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United Kingdom
The opening is a mix of white florals, mainly orange blossom and hyacinth, with a orangey/citrus vying with a rather generic bergmot for an accompanying role. There is an additional ozonic component in the background that expresses fruity-seashore characteristics whilst reeking of laboratory and syntheticness - or syntheticity, but not in Kant's sense. At this stage this is truly a cologne made of calones, and I can understand why some people hate it.

Now the beginning oft the heart notes gives out another strongly synthetic burst, this times more on the aldehydic side, but later on this moves into the background, with the florals now taking over. Apart from a rather pleasant jasmine core, the gardenia, hyacinth and the occasional whiffs of muguet create an unexpected oasis of floral bouquets. They are underlined by a pleasantly executed honeysuckle that is not really extraordinary - this is no Creed Chèvrefeuille - but that provides a rather delightful grounding for the overlying potpourri. At this stage I appreciate its lovely moments and why to some people it is a beautiful creation.

The base sees a continuation of the honeysuckle, a change of the floral side to less hyacinth, the addition of a somewhat weak hibiscus, as well as the ascent of an amber impression that is quite soft and a tad insipid.

The performance is reasonable, with moderate sillage, very good projection and nine hours of longevity on my skin.

A spring creation for cooler days that has its high and lows. Neither excellent nor truly awful, although in its worst moments it is quite bad, and in its best moments rather intriguing. Overall 2.75/5.

Beyond paradise there might be not only hell - maybe purgatory.
17th May, 2017
At the beginning I'm a bit put off with a strong synthetic opening that can easily overcome with liberal application.

This is now my third time wearing this as I write, I've learned to not spray it too high on my neck and chest. It has good longevity and decent sillage and makes for a safe work scent, similar to a GIT with less iris notes and quality as this just oozes synthetics.

Not a tragic scent by any means or one I would buy again, but it's set up to fail in my expectations as it's not even close to reaching the lofty acclaim set forth by Mr. Turin, IMHO.

If you don't have GIT or vintage cool water and want to smell what an overdose of calone and hedione is try it.

01st February, 2017
This is a better version of Curve Wave. Those who haven't tried Wave, to compare to a more popular fragrance, it's along the lines of Sean John Unforgivable.

That said.. still a bit odd. Sort of a sour aquatic, very synthetic smelling. Has okay longevity for an aquatic, perhaps above average, but nothing like some of the Bvlgari aquatic's.
10th October, 2016
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Genre: Woods

Beyond Paradise for Men is essentially a green-tinted, fruity/woody composition in the manner of Cool Water and Green Irish Tweed, though more obviously floral in its heart than the former, and drier and more herbaceous than the latter. It’s also distinguished by a peculiar luminous quality that pervades its structure, the result, I assume, of some potent synthetic base notes that I cannot identify. It’s a nice, upbeat, casual scent, but having worn Beyond Paradise for Men for a while, I’ve come to find it disappointingly bland. In this crowded field Amouage’s brilliant Ciel, the grand old Grey Flannel, and especially the lamentably discontinued, (though still available) Rochas Globe all offer far more by way of depth and character.
09th June, 2014
All in all a nice scent - but throughout the day it just felt as if something was holding it back from being truly great....

After a few hours I was finally able to put my finger on it - IMHO there is a problem with its 'sweetness'.

The bulk of its notes give it a refined, grown up personality that, IMHO, has a lot of promise. But the nature of its sweet notes feels like an irresponsible 22 year old who wants nothing more to do with life than go clubbing.

It's as though its trying elicit two personae at once: that of an elegant, refined grown up, (the dominant persona) and that of a youthful, carefree, rebellious youth (the secondary persona) -- only the two persona clash with each other rather than being evoked in harmony.

I detected no hints of rotten melon or cucumber. But I can no understand why others have posted they feel this scent is somewhat discordant and all over the place.

