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Negative Reviews of Boss Soul by Hugo Boss

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It is paradox BOTTLED or IN MOTION as this one have talent for creating scent it is Masculine and my opinion it is not much Romantic or Modern.Good scent but not a adorable scent for me.

My first impression of SOUL was Spicy.Warm and Brave and The Cinnamon is obvious too.Generally this is for cinnamon lovers.Perfect for a independent man (between 30/50 years old)

I would not recommend this for Everyday wear The mood and Occasion must be Formal for this Evening fragrance. Definitely for wearning in AUTUMN/WINTER.The bottle is beautiful too.


Lonegvity?Average on my skin.

01st June, 2015
Ahh, a great example of too many notes pushed together. The opening of Soul to me smells like neroli, lime, and leather. Kind of reminds me of CK Contradiction in the opening. Then I get this fish food accord. This is no exaggeration.. it smells like fish food to me. It stays this way for the most part during the middle, where I also get the anise coming through which is listed as a top note, but I definitely don't get it until about 20 minutes in. I also get the nut meg and cinnamon, and it reminds me of a loopy more earthy version of Tommy. I also get the vetiver in the middle and even in the top a little even though it's listed as a base note. If you take the time to smell this on your arm from top to base, and look at the notes provided, you may pick up on everything, I piked up on most, but I'm sorry, this just doesn't come together well. On top of that, it smells quite cheap.
16th August, 2010
Very subtle and gentle smell. Almost requires one to burry their nose inside the shirt to catch a full smell of the scent.

The Hugo Boss advert says it is a perfume for the man around town. I'd say - Yes, if he wants to smell of something nobody will notice - yes.

Initially when I was testing the fragrance, spraying on a test-paper gave me a hit of fresh pine forest. I liked that very much and bought the bottle. However on the skin, it smells different, and the initial scent lasts only for about 10 minutes, than descents into something totally different - the stale smell of a chemist's workshop. The wardrobe rather.

I regret buying this bottle. The scent is not outstanding with nothing, a simple fragrance that would suit someone who wants to smell of something, but doesn't want it to be anything anyone will notice unless specifically investigating what you smell like.

Not on my shopping list anymore!
18th November, 2008
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Overall a very dissapointing experience.
The only fact saving Soul from total disaster in this case is that they're at least moving in the right direction, away from horrible aquatics like Del Mar.

Soul is as basic an amber as anyone with just a little understanding of perfumery could have created. A generic citrus opening, followed by a spicy heart and then a woody/sweet drydown. There are a billion of these already and we really didn't need yet one more.

Check out Hoggar by Yves Rocher instead, better and cheaper.
07th August, 2005
Tried a sample of it, and although the dry down is a little like Boss Bottled, that one is much nicer. Nothing really stands out with this fragrance. Boss Bland would've been a better name for this.
25th July, 2005
a bad experience. I got a free sample recently. To be honest, nothing from Hugo Boss had ever impressed me before but I was willing to give it a try. It was terrible. A strong musky, not to say foul, odor that makes you want to rush to nearest shower and wash it off. Certainly not for me.
20th July, 2005