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Neutral Reviews of Arpège pour Homme by Lanvin

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A little too mature and macho-like cologne smell at the beginning, but the drydown isn't half bad. Once this settles down it becomes a soft, spiced-woody-vanilla that's quite interesting.

I can't think of anything similar but it's somewhere in there with the creamy, spicy, woody vanilla scents.

Projection is good in the opening but the drydown is only a skin scent. Lasts all day.
08th May, 2017
Sweet and slightly spiced vanilla. Reminds me of Michael Jordan Legend and little bit. Not bad, just a little too sweet for me.
15th January, 2017
Arpège pour homme is one of the many fragrance-related disappointments I have experienced in the past years. Once again, this fragrance contains many of my favourite notes. When I tried it for the very first time, I was so impressed with APH, I almost bought a bottle on the spot (fortunately, I knew that one of the first rules of perfume shopping is that impulse buying is a definite no-no). On my wrist, APH had that vanilla/tonka quality I always look for in a fragrance. I immediately thought I finally had found a masculine equivalent of Shalimar and I was utterly delighted. The salesman gave me a couple of samples and I wore APH a few days later for a New Year's Eve party. What a let-down! This fragrance that was soft and sweet on my wrist became strong, hard, cloying and headachy when applied on my body. I could almost taste the juice. After a while, I had to wash it off. A few weeks later, I tried it again and although I applied very sparingly that time, I ended up with the same disastrous results. I know this fragrance is good because so many guys wear it extremely well. Too bad I am not one of them...
01st September, 2012
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Arpege ph is strong and proud, at the beginning I see a pepper Featured
which there is little time and then settles down, there's a place for fragrance
strong and linear all the way, I see it as in
Fahrenheit absolute but with less wood and more sweet smell fine when
near the skin to see a similar note le male at first, but the
she is gone away, however this does not impress me Arpege, a fragrance
that predominates in the iris is mixed with sensual woods, could be
best mixed ingredients, if you like strong fragrances
Sweet a chance Arpège ph.
07th June, 2011 (last edited: 31st August, 2011)
When I first purchased this, I was so impressed! It had a beautiful blend of iris, nutmeg, vanilla, and citrus notes. I bought a 1 oz bottle fairly cheap and was so excited and proud of my purchase. I even wore it that night! It seemed to work in the cold weather very well but that was my initial impression. Overtime, as I wore it, it just had a note in there that turned sour on me, something I never really noticed until repeated use. It turned into the smell of pecans on my skin, but not just any pecans, the rotten ones that turn black and end up tasting grimey. I thought my bottle had gone bad so I sprayed it on some Kleenex and nope, it was wonderful! I sprayed it on my brother in law and it was even more heavenly! It's too bad this fragrance didn't work on my skin. It's sexy, mysterious, sensual, warm, inviting, and everything else in between. Projection is perfect and longevity is decent, especially for the price. Although this fragrance didn't work on my skin, I still feel the need to give it a neutral. It's a wonderful fragrance if it transitions correctly on the right person but unfortunately for me, I wasn't so lucky. My final rating B-
18th May, 2011
As Andrewthecologneguy said, Arpege pour Homme is very similar to Givenchy Pi. However, I would add that it is a simpler and more synthetic version of Pi.

But the bottle of Pi is one of the most beautiful on my shelf, and this thing is just awful. Really.... how can such a pleasant fragrance be sold in such a HIDEOUS bottle? Looking at it actually makes me ANGRY!

(and forgive me for starting to sound like Andy Rooney) But what does Arpege pour Homme have in common with any of the previous incarnations of Arpege? Arpege is and always has been a deep and complex fragrance. Arpege is a classic!

Apege pour Homme is a nice fragrance... but it's not deep, it's not complex, and it is not a classic.
27th September, 2010
It smells really nice,but what upsets me is the longevity of this fragrance. It did not last long on my skin. I would give a thumbs up if it was stronger and the smell stayed longer..and projection was better.
17th July, 2010
Too much cotton candy deep deep sticky sweetness... Not for me. though it had moderate silage & longevity
21st March, 2010
For the first time I am using a fragrance that I simply cannot detect myself. Others around me have vouched for a warm, slightly sweet, and deeply pleasant sillage. Why my nose has chosen to filter out the prominent notes within Arpege, I cannot imagine, but I would be pleased if this new quality control would continue with other noxious fragrances. This is an inoffensive and personable oriental, that has the main virtue of being value for money.
13th March, 2009
So sweet and powdery. It might be from the Tonka. I love the smell when Arpege reached its middle notes. It becomes more warm and woody. A very strong (read: strange) flavor emerge as per first spray on my skin. To the drydown, patchouli closed everything nicely.

