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A Unique Interpretation of a Tropical Oasis

I think this is a beautiful, unique, and polarizing aquatic fragrance. Not surprised that the reviews are very hot or cold. The aroma is very innovative, much in the same way that Kenzo Pour Homme was innovative in creating a distinctly literal interpretation of the sea, ocean, and coastline. I find this one to be more of a tropical, hidden oasis, not necessarily beachy or brilliant, but lush with tropical flowers & fruits, refreshing water and something woody. I've never seen such a place, but that's where I'm transported. The woody vibe is probably where people get turned off - its the most lasting effect of the scent and it is paired with florals, which can be less interesting for modern men. Add to that the scent seems quite fleeting and you have a composition primed to disappoint the masses.

But I actually find that its the sillage or projection that drops off, not the longevity, such that this is an appropriate smell for all occasions. But amongst the younger crowd, who want something loud and prominent, this will surely disappoint. But if you're looking for something different, summer/spring appropriate, that is classy, work safe and reasonably long-lasting (7hrs+), give this one a try. I give it 8/10.

Pros: uniqueness, cost, persistence, versatility
Cons: projection (below average), aquatics aren't for everyone,

01st July, 2013
This is my favorite daytime scent. I cant describe it better than Buysblind, so I won't try.
01st March, 2013
drseid Show all reviews
United States
Beyond Paradise for Men opens with a very sharp grapefruit and bitter melon melange that comes off as a bit aldehyde-like. The sharp citrus remains to a degree in the early heart, joined by floral elements of honeysuckle and jasmine with an underlying oceanic accord almost certainly comprised of calone hanging around throughout. The oceanic floral aspects remain through the dry-down with the melon accord finally extinguished, now accompanied by a plum-like woody accord that must be the plum wood listed in the official scent pyramid (I confess I have never smelled plum wood before, so I can't be entirely sure). Projection is average and longevity is very good.

Ah, the much maligned Beyond Paradise for Men... It would be all too easy to join the crowd and trash this one, but I really don't find it unpleasant at all. Sure, it is laced with the dreaded calone that many scent aficionados disdain (myself included). That said, it distinguishes itself from a crowded group of similar scents by its relatively skillful use of florals in the heart notes and its different woody base that presumably is the plum wood (a note you may not often if ever come across in a scent outside this one). I am not going to say that it is a great scent or even one I would buy (it isn't on both counts), but folks looking for something different in the aquatic genre could do much worse for a lot more money. In the end, Beyond Paradise for Men is an above average to good smelling floral aquatic, earning 3 stars out of 5.
21st November, 2012
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Forget Luca Turin's 5-Star review of Beyond Paradise and you may actually come to enjoy this fragrance for what it's worth.

This is a fresh, fruity cologne for men that eventually settles into a pleasant, woody base. The opening is watery and gives off something of a fruit-juice vibe, and it's accented by some light floral notes. These accords in turn create a transparent, somewhat carefree nature that lends itself appropriately to the summer.

As it settles in, the fruity, floral top blends well with what is listed as "plum wood," which is a nice, light woods. Though it's hard to describe on paper, it has a kind of unique smell which I haven't noticed in other woody fragrances, and it meshes well with the floral and fruit notes. The woods dominate just a little at this point, and it is a drier, welcome transition after an hour or two of the juicy top.

Beyond Paradise has become a summer staple for me. And while many chalk it up as just another generic "aquatic," I think the interesting blend of florals and fruit combined with the plum wood distinguish it from the pack and in the end, create a fragrance that simply smells good.

Projection is moderate (not powerful, but not a skin-scent), and longevity is around 5 hours. This is a casual scent with a light-hearted appeal.

Definitely worth trying if you're not opposed to the fruitier, aquatic side of things.
16th September, 2012
Estee Lauder may offend me sometimes with her female scents, however in the case of her masculine fragrances, like Beyond Paradise for Men, she has me overwhelmed with shock and joy.

This fragrance is refreshing, sexy and unique. It's a touch synthetic like Beyond Paradise for Women, however it's not reminiscent of rotting flowers and a chemistry lab like its female counterpart was.

Beyond Paradise for Men relies on its distinctive fruity notes and exotic floral combination. It brings to mind everything that's Summery; beach, hot sun, cool drinks etc. Strangely enough, despite its rather feminine composition, this fragrance is very manly. However I wouldn't rule out this fragrance for women altogether as I find the scent rather unisex.

Luca Turin raves over this fragrance, describing it as being very colourful and complex. I somewhat agree, even though I do still prefer dark, woodsy and spicy scents on a man.

I thought of my boy the moment I sprayed this fragrance onto a piece of card, which unnerved me a little. For this reason alone, I feel that this fragrance would probably suit his relaxed, somewhat clueless sense of style and humour. Beyond Paradise for Men speaks character, liveliness and youthfulness.

