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Neutral Reviews of Blu Notte by Bulgari

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I get just a hint of vodka with a generic hit of floral. Maybe a bit of vanilla chocolate in the drydown. A very subtle fragrance that might work for riding on a train in close quarters, or at work when you have to sit around a conference table and want something low and quiet.

I prefer loud and sassy it seems, but there is a gentle beauty here.
17th March, 2012
A dark, light, powdery, slightly "rubbery/shower-gel type" aroma which neither disappoints me at all nor soars higher and higher on the path of olfactory masterpieces. Decently articulated by the accord of iris and vodka, this is darkened by the implement of dark chocolate turned out slightly bitter by the effect of the galanga among the top notes. The right dosage of (dark) chocolate prevents it by sliding in the gourmand dangerous territories. To be experienced, sometimes.
28th November, 2010 (last edited: 04th January, 2014)
This is a beautiful fragrance, smells nice on my skin, and has staying power on me. I got a sample and used it all, but every opportunity I've had to buy it I have not. While it is beautiful, it isn't really intriguing and I have nothing to wear it with, unless I wore it ostentatiously with jeans. But I have Pure Poison for that. Besides, it smells a little uppity to me, and not much fun. Maybe I'll revisit it when I'm 40. Maybe.
24th December, 2008
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a lovely fresh scent. the vodka and ginger are most evident at first. the chocolate slowly drips in. however, it didnt even last 2hrs on me! how sad, because it is a beautiful concoction.
13th October, 2007
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United States
This has a huge family resemblance (HUGE) with Blu Notte pour Homme, Blu, and Blu pour Homme. They all have that initial baby wipe fizz opening that has to be tolerated in order to get to the good part. Read the pyramid and its hard to imagine the smell of what that would be like until you actually are wearing this fragrance. I'm sorry, I'm sorry... but imagine baby wipe, inside of clean diaper, on top of chocolate, and you have this fragrance. Somehow though, that kinda smells good... Not full bottle worthy but interesting nonetheless.
21st June, 2007
I like the powder but it smells a bit generic to me. I think I'm spoiled by the original Bulgari.
14th May, 2007
The only problem I have with Blv Notte is the galanga, which I've found out is ginger. I knew there had to be ginger in there! For some reason, ginger goes all strong and man-cologne'ish on me - it takes over. But the drydown is soft and very nice. It lingers softly on the skin for hours, and it smells refined, nicely composed, articulate. The dark chocolate is just a touch, not overbearing or tooth achingly sweet. It's a nice fragrance, and I'm glad I tried a sample, but I won't be buying a bottle. I can't do the galanga.
08th March, 2007