Arpege in adj:
level 1: sweet and feminine
level 2: tropical petals
level 3: warmth of caramel
27th January, 2009
To my nose, this opens smelling a lot like Sweet Tarts candy. The base gets a little woodier with a hint of incense, but the Sweet Tarts accord remains throughout the life of the fragrance. As a fan of sweet fragrances, I really like the top notes, but this comes off as extremely sharp and cloying on my skin, even with minimal application. For that reason I have to give it a Neutral rating, because this just doesn't work for me.
08th September, 2008 (last edited: 25th January, 2011)
A mixture of notes on the top that suggest there's anise or licorice in this. Lasting and I think it's meant for cooler weather. Lots of vanilla in the drydown. Smooth and conventional.
06th June, 2008
I am still not getting the vanilla note much. I don't can't even compared it to Burberry Touch. It's not offensive, but, it really comes close to it when hitting my nose.
12th November, 2007
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A correct fragance, but I think seems old fashioned. I m an 29 years old guy and I prefer something more modern. Correct, nice....all you want....bla bla bla....but not for young people.
06th July, 2007
As was clearly stated before, This is a much improved Burberry Touch...however neither strikes me as very manly at all.
Strong iris and vanilla overpower all who come near and it takes nearly an hour before I feel its synthetics have toned down enough to expose to other innocent people.
My wife exclaimed it was fit for her(a woman), so while it may be tolerable to my nose I cannot imagine when I would be able to wear this "unisex blend". While lasting over 24 hours of staying power (through a shower) it is just too sweet for me...
07th June, 2007
Quite novis to this page, but since long a devote fan of fragrances, my descovery have now come to Lanvin's Arpege... First of all I would say that I kind of like this scent, eventhough I am far from sure that I would ever find an occasion to wear it... It is far too sweet for being a suit/office fragrance, and even doubtfully a party scent, since it don't exactly get me in the club mood either... So what is it? A fragrance for home on one of these autumn days when you feel in between sensuous and slightly melancholic at the same time...? However, it is not all bad...quite good even, just can't identify the mood that goes toghether with it. The first impression is that it is not very far from Balenciaga's Cristobal but slightly more toned down... Someone mentioned that after the dry down it is somewhat ressembling Gucci Envy...and I agree! At the end of the day, I have to say that I adore the bottle and box more than the maybe some thing for my new bathroom, but not for me...!
28th March, 2007
An interesting scent, but a little too sweet for me. I was surprised to see it came out in 2005, as it feels like one of the classy, sweet, barber shop lavender scents of the 1930's, not unlike Caron pour un homme (not that they smell alike or that this one even has lavender in it, but it gives me a similar "mood.") Amongst contemporary fragrances, I'd put it in the same family as Prada Amber Pour homme, but sweeter and a little less refined. A definite alternative to the everyday, "clean" and fresh detergent fragrances. It is often obtainable at deep discount, so I'd saw it is worth a try if you want something new but want to stand out from the crowd.
31st December, 2006
Dark, overdone spicy and peppery, yet not truly aromatic. Just a combination of way too heavy, but also mismatched spices thrown around in a combination of almost choking, but paradoxically, at the same time, far too vapid notes. After a while tough, it becomes more tolerable, but adds nothing to the bulk of usual Oriental fragrances.
30th December, 2006
Bright opening—strong in pepper and citrus with just enough nectarine to round out and give fullness to the accord: It’s sweet – needlessly so, I think. As the pepper and the nectarine disappear, the powdery, nutmeg spicy, floral mid notes begin to take over – it’s quite warm in tone and quite lasting, but I am disturbed by an off smell in the background. It seems like violet but no violet is listed, so it’s probably the hay note from the maté that turns me off. That note lasts about twenty minutes before the scent reorganizes itself into its renewed pleasantness. The dry down, too, is rich and long lasting dominated by patchouli, various woods and tonka. The drydown is very nice, but I don’t find anything especially unique in it: It alone is not enough to make up for that off note that I experience in the heart notes. Arpège is warm, masculine, and versatile fragrance, but for me it lacks interest and even without that off-note that is probably my aberration, I would vote it a neutral. I really don’t think it is worthy of the great Arpège name. (Edit of May 12, 2006 review.)

12th May, 2006 (last edited: 19th June, 2009)
This is a very nice and lovely scent. Except that it is to to week. If it was up to me there would only be Eau de Parfum. Eau de toilette would simply not exist.
10th October, 2005
There is one predominant note in this perfume which to me is most probably anise. Quite a lot of anise-based perfumes have become a great success, take Azzaro pour l'homme, for example. In the moment I am not too sure, whether my interest in this scent will last longer than the little tester bottle, but being mostly torn between heavy dark scents and the citrus scents that are often too fresh for me, this is an exciting new direction. But maybe I will give some other anise-based scents a try, before I'll surrender to this. Might have something to do with the canary bird I had, when I was a child: The sand we put into his cage had a hint of Arpege.
25th September, 2005