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Neutral Reviews of La Base for Him by Magic Helvetia

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Earthy/herbal mint with a thin layer of citrused pine woods.
15th November, 2008
Sisley's Eau de Campagne after a raging brush fire. A citrus opening with interesting green herbal notes and a bit of soapiness soon turns into herbal-bitterness and then a woody, dry, scorched-macchia landscape. Related to Gigli Sud-Est and other hardcore herbals with no floral compensation. Interesting, but not a great wear.
02nd July, 2008
I blindbought La Base, due to the hype, the look and the description, expecting a bright, green scent. Well, it's not.

The top notes are not sparkling, though a lot is going on, a lot of herbal, minty, soapy notes. But they don't really live, and don't create an accord I find pleasing/interesting/compelling/gratifying, and are certainly not what I expect from a fragrance, they remind me more of some kind of health product.

The heart notes are by far the most interesting and wearable in this. The fragrance turns smoky, in an ok way, and stays that way for a couple of hours.

The base notes are sweet and green, without distinction, like a fading, accidental summary of the fragrance as such. Feels like the base accord is not intended, it's just a sum of the parts.

This is not a fragrance I reach for very often. I wear it occasionally, almost by duty; I bought it, the bottle looks good, it was expensive, I've got to wear it.

Despite regrets of buying it, I rate it neutral, because of the sympathetic and heroic concept. Fragrance creators must continue to follow their visions, experiment etc.!
22nd July, 2007 (last edited: 13th July, 2009)
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