In some ways it strikes me as being a little aquatic, but not in a dominating and suffocating sense of the word. It sits on the skin smoothly and lasts quite well, with the sillage being rather impressive. I highly recommend.
24th March, 2012
I purchased Beyond Paradise more than a year ago.
Tried it once and never gave it a chance to develope.
The initial bombardment of synthetics burnt my nose. It was placed in a closet..almost forgotten.

But I tried it again today and found that yes, it is synthetic and strong upon initial application but it developes into quite a nice and pleasant fragrance.
It reminds me of Fahrenheit ..the good aspects of fahrenheit the next day.

The drydown takes a while but was fruity and a bit soapy and nice.

I'm glad I tried this again and now that I understand I have to be patient to get to the good parts I will use this more often.
24th February, 2012
Beyond Paradise for Men by Estee Lauder - Upon application, one is treated to a salt water and fruity melange. I suspect Eden's Mist is calone with its watery, marine and ozone accord furnishing a delightful, fresh, seashore apparition. Fruitiness of ripened melons and somewhat medicinal cucumber is provided by the Brazilian jabuticaba, while South African buchu leaves impart their rain forest vibe with their lush and woody aspects as well as a faint mintiness. This refreshing opening drifts to the waiting middle. Here, in the heart, herbaceous lavender, with its inherent freshness, a mediterranean accord of earth and sweet cistus as well as vivacious herbs overhaul the blend. Balsamic sage along with verdurous tarragon, with its licorice and lemon vibe, as well as lemony and woody thyme wonderfully interplay. The strong base usurps this bracing mix. Old and weather-beaten beachwood, green and grassy vetiver, minty and muddy patchouli, earthy and foresty oakmoss as well as light and spicy melaleuca bark, all bestow their sensuous character. A fascinating drydown ensues. This impressive and manly composition has good projection and very good longevity.
01st January, 2012
I love Beyond Paradise for Men! A soft, gentle and inoffensive, slightly androgyne delicacy! It has the same kind of 'feel good' atmosphere as Fahrenheit 32, which I really do like as well. Very nice!
05th November, 2011
I was dubious when I first bought this, and in fact gave it away to a friend's son to use as deodorant. However I persisted and when I recently took a long haul flight (10 hours) having first scented myself with BPM, I emerged at the other end smelling like a freshly washed and bright person who had just stepped out of the shower and was ready to start a new day.

The scent is delicious and at the same time bright and almost fruity. I've decided it's a fantastic scent for travel. Interestingly, I used Yatagan while I was away (I didn't bring BPM with me) and it seemed prosaic by comparison, although I do indeed like it.

I'm going to make sure I have it with me for any future flights! It's great stuff, not at all overwhelming to others (such as those sitting next to you on a plane), but very long lasting.

Most highly recommended!
14th April, 2011
A well-done fruity floral for men that has a round, juicy ripe feel to it. Very similar in effect to CK's Truth for Men but more fruit-forward and with a more sparse drydown. Certainly pleasant and made for warm weather. BP is a bit of a gender bender to me with the heavy use of flowers and tropical fruits, but coming from a guy that wears Norell and Belle en Rykiel that obviously carries no negative connotation. A great pick for easygoing people. Very nice.
20th January, 2011
Benj Show all reviews
United States
I really like this, it's just incredibly uplifting. A wonderful just-ripe melon, lavender and citrus accord that is relatively linear but fluctuates some with time and becomes progressively more green and woody as time goes on, but never loses that bright, smooth positivity. The longevity is surprisingly good, too. I get a whole working day out of 2 sprays (the sprays are small on this atomiser) on each arm, and at that level I even feel a little over-perfumed for the first hour or so! At its most beautiful 2-3 hours in, I think. Excellent.

I was surprised at this one - even when my rating of a perfume has coincided with Luca Turin's, my notes often haven't, but, to me, he got this one bang on (except with the rating...I think this is very nice but I'd never call it a masterpiece).

