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Largely concur with the review of reviewer xiikzodz. This is a lasting fragrance that does not change in character when worn. It is pleasant and unique without being "exotic". Highly recommend.
03rd April, 2014
Opens with a fine blend of spices out of which gentiana (first thing came across my mind), black elder, sage and gin are clearly palpable. If there's any citrus in it then rather in the form of the aromatic oils that some citrusy spices like coriander, basil or geranium contain. I suppose judging it in the same way as one would an office scent is a mistake. Apparently, it has no obvious pheromonic qualities - people take it rather for a hair tonic or spicy shower gel. Yet it is a intricate construction and fine art of perfumery (sadly might not last long) taking us offroads.
02nd October, 2009
Earthy/herbal mint with a thin layer of citrused pine woods.
15th November, 2008
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If Geir Ness tried to capture "The Power of Norway" in the bottle before this, then I figure this is an attemp of Le Base (Magic Helvetia) to do the same for Switzerland.

I`ve never been to Switzerland, but I imagine they could have done much better job here. At least I would like to think Switzerland as more interesting place comparing to the dull nature of this scent.
Le Base for Him is a well made scent, though. And I find it fairly complex as well. But the scent is simply not that compelling nor unique, and with the insane price tag like this one has, these are the major elements I am looking for.

A very green scent that is tart and crispy. Warm base of pinewood and oakmoss is covered with collection of bitter, aromatic herbs.
11th November, 2008
Sisley's Eau de Campagne after a raging brush fire. A citrus opening with interesting green herbal notes and a bit of soapiness soon turns into herbal-bitterness and then a woody, dry, scorched-macchia landscape. Related to Gigli Sud-Est and other hardcore herbals with no floral compensation. Interesting, but not a great wear.
02nd July, 2008
La Base begins with a strong burst of grapefruit. I find the use of this note in this particular fragrance to be discordant. For me, the wild mint and basil gets bypassed by the bully grapefruit. Thankfully this note subsides in due time. As the la base heads for the dry down, the pine bark makes an appearance but don’t be fooled. I tend to think of pine as a cooling, embracing note. Instead, the dry down is rather warm, heady, and synthetic smelling I do agree. The best part of the journey was the mineral tonic that was experienced in the mid-notes. Overall, I have to give la base two thumbs down for being too synthetic and slightly off-putting.
17th October, 2007
I blindbought La Base, due to the hype, the look and the description, expecting a bright, green scent. Well, it's not.

The top notes are not sparkling, though a lot is going on, a lot of herbal, minty, soapy notes. But they don't really live, and don't create an accord I find pleasing/interesting/compelling/gratifying, and are certainly not what I expect from a fragrance, they remind me more of some kind of health product.

The heart notes are by far the most interesting and wearable in this. The fragrance turns smoky, in an ok way, and stays that way for a couple of hours.

The base notes are sweet and green, without distinction, like a fading, accidental summary of the fragrance as such. Feels like the base accord is not intended, it's just a sum of the parts.

This is not a fragrance I reach for very often. I wear it occasionally, almost by duty; I bought it, the bottle looks good, it was expensive, I've got to wear it.

Despite regrets of buying it, I rate it neutral, because of the sympathetic and heroic concept. Fragrance creators must continue to follow their visions, experiment etc.!
22nd July, 2007 (last edited: 13th July, 2009)
I liked this scent in theory--generally I tend toward natural woodsy / earthy smells--but in practice it was harsh and synthetic smelling. I was surprised to hear that it is one of the more popular men's frags at luckyscent.

14th March, 2007
Below is an early review of mine, and it was the first BN comment on La Base for Him. I’ve learned much more about fragrances, so I have further comments. The herbs here are delightful, green, and very dry (to the point of potent austerity). The floral notes similarly are dry and lean, not sweet or opulent. This scent emphasizes herbs over pine, and thyme in particular is prominent. I like the humble Pino Silvestre, and it is not a stretch to call this a high-class PS!
La Base for Him is an intriguing fragrance. It has a crisp grapefruit opening with green herbal notes. The herbs are well chosen and are in moderation – La Base never smells like salad dressing! The citrus and greens persist and dance around for a while, and generate complexity and interest. Finally they retreat to the background, and a lovely woody and light mossy accord emerges. This is very elegant scent, reserved but not austere; and it generates a quiet warmth. When the pine bark emerges, it is a delightfully subtle finishing note. I like this very much. (February 27, 2007)
27th February, 2007 (last edited: 17th August, 2009)