistake...
21st October, 2008
The only thing missing from this fragrance is the orchestra. I am both repulsed and fixated by this near to parfum. At once, I resent the powdery languide of the middle note's predictable miss on seduction. But let it wait, like an overdressed girl on a park bench. Let it wait, the tension alone will elicit immediate attention, as the base notes politely demand. Sugar, spice and everything you'd better keep your eye on. This scent reminds me of Belgium beer and very tan boys. There is a definate bang to the end, which you are bound to find satisfying. Enjoy!
04th October, 2008
This one is spicier than I thought --from the sweet n fruity reviews I figured it would be like candy sweet but the tea note and patchouli make it a really sexy scent and only sweet until it warms up and blossoms on the skin. It reminds me of other scents though, still if I was given a bottle I'd certainly wear it.
17th September, 2008
I love it.... words can't explain.
10th July, 2008

It's too fruity and sweet on me, just like "candy floss" as lots people described. I get the tea note which I like, but it was blocked by that cloying-and-never-cease sweetness... I just wonder where the flower is. If I want some candy, I'd rather go for a bottle of hilton's heiress, at least it's much cheaper!

Maybe all these are due to body chemistry. but since quite a lot people felt same as me, I think is wise to have a test befor purchase.
31st May, 2008