06th April, 2014
I can't classify Beyond Paradise For Men as an unsuccessful fragrance but, for sure, is far form being the masterpiece Mr.Turin wants us to believe. It opens with a cucumber/melon combo that's at the same time fruity and green, fresh but not inconsistent. A strong and synthetic woody base is immediately remarkable and brings the fragrance to the very crowded "Cool Water type of fragrance" territory.

If you like light/summery scents this could be a valid alternative to the most popular names, but IMO it is as good as this unambitious genre gets.
06th August, 2011 (last edited: 03rd September, 2011)
I bought this on the strength of Luca Turin's rave review. It starts out smelling like pineapple chunks and a sticky paper bag of kids' sweeties on a hot day, then dries to a pleasant enough fruity freshness which is gone within a couple of hours. Utterly unmemorable stuff in a lovely bottle.
26th July, 2011
I purchased this after reading Luca Turin's review as one of the top men's fragrances. It did not blow me away and was a little disappointed. Smells like a generic aquatic/water fragrance with a bit of a twist. Not the longest lasting either. Alright in a pinch. Glad I got the 1/4 ounce bottle.
27th October, 2010
There is obviously something bizarre going on with this fragrance, probably some synthetic aromachemical that is registering wildly different sensations in people's systems. I have rarely seen such divergence not just in opinions, from Turin's top 10 accolade to the thumbs-down plurality here, but also in basic olfactory descriptions. How could the same fragrance be, as reported by various people, sickeningly sweet, and like cucumbers, and barely smellable? This really disproves Turin's thesis that we don't smell differently, we only react to smells differently.

As for myself, I don't get any fruit or sweetness. All I get is an eerie presence in the room, something powerful and perhaps unhealthy, that I can't quite locate or really smell. Like a petrochemical, or paint thinner, or cucumber that's just beyond my spectral range. Like hearing a dog-whistle. I've eaten jabuticabas and there's nothing that smells like jabuticabas here.

Which reminds me: I'm always amused by "notes" and people's reverence for them. Clearly there's nothing fixed or scientific about them. There's no jabuticaba molecule, and who knows what "Eden's mist" is. These are either a perfumer's best effort at describing the composition, or some marketing person's exercise in creative writing. Perhaps Eden's mist is that eerie, fluorescent presence I sense (which I also sense in Pleasures for Men, by the way).

Nevertheless, I'm giving it a neutral for being an interesting experience. Everyone should at least sniff this to see what they register.
14th October, 2010
Beachy, fruity. I get a nice touch of lime, but too much of an overly-sweet pineapple in there for me. Would be nice on a young metrosexual man, I think (I'm a grown-up woman).
07th April, 2010
A well made, and expertly balanced fragrance, that ticked a lot of the requisite boxes for a winning formula. However, despite its many virtues, wearing Beyond Paradise was never a terribly engaging experience,and found it lacking in soul and character. In some ways, it was overly polished and a touch contrived. The opening did manage to provide a sweet and fruit laden accord that never became cloying or excessive, and this basic character remained for the duration of the fragrance. The subtle freshness provided by the floral presence in the middle notes ensured that the working phase felt soft and and reserved, which added a slight nuance on the original theme. I really wanted things to kick on and for Beyond Paradise to thrill and delight me, but it petered out, and nothing in the base notes could save it from a rather drab end. There is no doubt that this is an interesting product, but I find it hard to get passionate about it.
06th June, 2009
I`m one of those people who doesn`t quite follow the Luca Turin`s admiration towards this fragrance. It`s quite strange indeed, isn`t it? :)

On the other hand, I don`t detest this scent by any means, it`s actually quite nice. It smells quite alot like a lite version of Comme des Gargons Dry Clean to my nose. (that one is ultra strong stuff, btw)

I love the pyramid of Beyond Paradise for Men, and like I said, the scent isn`t that bad at all : I get grass, cucumber, a hint of herbs, subtle aromatic woods and something which reminds me of wet concrete - and in my mind this accord especially linked this one to Dry Clean.
I won`t buy me a full bottle, but I presume I would enjoy this scent especially in summertime, when walking down by the water on a sunny day.

