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Negative Reviews of Borneo 1834 by Serge Lutens

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Thick, monolithic, bitter cocoa and patchouli dries down to unpleasant bitter residue that taints skin for hours. Chanel's Coromandel also by Sheldrake is along similar ideas but, to me, takes a more interesting journey through cocoa to dark leaves and rich jungle humus and exits politely.
06th March, 2012
The idea of a cocoa/patchouli accord appeals to me and thinking how Lutens are generally sweet, I wrongly presumed that Borneo 1834 would be so. It is not. I should have read the reviews first to adjust my expectations. The scent comes across as bitter and dry with camphorous undertones. The cocoa is there, as is the patchouli. Regrettably, I do not like Borneo 1834.
15th January, 2012
Am I the only one thinks this smell a lot like Dettol?
12th April, 2010
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United Kingdom
I was looking forward to experiencing the unusual patchouli/chocolate combination but the camphor note just killed this one for me. On my skin it was just overpoweringly medicinal, with an earthy background and no noticeable chocolate. I would imagine this one is better encountered at a distance but I couldn't wear anything that I didn't like up close. Definitely not one to purchase unsniffed or on impulse.
06th January, 2010
A patchouli and spices based scent. The cocoa (powdery chocolate) really puts me off in this one and is not really chocolate. More like thick syrupy honey. So thick you'd wonder what kind of flowers the bees are pollinating. This is more like B*Men rather than A*Men. Absolutely a must sample first because he opening is really, really chokingly bad but the drydown is ok. Not a fan of this one.
28th September, 2009
I am not exactly a greatest fan of this. One of the very few Lutens scents which I have tried that I find almost unpleasant, but at least not compelling in any ways.

Comparisons to A*Men are completely ridiculous. This has so little to do with that one.

I get patchouli by far most. This is 80% of patch. There is only a slight touch of dry and not sugared cocoa, and resins. The blend is very thin and one dimensional to me, and you know what; it doesn’t even last especially long.

This smells a lot like pipe tobacco that’s been drying down on a table few weeks. Smells much expired, condensed and useless.

If you really think Borneo 1834 is something spectacular, I honestly suggest you to find some well aged patchouli oils in your hands. But be aware; they will make this look very lame.

And they are not that expensive either.
03rd February, 2009
I have rarely anticipated smelling a perfume as much as I did Borneo 1834. The idea of experiencing Lutens’ take on ancient spice markets and bazaars of old Borneo was irresistibly intriguing. Hoping for a dry-ish spicy chocolate fragrance, what I got instead was an intense smell of cheap fruity tobacco, eg. the loose kind that gets packed in a hookah pipe. Borneo 1834 never let up for at least 4 hours and was, to be frank, annoying.
29th April, 2008
I love dark, earthy scents, and thought I would enjoy this one, but after a pleasing initial blast of patchouli and chocolate, that nasty camfor chimes in and ruins it. Camphor is used to repel insects, but it repels me too. Ended up scrubbing it off.
I wear Angel, but also prefer A*Men to this. This could well be superior to both were it not for the camphor not. Pity.
08th June, 2007