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A sensual way to combine saltiness and milky coconutty soapiness. A dreamy gourmand from the far oceanic islands. The Comptoir Sud Pacifique Vanille Coco's exotic coconutty aroma is almost identical to Coppertone Tanning Oil's tropical soapy-almondy (and more than vaguely salty) scent, the latter (the mythical Coppertone I mean) being a perfume lingering in all my iuvenile memories connected to sunny-sultry days along the south-mediterranean beaches.
A vanilla-tinged exotic/heliotropic dream with a sort of salty/burnt skin-like milky-balmy background. A conceptually and deliberately soapy-synthetic/cosmetical aroma (yes an aroma more than an accomplished and structured fragrance) with a sensual and kind of ostensibly animalic (synthetically animalic) twist.
20th December, 2016 (last edited: 21st December, 2016)
Vanille Coco opens in fact with a greasy caramel blast of vanilla and coconut, which reminds me of some hyper sweet chewing gums I used to go crazy when I was a child, stuffed with sugar and synthetic flavours (those huge gums you chewed for 5 minutes before all the flavour was gone). I also get a metallic-camphoraceous aftertaste which gives kind of a cheap feel to this blend, which to me does not smell neither particularly rich nor high-quality, just a bit cloying and syringed with diabetes-inducing sugary aromachemicals to make it smell loud and clear – as with most of gourmands, the rule seems to be “the louder the better”. The evolution is nicer because at least it gets a bit drier and lighter, although remaining pretty much identical for hours in terms of smell. Personally I think it looks quite hard to make “mature”, versatile and quality gourmands; this one sadly falls within the “tacky, cheesy, teenish” category for me.

17th December, 2014
The perfect vanilla coconut tropical fragrance

Sweet without being too sweet, warm, and perfect for the beach or any summer's day. If you're looking for the perfect vanilla coconut scent, this is it.

30th May, 2013
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Surely there must be a limit to the number of combinations you can make from the titles of Vanille, Coco and Ambre? Vanille Coco makes decent use of CSP's frequently used coconut note, but the milky vanilla slightly overshadows it. In its favour it does project well and lasts an eternity.

There is certainly very little to choose between the Coco titled fragrances, but I probably prefer the slightly kooky Coco Figue.
11th February, 2013
This is a great summer fragrance at first. It is chocolate rather than coconut.

One day it turned into a unpleasant vanilla rubber tire. It is like Pink Sugar by Aqualina. Both has a calender; if it isn't the right season, it turns from a delicious vanilla choco pie into vanilla rubber band.

I prefer Vanille Extreme, Vanille Apricot or the plain Vanille Passion. (At least they don't play much of attitudes with the calender.)
25th November, 2008
Topnotes are heavy on the coconut and does remind me of tanninglotion that will get you tanned really fast with scary models and a very oily appearance. After it fades away, and it does that quick enough for me, you are left with a creamy vanilla smell that reminded my boyfriend of a vanilla chup a chup lolly, not alltogether unpleasant. To me it smelled like a slighly fresh vanilla with, kinda like a creme brulee with a splash of coconut and lime. You know how some heavy desserts can make you feel heavy and very full, this fragrance is the opposite, it´s warm and still light so you can indulge yourself in it.
05th July, 2008
Smells like Bath & Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar with a touch of coconut in the finish. Mediocre.
15th October, 2007
I adore the CSP vanilla note and usually wear Vanille Abricot when I want to smell like dessert. Unfortunately, the coconut smells a bit like plastic on me, and the scent has no lasting power on me at all.
13th October, 2006
This is a great summer scent if you love the smell of coconut tanning oil. It's one of my staples.
16th March, 2006
Vanille Coco is soooo gorgeous!!! I had been looking out for a fragrance which utilised coconut (which I love the smell of) without smelling artificial, cloying or sugary and I am so glad I found this. On first spray, however, I did think it was too sweet but my opinion soon changed as it settled down to a warm, gentle blend of vanilla and coconut that stays true and wears close to my skin. I feel very comfortable wearing this fragrance, as if it's 'personality' resonates with my own somehow, but I would really hate anyone to know I was such a softy!!
14th March, 2006
The name says it all. It has distinct vanilla and coconut notes. It reminds me of a one of those exotic umbrella drinks you would sip while vacationing in the Bahamas. It has sillage gallore and lasts really long. Although it's a bit too feminine for me, I really like it and wish I could pull it off. This is what Creed's Virgin Island Water strives to be IMO.
27th December, 2005 (last edited: 05th June, 2008)