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Neutral Reviews of Armani Privé Bois d'Encens by Giorgio Armani

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Really nice smell- frankincense to me- but the projection & longevity are poor at best, even after spraying clothing. Overspraying didn't seem to help either. I get an occasional whiff of it 3 hours after application and when I asked someone what they thought of it, they couldn't smell it and their nose was almost right on my neck. Someone else mentioned it was more of a skin scent and that is correct. For this kind of performance, it's worth nowhere near the asking price. This is something I'd spend $60-$70 on, not $200+.
Neutral rating only because of the smell.
28th February, 2018
Bois d'Encens by Giorgio Armani - Initially, one is treated to a surge of peppery incense. A pepper triumvirate, consisting of black pepper with its woody and smooth facets, a slight barnyardy, white pepper, as well as a tart, pink pepper, marries with a sumputously resinous frankincense, with its wondrous pine and ever-so-slight, lemon accents. A whisper of juniper berry, with its gin-like aspect, tiptoes here and there. Transitioning to the heart, this thrilling opening is tamed somewhat by a woody vetiver. This genteel vetiver imparts its green freshness with undertones of tobacco and shoe-tree cedar. The frankincense, darkening, diffuses a mystical aura reminiscent of a Roman Catholic High Mass celebration. Cedar leaves, with their menthol-ish character, flutter about subtly. Segueing to the mellowing base, this splendid melange is imbued with an able cedar, which infuses its slightly camphoraceous and balsamic woodiness. And, a luminous frankincense appears lifted by magical salicylate. A captivating drydown ensues. Regrettably, although this composition is masculine and elegant, it remains a skin scent with below-average longevity.
19th July, 2012
Any scent with wood and incense in the name is a must-try for me. Bos d'encens gives you exactly that: wood and incense. I get a very sharp cedarwood at first, with hints of pinetree, I really like cedarwood but this is almost too much for me (pencil shavings and hamster cage come to mind). Then comes the incense, a very dry, light, high quality incense that is absolutely wonderful. I get some smoke and vetiver too, but the overall impression is dry, sharp cedarwood and incense. This would smell great on a man, but is very wearable for women too. The reason why I only give it a 3 is the lack of sillage and staying power. It stays extremely close to the skin, I think I'll spray my clothes next time to get some smell out of it. And it's gone in an hour or so, which is why I don't think it's worth the $$$ - the pricing is ridiculous. If you like this but don't want to pay that much - I recommend Zagorsk by Comme de Garcons.
09th November, 2009
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I don't give thumbs down. This frag smells like the Dallas Cowboy's locker room after Superbowl XXVII in 1993.
23rd April, 2009