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Reviews of Cédre by 06130 Zéro Six Cent-Trente

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If you are like me, then your nose periodically (often) needs a break from the loud, intense, beastly fragrances that permeate your nostrils for 12-18 hours, often causing a massive headache. Why do I do this to myself over and over again, I ask.
Cèdre by 06130 is one of the fragrances I will reach for when I need a versatile scent that requires no thought of the setting, weather, appropriate clothing,etc.. A concoction of subtle spices, super soft florals, laundry-like musk.....and a whisper of citruses....none of which stand out over the other. It's hard to rate any of these notes as "intense"...rather, they are all working pleasantly/gently together in harmony. After applying, the first thought that came to mind was standing outside on a spring day, flowers and trees blooming, while hanging clothes just out of the wash machine out to dry on the clothesline. There isn't much more to the description other than what has been said already in previous is a mixture of subtle spices, clean musk, light citruses and florals. The composition isn't too powdery and it isn't too soft. It's just right. This is my kind of fragrance.
10th May, 2017
jrr2ok Show all reviews
United States
There's subtle, then there's weak. This falls in the latter. Mostly pencil shavings with hints of floral, this acts like there's ISO E Super in the mix as it wafts in and out of presence. If you belong to the camp that wages an existential battle with the decision to wear fragrance, this is an option. If, like me, you apply fragrance to actually SMELL something, look elsewhere.
16th July, 2016
Discreet is the perfect adjective for this. If you're not looking for a sillage monster, and are drawn to warm woody scents, definitely check this one out. It's just such a pleasant and soft blend, nothing in this blend competes for dominance, each notes plays together beautifully, complementing one another perfectly. One of the better offerings from 06130!
12th June, 2016
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Genre: Woods

Cèdre’s top notes include the kind of crisp citrus, violet leaf, and dash of calone that usher in countless mass market fragrances for men. Hardly an original or inspired opening for a niche fragrance. Nutmeg, cardamom, clean musk, and a pencil-shavings cedar note paint a familiar picture as the scent develops, and true to its introduction, Cèdre accords strictly with the conventions of woody-aquatic masculine perfumery, as bounded by Light Blue pour Homme, Aqua di Gio, and Bulgari Aqua. This last, with its indolic jasmine middle note, is more complex and interesting than Cèdre and available at a fraction of the price.

Cèdre’s drydown is no more ambitious or stimulating than what precedes it, consisting as it does of the lingering white musk, cedar, and a (mercifully) light woody amber. In sum, Cèdre is competent, boring, and superfluous.

11th June, 2014
Tony T Show all reviews
United States
Stays close

a basic skin scent. lasts about 2 hours. I like it but can't justify a FB. just used my sample up. the scent is light cedar from beginning to end. must try yuzu next..

Pros: light/fresh cedar
Cons: not enough"

30th July, 2013
This kind of smell is very familiar to me (at least at the beginning) and is a reminiscence of some old and cheap masculine eau de cologne of the past, apart the final creamy "modern" touch. The type of "splashing" aqueous effect, its barber shop kind of traditional " airy exoticism", remind  me immediately the Drakkar Noir's formula (just in some of its facets) and the smell i often used to inhale  in my childwood when my dad  carry me to the barber shop-hairdresser  in order they to coiffure there my hairs. What i catch in the air is a crisp blast of citrus-lavender, a punch of sweet exotic spices, a starring violet note over a clean and watery musky, ambery and cedary base. I also note a sort of calone (or may be is just the watery effect from the citrus-lavender that i feel) in the air but this element comes  out just in the dry down on the side of a touch of creamy amber-vanilla that is vague, due to balance a bit the fruity-floral water but also in my opinion able to compromise the general work. A toned down, dated in concept (final smoothness apart) and faintly projecting scent.
16th March, 2012 (last edited: 17th March, 2012)
The opening leaves a lot to be desired - it's too ordinary. The use of woods in Cedre is very well done, but I don't care for the combination of spices. My main problem with it, though, is the super powerful violet note that attacks me with a vengeance. I'm patiently waiting for the violet craze to run its course.
05th December, 2010
This is the best skin fragrance I have ever worn. It is not complex (an overused word) and I'm not one to wax on about such things. Cedre is simply a very well made frag that will have people thinking it is how you smell naturally.
14th October, 2009
Is it just me or is this basically Dune Pour Homme with absolutely no longevity? It smells better than Dune but it's so inoffensive, so light and bland that it just all seems so.... pointless. It's a pleasant scent but I can't imagine ever choosing to wear this and I regret even spending the $3 on the sample. I'll vote neutral because it isn't unwearable but it's just completely insignificant.
09th September, 2009
I love Cedre. It always has an underlying cedar note, but what really stands out is the sandlewood and amber base. Great combination. It reminds me a lot of Tam Dao. Woody-sweet scent that could be worn by any man or woman.
18th June, 2008
Long lasting and not a sharp cedar like many others with cedar. It is smoothed out by a nice subtle sweetness great for all around wear.
08th June, 2008
JaimeB Show all reviews
United States
Spicy-woody cedar that is nice for casual wear. The top is classic, and the spice touches to the heart note are a very good complement to the main notes.

Sillage is very moderate, and longevity is about average. The only bad thing I can say about this is that it's too comfortable to really grab you. It loses some points in my book for that.
29th April, 2008
I am a big fan of cedar, and this is middle of the road in my opinion. I just don't see a woman wearing cedar, it's not right. But with this frag you can def pull it off. Works best for post sex after shower trip to the store or cafe for some coffee and desserts on a late summer evening. it has a green that will keep you going though ever so gently into the night talking about nothing at all.
10th November, 2007
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Quarry Show all reviews
United States
Yes, sir! Not complex, but beauty needn't be. I've only sampled this on my hand, and I couldn't swear to its longevity. Elegant and easy-to-like lemony cedar.
16th June, 2007
Cédre is true to its name: cedar and light green with very slight powder. It isnt anything groundbreaking but pleasant nonetheless. I find this to be quite appropriate for anytime of day anytime of year but would probably use it during the day in warmer weather.
16th January, 2006
One of the first niché scents for me and after almost two years it is better than ever. Violet glow floats softly over exquisite wood. Very warm and opulent so save it for a cool day. Or evening.
29th September, 2005