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Negative Reviews of Beyond Paradise for Men by Estée Lauder

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Strong synthetic hedione-helional-calone opening, which is supposed to be a plastic and somehow disturbing artificial representation of some refreshing/tropical/acquatic accord of melon, white flowers and some herbs (it quite smells of basil to me). Basically some ozonic deodorant with a strong metallic/synthetic feel. It may have been a little "new sensation" back then, but I honestly find it terrible - better say, "wearable" as any supermarket deodorant. I also find it fairly similar to Odeur 53 - which instead is more delicate and pleasant, and above all, it "declares" being some avant-garde minimal synthetic experiment. Not saying it's better (it is, by the way) but at least there is no "beyond paradise"/"cheap travel agency poster" marketing bullsh*t there.

10th April, 2014
A truly trite scent - woody reedy artemesia watery thing that has been done hundreds of times - and every single one to no distinction whatsoever.

A truly stupid name also, as it has nothing to do with the very pleasant jasmine dominated white floral melange that is Beyond Pardise.

A waste of time and money.
10th February, 2014
want a bad formulation of Eau de Cartier?

So i believe the substance is called helional. It can give a lot of freshness and "cold air" feeling but if balanced right and here it seems to be a bit out of proportions,it is just all over the place and after inhaling it frequently it hurts inside my nose. The melon somewhere at the background is just not convincing.The drydown is a flowery grapefruit + "cheapy-musky" thing.Was this composed in a rush?

14th September, 2013
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Gary F Show all reviews
United States
Something is a Little Off Here

This one is almost pleasant, but there is something a little off here. There was a really harsh bitter note in the very opening, but is settled into something that was very middle of the road. I won't be purchasing even at the great price.

30th June, 2013
I'm not going to say it's the worst thing ever, but it's definitely below average. It smells a bit weird, not in a pleasant way. We can't have that characteristics for a fresh/summery fragrance.
08th December, 2012
This one smells like an old melon. A synthetic one at that. Don't know what the hec they were trying to do with this one. You have been warned!
11th October, 2012
Decaying melon plus molded cucumber rotting and emitting a fetid smell.
I do not agree with "The Guide" 5 stars describing it as "more like music than fragrance" and calling its creator a "composer. If you consider metal trash can thrown onto dirt or grass with rattle from handle music, then that would be Beyond Paradise music. Horrible.
03rd October, 2012 (last edited: 02nd November, 2012)
"Melony Felony"
This is truly an apalling fragrance. Why Luca Turin raves about it is beyond me and Beyond Paradise is beyond redemption.

The melony start passes quickly to reveal a chemical (maybe nail-polish remover) like note. The fruit is harmonised with the other notes exactly the same way that the after-taste of toothpaste harmonises with a glass of tropical fruit juice. I actually felt nauseous trying to detect the notes in it.

We are never actually told what fruit Adam and Eve ate in Eden, but I bet it wasn't anything contained in this fragrance!
19th June, 2012
Equally well-composed and unappealing. Same issue I have with the original Beyond Paradise, but I'm equally less conflicted and less interested.
28th August, 2011
Ghastly, unmemorable, white noise, synthetic, piece of nothing in particular in a nice pretty bottle.

This is just dreadful, Luca Turin.
24th February, 2011
Beyond Paradise for Men is not some overlooked, awe-inspiring sleeper hit. It's a lame cucumber/melon aquatic fragrance.

Luca Turin or not, I just don't like it.
03rd February, 2011
So this Luca Turin guy is supposed to be some kind of expert, right? I keep seeing his name in these reviews. He's a reviewer for The Times? Whatever...
When I kept reading here that he has a major boner for Beyond Paradise for Men I thought back to when it first came out. I worked at Macy's and I can remember smelling it because I thought the bottle was so attractive. I also remember being completely unimpressed by the scent. I saw it the other day someplace and remembered Mr. Turin's raves so I gave it another try. Paid close attention this time. I don't know. Maybe the scent had gone bad; but this stuff was awful. It smelled like rotten fruit. Or a rum punch glass that hadn't been rinsed out and a week later it's drawing flies. I mean, it wasn't even just okay. Maybe he's smelling something that I'm not. Or I'm smelling something that he isn't. It was beyond something, but it sure wasn't paradise.
23rd January, 2011
Sybarite Show all reviews
United Kingdom
The bottle, with it's "tropical sunset" graduated coloured glass, is really quite attractive. ~ But that's about it ! ... The fragrance itself leaves much to be desired, unfortunately.
It's imperative that you enjoy Violet Leaf, for it's abundant here, and pretty much "sticks around" throughout the life of the fragrance.
It starts off heavy with said pungent green of the Violet Leaf and being somewhat reminiscent of "Narciso Rodrigues For Him". But with an added marine/calone element (missing in the "Narciso") . It then deviates from this and becomes somewhat more floral towards the "heart".
It then dries down to leave mostly the "marine/calone" accord over some very soft woods. Being quite reminiscent of "Cool Water" at this point.
Boring, forgettable ... and OK if you want to walk around smelling like "marsh water" and "wind swept beach".
10th November, 2009
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I have tried this on at department stores numerous times, but I can't get past the initial shock of a cat urine-like stench. It does dry down to a more complex composition, but there is that feral sub-odor that repulses my olfactory sensibility and makes me gag. This scent is a cross-blending of beauty and depravity, intended for the Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde-type personality. Beyond Belief is what I call it. What were they thinking?
12th May, 2009
I fell foul of Luca Turin's notes for this one. He's clearly having a practical joke. Either that or it seriously doesn't work on my skin.

