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This is my all time favourite perfume and I spend far too much time searching for something comparable. The top notes when first applied are refreshing and perfumey. It soon mellows down to something more earthy and heavy. It brings to mind mysteriousness and sophistication. I really wish they would bring it back.
04th March, 2018
I've been wearing this for over an hour now. I immiediately smelled the vodka & ginger, but the chocolate has yet to make an appearance...that disappoints me, as that was one of the reasons I bought this scent. Maybe in the dry-down? Right now I can detect the iris, amber, and dominating powdery notes.

This is not very strong; I chose it specifically for work because it's as inoffensive as you can get, at least in my opinion. I'm curious to see how long it lasts. I definitely agree with most that this is a winter scent.

Edit: after several hours, I definitely get the chocolate...a warm, watery chocolate...very strange yet intriguing combination! I really like this!

27th March, 2011
so dark and sensual...the vodka, bitter chocolate and iris are so seamlessly blended it will make your head swim.
an absolute dream perfume with decent lasting power.
03rd August, 2009
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United States
This is one sensual fragrance. I find it irrestible. The iris top note is bold but fades, still there but not overwhelming. The chocolate is there, but I also smell musk and vodka. I would rate this one of my top five female fragrances, three of which are in the Bulgari line. Also unique, but more mainsream than B. Black. Women, this is a seductive fragrance. I'm glad it commonly out there, for my safety!
10th January, 2009
This is one of my HG frags!!! Light, fresh and powdery. This can easily go from jeans and a tee to a black dress occasion. I can definitely smell iris and dark (bitter) chocolate in this, but I also get a light baby powder note. Not overly sweet or cloying, just "charming." ;) Lasting power is an impressive 10+ hours.
05th December, 2008
I adore this one, I am a fan of Bvlgari overall (have the Vert, the Rouge, Black) because they are something a bit "different" than the usual and I tend to prefer something "distinct" rather than floral or fruity.

I do get the vodka, most definitely, and it really does bring in that watery & clean vibe to the scent overall. It dries down to something slightly powdery - but not overally so as I really cannot stand powdery fragrances and I can DEFINITELY enjoy this - and somehow rich (but not sweet) with a bite of dark chocolate.

And I certainly don't fit in the previous description of: "superficial, common, bar hopping, giggly, gets-along-great-with-everybody yet has never known true friendship..."!! Yikes, far from it!

I think it does take a certain person to wear it, but I think more of "sexy & confident" wrapped up in a warm blanket of "intelligent, fun and mature"...
16th January, 2008
I really wanted to try this fragrance after reading the notes - how delicious they sound! In fact, it's all handled with such admirable restraint that this is not the extraordinary confection I had wondered about.

This is a very well-mannered fragrance that has a lovely sheerness to it and a very pleasant rounded warmth. It's dignified and quietly sensual - I get slight hints of the dark chocolate base note but overall would have thought the base was more ambery and slightly woody.

To me this is a sheer lightly gourmand oriental. It would be a pretty safe gift.
01st December, 2007 (last edited: 28th April, 2008)
Galanga isn't your ginger root type of ginger--it is more like hot red pepper, so there is no gingerale/ginger note in this. No baby products either, The Iris rhizomes smell typically very much like violets here, with vodka and the peppery note. The base is a real dark chocolate. the blend is evening sexy. The vodka note comes out more in hot climates, the violets moreso during cool weather.
09th August, 2007
This is a really sexy perfume. I didn't think of it as fresh and watery until I saw it described as such on sephora(funny how when you are told something smells of something particular you automatically start smelling that bit) but I definately never thought of it as a sweet choclatey ginger biscuit fragrance as the notes might suggest. Anyhow, everytime I spray it now, I find it fresh,breezy and almost aquatic but in a rather solid secure not "watery" way. If I say i find it suitable for summer and winter you'll probably get the gist of what I mean. Very sophistocated yet in no way is it "old lady" at all. My only wish is that it lasted longer.
30th May, 2007
Well, it smells gorgeous on me and I get complimented all the time because of it. I don't detect the vodka (although maybe that contributes to the freshness of the fragrance), for me it's light and feminine. I wear it all day, it's subtle, powdery and light. It even smells "blue".
30th May, 2007
Perhaps Bulgari´s best perfume, at least IMHO....! And already hard to find in the stores, on it´s way out...? Thera are too many perfumes prodused, when this one no longer is available, introdused only three years ago! It´s on my wishlist, and I will get it the next time I find it, but I will have to go abroad to find it!
06th May, 2007
I love this one.
it´s like liquorice on yor skin. You want to eat yourself.
07th November, 2006
The previous reviews are wonderfully accurate. For me, the powdery iris is extremely long lasting, and finishes somewhat dry. Bulgari has an original blend here...sounds like we're all lovin' it!
03rd November, 2006
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5 Stars and a Big Thumbs Up:
Bulgari has made a love potion with this one. It is intoxicating and seems to work magic with everyone. A friend told me about it, "You HAVE to try this!" she said, and pulled a bottle out of her handbag. The next day I was buying a bottle for myself. It is nearly gone, as it worked very well on hot summer nights.
30th September, 2006
lulu Show all reviews
United States
Stunning stuff! Really rich and sophisticated and smells like nothing else out there. I don't get the ginger note -- on me it starts with a bittersweet chocolate note and evolves into very expensive chilled vodka (yum!) plus a hint of some kind of very deep subtle floral (maybe this is the iris?) Smooth, dark, deep, warm and cold at the same time, soft but with a sharp edge somewhere, if that makes any sense. New personal favorite.
01st September, 2006
truly a beautiful scent. the chocolate and the vodka wrap around you and blossom into a beautiful melody of scent. to me, the blu notte is best at night with a low cut dress, blue, of course, and a killer pair of high heels... of course the lady wearing such an ensamble very well might be smoking a cigar and drinking port.
31st May, 2006 (last edited: 10th April, 2007)
Fantastic, rich fragrance with a subtle spicy kick from the ginger that crystallizes into the hint of cocoa and a full-bodied iris note. I'm crazy about it (and so's my boyfriend!). Definitely my current favorite -- my only quibble is that I wish it had a little more longevity.
01st May, 2006
An improvement from BLV with a velvety chocolate in the base, taking the oevrly powdery and gingery edge off the original. Better than the men's and wearable by a man inmho!
14th January, 2006
No idea why Sephora calls this a water fragrance. I get warmth, ginger -- especially initially -- mixed with just a whisper of cocoa. While I don't smell the vodka notes, they may be what keeps this slightly sweet fragrance from becoming cloying. It's a lullaby in a bottle, a cozy fragrance for long winter nights.
25th October, 2005
Tovah Show all reviews
United States
This is a strikingly attractive fragrance. It's rich and lovely but slightly playful. My sons say it smells like "candy" because their little boys noses must automatically focus on the chocolate notes; but the ginger and vodka make this pack one sexy punch! I love Chanel Allure and Chance but Blv Notte has topped both of them with overall compliments and the number of times I reach for it. I love it year-round.
25th October, 2005
Blv Notte is considered to be fresh and watery by most people, but I see it as...indescribable. It's interesting that the Bvlgari noses used vodka and ginger (galanga) notes. They are clean yet have kick to them at the same time. There's dark chocolate, too, which automatically makes me think "cloying" but it somehow adds just the right touch of warmth. I find Blv Notte unique and subtly sexy; the noses in charge knew exactly what they were doing when they developed this elixir. I wouldn't wear it on a summer day but I would most definitely rock it on a summer night.
08th September, 2005