One to wear only when the sun is shining.
16th January, 2011
Purchased whilst on holiday and will forever remind me of it. Slightly chemical, like a child's drink before they banned all the "e" numbers, but better than pleasant non the less. Refreshing and overpowering at the same time - great sprayed on warm skin. Sillage is good with longevity never ending !
24th January, 2010
MJW77 Show all reviews
United Kingdom
I originally disliked this fragrance because all I could smell was salt water and quite frankly I was flabbergasted as to how Luca Turin could consider this a masterpiece! Despite my dislike from previous samples I decided to buy a bottle that was on offer just for the hell of it and to give it a real chance. And I'm glad I did. It clicked and I 'got' the fragrance. After a few wearings now I still get the salt water aspect but only a hint of it, merged with exotic tropical accords and primarily a melon note.
Beyond Paradise has definitely leaped up my fragrance hierarchy as I find it very wearable and seems to fit with my personality and style. I would probably never wear this in the evening as I have many other great evening fragrances but I do love wearing this in the day. I really enjoy BP and have tested it against both Vetiver and Rive Gauche and have found that BP won hands down. The fresh tropical sexiness of BP made both Vetiver and Rive Gauche smell rather stuffy and old.
I do wonder if Beyond Paradise is too youthful a fragrance for many basenoters which is why the reviews haven't been particularly positive. I also believe it has suffered due to it's 5 Star rating from Luca Turin. I still don't agree with this but I can definitely now appreciate where he's coming from. All in all a great fragrance!
20th August, 2009
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This one I just didn't get the first time around (happens alot, maybe that's the only kind I bother writing up). It's such an unnatural fruity-woody smell. 8 months later, it seemed kinda OK, great for a sunny weekend and it feels like vacation. Now I have to talk myself out of putting it on two or three days in a row, and I still can't tell you exactly what's making it so great. Maybe I do need a vacation, and this is a cool beach trip in a bottle to me.
18th August, 2009
JDBIII Show all reviews
United States
My mistake was wearing this in the heat of summer. I guess everything burned off but the galbnum and aquatics. I was disappointed. But, I tried it again yesterday during a snow flurry, and it was so different. I smelled fruit and flowers and, yes, the beach but it wasn't the least bit "feminine", whatever that means. What an unexpected revalation. Needless to say, I am now quite happy with it. It is whimsical but balanced, light but full, and tropical but classy.
16th November, 2008
I really like the saltiness of this fragrance...
20th October, 2008 (last edited: 29th October, 2008)
Brilliant. That is all I can say, absolutely brilliant. After all the stages of pure bliss this fragrance goes through, it all comes down the fantastic ending. An ending that reminds me of a deserted beach I once found myself on just me some wildlife, sea breezes, sea life, and slight aroma of vegetation whisping in the air - the first fragrance I have ever have ever came across the has the scent of that beach - Glover's Atoll, Belize, I will never forget that scent - EVER - it sticks in my mind so clearly to this very day and, without a doubt, this fragrance is it. Fantastic.
09th August, 2008
As much as I hate it when people try to pass a scent as an aquatic one and fail miserably, I still like this one. I like the bottle and the colors too.
On my skin the ridiculously named notes are something entirely alluring and very fetching, it smells of leisure and relaxation, of watery tropical calm combined with warmth and dance.
The fruits basket of the female version is much better balanced here than in that other version, and I like it.
I have smelled this one on other people and sometimes it’s very unelegant and almost just about to become rank.
The metabolic mess-or not- that this scent can provide on the skin, sadly depends on each one. If it doesn’t agree with your skin, why not use it as a room spray.
10th February, 2007
My signature scent. I wasn't aware of the men's Beyond Paradise long after the release of the women's fragrance. But it clicked with me as soon as I sniffed it for the first time. The top notes can be too pungent and sweet, but the dry-down is naturally "beyond paradise" and yes it lasts long, with the dominant whiff of Patchouli. Great for an everyday perfume! Both Thumbs UP!
09th January, 2007
This indeed does start out sweet and that may (and does) put a lot of people off Beyond Paradise Men. This reaction would be wrong, I assure you.

That cloying sweetness lasts a bit longer than most top notes, granted, but when it settles down, a very easy and thoroughly enjoyable accord shows up and guides the wearer the rest of the way.

Thumbs up!
23rd December, 2006
This is a very original fragrance and the frsh fruity tope notes are lovely, even if a little too much.. the dry down though is what makes the fragrance great and it lasts long! perfect for sexy summers
11th May, 2006
yepyep Show all reviews
United States
Manly, tropical scent.
27th April, 2006
Opens up with an insane cucumber, like a bathtub full of the sliced vegetable, a bit nauseating actually. But it dries down to something completely else, somewhat Fahrenheit-ish actually. Not bad, and sporting a very good longevity. This has also received Luca Turins "blessing" if I'm not mistaken.
09th January, 2006
I just received this as a christmas gift.
I love it, the top notes are fruity indeed, but the drydown reminds me of Lauder's own Pleasures for men. For me it's Pleasures for men minus the floral notes plus fuity top notes= Beyond Paradise Men...
This is a keeper: a sexy summer scent.
22nd December, 2005
hmph well i love this scent its so fresh, so happy, so summery, so evocative and so moreish definatley a classic of yrs to come
05th October, 2005
WOW!!perfect summer scent, misty and cool all the way through, top notes are hard to describe, almost a celery, mango floral, which morphs into a deep driftwood heart, this scent realy evolves into an otherworldly, and gorgeous dream........VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!
11th June, 2005 (last edited: 17th June, 2005)
A very reluctant thumbs up. What I mean by this is simply that the scent is "oblique". I wear this scent liberally applied [yet carefully so as not to ruin the shirt] with a silk shirt. It has an appeal and an ambiance that is hard to describe (much like this review). An enigma.
29th December, 2004 (last edited: 25th December, 2011)