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Negative Reviews of Armani Privé Ambre Soie by Giorgio Armani

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This begins for me as a dark, bitter amber, which after ten minutes lightens to let in the gourmand chocolate effect, enhanced by the three spices (ginger, clover, cinnamon).

There is an oud-like bitterness that may be a raw patchouli. It dries down to a dusty, old incense vibe, as if one entered a monastery on a hot August day, months since any incense had been used, but catching the smoke-drenched tapestries in the sun.

I find it rather unpleasant.

I love the use of amber in hundreds of other scents, but find its use here creating a minimalist effect that is off-putting.

It wears close to the skin and that is a good thing.
28th January, 2016
I'll put my cards on the table upfront. I really don't like amber! However, I will do my best to objectively report on this scent.
I find this to be very sweet, rather buttery syrup of a scent. It is amber-laden. I don't find anything remotely dry or resinous about it, it is certainly quite unlike the magnificent Bois D'Encens which is a great dry-resinous scent. The spices are just a spicy and rather vague melange rather than distinct elements. The patchouli tang is apparent. I can't see any connection to L'Eau Trois, other than that the two scents are powerful.
I can't even give this a neutral rating, but I have attempted to describe it carefully. Amber fans, give it a try.
02nd December, 2008