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I bought this many years ago. I was enthralled by its complex note profile - just check out the triangle above!! Anyhow, whereas I loved Boss Soul ten years ago, somehow it doesn't please like before. A very peppery, even oud-like quality (though there is no oud listed in the profile). It starts out with a lot of promise, hitting me with its carousel of notes in measured doses. But now, it becomes quite cloying after a few hours, to the point that I actually want to remove it from my skin. It just could be that the bottle I have just hasn't aged too well.
30th November, 2016
To me this is an unusual Boss's fragrance with its watery, citrusy but endly dusty-milky construction. I detect an aromatic squash of watery citrus-lavender (mainly orange-mandarin), than cinnamon, nutmeg and a musky amber-vanilla in the dry down. There is some bracing initial freshness in the aromatic water of citrus, lavender, spices, pepper and anise. The note of pepper is prominent in a way this reminds a bit in the beginning the first blast of the pappery Bang (like a sort of blend of Bang and Lolita Lempicka Au Masculine). The slightly balsamic temperament is sheer and it keeps its presence even as well as the almost gourmand vanillic dry down has fallen. Some woods give structure. The final issue is a spicy-orangy ambery concoction with a fresh-aromatic always present undertone.
01st November, 2011 (last edited: 11th November, 2011)
I can't believe I'm giving this a neutral rating. It is not my style at all, but it does a good job.
It is very sweet, a gourmand-candy sort of thing. For me, a deep chocolate note dominates, perhaps with hints of nut and or coconut. A tasty little bonbon. I'd never wear such a thing, but some will like it.
Dry-down retreats a bit from the candy, gets hints of leathery musk. Rather sophisticated in tone.
Not too bad at all.
22nd December, 2010
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Good minty and very sweet gourmand from Hugo,not exactly what I m looking for but a nice alternative! medium longevity strong sillage.
18th March, 2010
Just bought it - realy don't remember why (?). Keep more then half bottle... makes me feel a bit sick.
20th November, 2008
Opens with the same synthetic coconut accord that I get with Obsession Night's opening. This then dries down to something a little sweeter and more pleasant than Obsession Night's bland spiciness. I don't detect much anise, cinnamon, nutmeg, or vanilla in this.

A synthetic smelling spicy sweet fragrance. Not very original or appealing IMO.
30th September, 2008
An obvious anise note on the top. A unique spiced woody gourmand from Hugo Boss. Fairly linear.
16th September, 2008

Not a very complex or trend-setting fragrance—citrus, then spice, then strong on amber. It has a very simple and generic construction, quite synthetic but not disgustingly so. There is little refinement and even less innovation in the opening, and it presents a third rate anise / citrus accord. In the middle accord, the individual spice notes are neither clearly delineated nor refined. With the base, all that really comes through is a weak, common, amber note shadowed by…something else. The scent doesn’t last long. Boss Soul is rather typical Boss fragrance, but, instead of the usual thumbs down, I’m voting it neutral simply because it is better than many of the other Hugo Boss miscreants. (Edit of August 28, 2008 review)

23rd August, 2008 (last edited: 18th June, 2009)
Not a bad fragrance, but not great either. The sweet and smoky notes don't complement each other very good, so that oftentimes it seems too smoky and smother.
11th January, 2008
Boss’s Soul is light and ethereal. It has a pleasant, clean smell that is too clean for my liking (as a cologne); I would rather smell it than smell like it. Citrusy opening, sweet amber-vanilla-musk in the base. The clean and light character remains throughout. Decent lasting power. Perhaps worth a look if you want a clean scent.
18th November, 2007 (last edited: 09th April, 2008)
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United Kingdom
Very similar to Del Mar and equally dull.
Good quality but bland and inoffensive-the sort of thing you'd buy as a present for someone you didn't know very well...
28th April, 2007
This one is nice,but too expensive for a simple fragrance.It is also not for my age and too serious for me
26th October, 2006
Boss Bland? Weak Soul? Yes. It is pleasant enough and wears fairly well but, as my sister said, "It smells like my second grade classroom." Wear this cologne when you want to feel like you're not wearing cologne. If anything, it mayleave a clean and soapy impression--a plus?
13th January, 2006
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Quite close to Tel Quel by Yves Rocher!
24th March, 2005
I tried it in Singapore Changi Airport when it first launched. For me it's nice only for first 5 minute, it smell fresh n woody, after that the scent become very strong and that's not my type of scent. I believe Boss Soul is a good perfume, but it's just not my type.
09th March, 2005
This could be titled Boss Weak Soul! It does have a nice, warm scent, but it's NOT a unique one. just doesn't have any staying power. I'd suggest trying a sample before purchasing this one. It just misses being a really good, new fragrance. J.A. USA
15th February, 2005