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United States
My husband got this as a gift and it is nice but too light and kinda blah on him however I love wearing this.. Soft but sweet, smokey and spicy. I'm not great at individual notes but I can detect the amber and cinnamon easily with the neroli, frankincense and a touch of patchouli backing them up.. Warm and comforting, I actually prefer this to the woman's version which I also have.

Throw is low at skin to a couple inches only and lasts 4 hours on me. Easily passes as a woman's scent
13th June, 2014
Spirit is a pretty nice spicy cheapy. It smells pretty common, nothing extraordinary, but good for its price point. You could get a 3.4 oz bottle for under 20 bucks, and this is better than most designer fragrances in its note/classification. I own both this and the VIP edition, the differences are subtle, and I prefer the original slightly more, because it emphasizes more on the apple note instead of the spices.

Spirit opens up with a blast of apple, cinnamon, and amber. This gets compared to Carlos Santana, I can see that, but Santana is far more powdery, and Spirit is much more resinous. As Spirit dries, the patchouli really comes out, and it blends well with the amber, apple, cinnamon. There may be a little musk there in the base, and possibly even ginger somewhere in the mix. Overall it's pretty linear, doesn't change much. The first time I tried it, I thought it smelled like cat piss. I guess the cheap apple note mixing with the amber were giving that effect, and rubbing me the wrong way.

For comparisons, it reminds me of a mix of Carlos Santana and Jacomo Aura, but more dark. The VIP edition is even darker, with an added dark chocolate note and more emphasis on the spices.. probably ginger. They are both pretty similar though. Longevity on this is anywhere from 4-6 hours usually, closer to the 4 hour mark. Not the best, considering it's a spicy fragrance, and I would expect to get at least 8, but it just doesn't happen. Projection is nice, but subtle, does much better on clothing than skin. Compliment factor is high with this one for me. I don't wear it too often, but it always seems to get compliments, which is a plus.
06th May, 2014
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United States
A. Banderas scents are made by Puig as most know. Spirit smells a lot like Aqua Quorum. The Aqua Quorum has a overly spicy notes that are very annoying to me. In Spirit it's replaced by less spicy and a bit sweet aromatic note- just perfect. I enjoy it so much that I want my room to smell like it.
I agree w/ castorpollux that it is very underrated. Grab one, you will not regret it.
12th June, 2009
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Spirit is an excellent men's fragrance - in fact, I find it to be the best "cheapie" out there.

It's a very warm and spicy scent with hints of tobacco, incense, cinnamon, and spices. It's a very unique smell, and the closest fragrances I can think of that come to this are Allure Homme by Chanel, Carlos Santana for Men, and Burberry London for Men. The fragrance has a nice spicy quality to it. As it dries down, the cinnamon (which I smell the entire time) mingles with musk, amber, patchouli, and incense. Very sexy and unique, and lasts a long time! I get a lot of compliments on Spirit, and for the money, it's absolutely worth a purchase.
27th January, 2009 (last edited: 04th January, 2011)
This smells likes something I've had before a long time ago. Got this as a gift with the aftershave and it's a wonderful combination for a slightly less than formal evening out on the town with friends you don't need to impress except for your lady friend.

Its initial burst is superb. Light musk, some notes are too biting. Feels like a very fierce, quick romantic encounter that leaves you with a single tobacco scent.

One complimentary comment I've gotten was "You smell like 'man'."

My complaint is that the initial notes it don't last very long. It's still very good.
22nd December, 2007
Aiona Show all reviews
United States
This is a stinky cologne. But, just as with Obsession for Men in the late 1980's, the cutest guys are wearing it. So it becomes very distinctive for me. I follow it with my nose, and it leads me to a hottie. I wish I knew what it was that makes it stink so bad! The bergamot, perhaps?
02nd September, 2006
I will give this a thumbs up for originality cause it's not as common as a lot of the typical male scents out there. This is a nice, short lasting coffe, tobacco and fruity scent that has very nice fresh top notes and that develops elegantly on the skin. Now is it would only come as a EDP it would be better. Very underrated this one.
01st August, 2006
I like the scent, light musky, reminds me of something old school that I can't pinpoint. The problem with this one, as with other Banderas' fragrances, is that it doesn't last very long.
22nd July, 2005