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As stated in the description, Rare Pearls by Avon is a warm floral that makes me think of my home in the Deep South. I don't like many Avon scents, but Rare Pearls is one of the rare exceptions. This frag envelopes the wearer and all within hugging distance in a warm, twinset cashmere cardigan type of embrace. It wafts the magnolia scent of the grand Old South and smells like what any self-respecting Southern gal should--magnolias and a marvelous strand of pearls. Men seem to love it and it's rarely offensive to anyone unless overdone. Just one spray will do, shared between pulse points. It should draw folks in for a hug--not drive them away in droves. :-) An inexpensive scent that smells much more expensive. Rare Pearls may not be for everyone, but it's a perfect fit for G.R.I.T.S. (Girls Raised In The South).
02nd April, 2013
Very heavy perfume - not for everyone, but pretty great (the plum is a nice twist).
27th March, 2013
a bottle which will look good on the dressing table, at first i thought the scent was odd (maybe the pepper note) grown to like this, a good frag for an occasion like going out to dinner
27th March, 2010
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Rare Pearls is very pretty, very opulent floral. Very sparkling, shimmering and soft. A very nice fragrance.
12th October, 2008
I know three ladies in my place using it continously. It is a bright magnolia rosewood scent with some cheery sweet notes. It reminds me one of my mother's friends. She was a chic lady with properly done hair all the time. This scent must have a 35 years elder twin but i do not know the name. though i find it nice, this is also a catchy scent that can become boring quickly.
30th July, 2008