Soapy and cloyingly sweet, and hideously juvenile. To me it's the equivalent of a white tracksuit and baseball cap.

...And I bought two bottles.
29th March, 2009
I cannot think why this horridly cheap and nasty concoction achieved 5 stars in The Guide. This would be acceptable for a cheap shower gel or deodorant but that is about it. I am totally puzzled as to why The Guide would so wholeheartedly praise something so pedestrian. Cheap cheap cheap.
29th March, 2009
Smells like rotten fallen citrus fruit, very disappointing.
14th March, 2009 (last edited: 06th May, 2009)
Unlike mrclmind, I bought this before I read Luca Turin's review....once I read his opinion, I thought that I needed to give it another chance....I completely agree with mrclmind. I would prefer to wear that blue Derek Jeter concoction to this. It is a generic citrus mess with less longevity than a lush hand lotion. I only paid 20 bucks for a 3.4, and it was about 19.50 too much. Please try this before adding it to a collection based on Turin's review, mine only gathers dust....
17th January, 2009
the words are missing, so disappointing the experience has been!according to luca turin this is an A-class scent- i definitely cannot agree and as it has been already said the biggest waste of money and one of the worst perfumes i ever smelled!A cheap fruit basket on the lowest level- a simple mixture of tropical fruits.....very sweet, disturbing, badly mixed up, very chemical and artificial melange and as it has been aready said-at the certain point the scent becomes exhausting, unpleasant and nerving, almost causing headaches.There comes the point when you can´t smell it anymore!This one of the worst and most horrible perfumes I have ever bought!Really awful and bad!
It is so sad because this company has produced such great scents as Lauder for men,JHL and do not forget Private cllection,Alliage, Youth Dew-masterpieces!What is happening to this company?If Estee Lauder knew.........................
12th December, 2008
Fruity bug spray?
Who would've thought.
Avoid it like the plague. I actually had a few decent frags sprayed on my arms today & this rubbish took over.
03rd October, 2008
A citrusy oakmoss that just doesn't cut it. Disappears after an hour on my skin with not even a trace of the scent. I had to re-smell the bottle just to make sure I wasn't losing my sense of smell of the stuff.
17th September, 2008
This was one of the few blind buys I've ever made. Most of the fragrances in my wardrobe I enjoy, or I wouldn't have bought them. The only reason I bought a mini of this was based on Luca Turin's review. I have tried and tried to like it. I thought it might grow on me, but every time I smell it I just think "Bleah." To me, Beyond Paradise for Men is a headache inducing melange of very synthetic smelling abstract notes that create an extremely unpleasant dissonance. I don't like how it smells on a blotter, I don't like it out of the bottle, and I don't like it on my skin. I find it thoroughly unpleasant. There are several fragrances that I don't enjoy yet I can still appreciate their composition; Yet I don't smell the artistry that others have described in this one at all. This is the worst fragrance I own.
23rd August, 2008
It puzzles me to no end that Luca Turin considers this a masterpiece. I smell a cheap, synthetic, fruity aquatic that distinguishes itself from its peers solely by virtue of a melon note so obnoxious that it upends the entire composition. I've forced myself to wear it several times to see if maybe time would reveal its putative charms, but no doing. THIS is supposed to be one of the top ten masculines on the market? More proof, as if any were needed, that listening to perfume "experts" is a waste of time. Our subjective perceptions of smell are so variable, and so individual, that other people's opinions are irrelevant. Just sample everything and buy what you like.
17th June, 2008
This smells quite far from how I imagine paradise or anything beyond. Clearly the presence of oak moss has something to do with my dislike for this scent; I have quite often noticed that the scents that I really can't stand, contain moss. But Beyond Paradise for Men's other notes also fail to please my nose. Thumbs down from me.
26th May, 2008 (last edited: 28th May, 2008)
Kaern Show all reviews
United Kingdom
I'm afraid some houses treat their male fragrance buyers with utter contempt, i.e. any old rubbish will do. This is a case in point.

12th May, 2008
Gee -- a fruity aquatic in a metrosexual bottle. How very original.

23rd October, 2007
I tried this today and was dissappointed. The one in the magazine add smelled truly beyond paradise. When I sprayed it on me today at first I didn't like it, but then after awhile it was a pleasant scent. Problem is I have to put my nose right up to my skin to smell it.
06th April, 2007
Honestly, Beyond Paradise has to be the single most generic, synthetic cologne I have ever smelled. It smells like a blue toilet freshener and gives you a headache in about 1 minute. Total crap!
24th April, 2006
beyond masculinity
beyond sugar
beyond cheap
Is this intentded as a caricature of the lighter tropical juices in the CSP line?
07th March, 2006
The scent is just too sweet and fruity. To me it didnt smell manly at all. Maybe if you like overly sweet and fruity scents, perhaps you should try it. Otherwise, steer clear.
24th January, 2006