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Negative Reviews of Spirit by Antonio Banderas

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Definately spicy and musky. I can't smell any kind of gourmand in this, but it could be my nose isn't as sensitive or experienced as others. To me it's a heavy and sticky musk and spice. It's cheap as can be, but if your looking for a nice cheap fragrance you'd be better off with Mustang Man or for a lighter more clean scent Mustang Blue. Giving this one a D.
03rd March, 2011 (last edited: 08th March, 2011)
Okay, the bottle looks interesting, and since it's an Antonio Banderas cologne, I decide to give it a try. I automatically get hyped up with the sweet and spicy smell. Then, the spiciness subsides, leaving me with an aroma reminiscent of a Hershey bar. I don't like smelling like chocolate, and this makes me both nauseous and let-down. Then, the chocolate smell absorbs into my skin, leaving me susceptible to bee stings. See, even the bees are let-down, and feel betrayed for having to smell something so sweet, alas, not a flower. If you want to squander $15 on a bottle of this, be my guest. Just don't expect the ladies to maul you. If anything, you'll smell like a woman.
22nd November, 2009
This scent isn't original and has a weak staying power... There's no depth in this one.
19th August, 2006
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Smells like a short-lasting Xeryus Rouge version, but without the sharp/romantic/elegant notes.
14th November, 2005