But is it one of the greatest fragrances for men ever created, and will it be a classic like Luca Turin said??

Well, what else can I say but...."Opinions are just like a-holes - we all got one."
08th November, 2008
Turin's rating prompted me to go testing this morning. The SA tried to steer me away to Pleasures implying that BP for Men was actually for the 20-something, sporty type. Anyway, I persisted and got three good shots on my arm. It's unique enough, with some vaguely tropical top notes, but then it settles into something quite sour and run-of-the-mill on my skin. It's only 16˚C outside, so perhaps I'll give it another go in summer when it's over 30˚. I like sweet, I don't object to fruity. But for me there's just too little of either in Beyond Paradise.
04th July, 2008
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Here are the fragrance type and notes, per the Lauder website:

Fragrance Type: Prismatic Wood

Top Notes: Fresh and tangy, with Eden's Mist, Jabuticaba Fruit and Eden Buchu

Middle Notes: Cool, invigorating, energetic with Mediterranean Accord, a blend of Lavender Absolute, Provence Sage, Tarragon and Thyme

Base Notes: Unfolds a masculine sensuality with Golden Melaleuca Bark, Eden Vetiver, Beach Wood, Oak Moss and Patchouli

A few opening comments.

First, I wish fragrance manufacturers would NOT make up bogus fragrance types to sound unique and different. What is a prismatic wood? Is it because the bottle looks like a bit like a prism and scent has wood notes in the base? To me, it is a meaningless label. If I were to label it, I would call it "fruity-woody" or "tropical fruity-woody".

Second, the one thing that struck me on the sample packet I have is the number of synthetic ingredients. Now, I have no problem with the idea of synthetic aromachemicals. They serve a purpose. Typically, on a fragrance container I will see somewhere between 8 and 12 of them. This one had 21 (can't say they are all aromachemicals for sure, but 21 chemical ingredients after 'parfum').

Third, I see some interesting notes here. I try to be literate about fruits, but I had never heard of a fruit called Jabuticaba. I researched it and found out it is a grape like fruit from Brazil that has anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic compounds. Neat. Sorry for the educational aside, but I can't tell you what one smells like, though.

As to the scent itself: two things strike me here: (1) tropical fruits and (2) woody notes. There is a watery undercurrent here. It is an okay fragrance in terms of smell, but it one I neither love nor hate. They could have done a few stupid things here like make it sweeter or drench it with coconut to make it more tropical. I am glad they did neither. I am surprised it is so polarizing here, with currently an equally large number of thumbs ups and thumbs down reviews (11 apiece). For me, it a scent I feel rather ambivalent about, hence a neutral rating.
03rd July, 2008
ryanm Show all reviews
South Africa
There is a fruity/cucumbery note that I detect strongly also in Hugo by Hugo Boss. In fact, this smells exactly like Hugo with added patchouli. Good as a beach scent, maybe, but nothing special.
10th April, 2007
I agree- it starts of sickenling sweet, but its dry down is a pretty good combination. It has a long lasting time, but I would recommend putting this on an hour or so before your event.
22nd January, 2006
Beyond Paradise opens with a quite substantial tangy-melony-tropical fruit aroma that is a refreshing relief from the typical citrus /fruit combinations. It is Caribbean—South Pacific in impact and the notes hold for a very respectable length of time. The movement to the herb and grass middle is smooth, and the herb notes of the middle seem a natural projection of the fruity opening. The dry down is a quite mellow combination of wood and moss. This gourmand / aquatic has unique and interesting notes, is very well structured of quality ingredients, and has excellent longevity. I would love to see myself wearing this while partying and relaxing on the beaches of Cancun or Tahiti, but in real life, it isn’t very often that I want to smell like a mango.
10th January, 2006
skwak Show all reviews
United States
Loved the sample of it I saw in an issue of Sports Illustrated, but once I got a bottle it doesn't seem to have the same effect.
08th July, 2005