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I never tried the Frank Los Angeles Frank No. 1 original release from 2004 but ordered the trio of Nos 1,2,3 in 2016 and in trying No. 1, I get a classic fougere, a refined barbershop scent that could easily be a man's signature scent.

The opening mix of green and citrus dries down into a masculine mix of tobacco and leather, a relatively safe combination that does have a very slight but remote sweetness. I'd use this more during the day than at night, as it's not too heavy or distractive.

It's a little too borderline to be one that I'd reach for often and frequently as a signature scent that I could make my own, certainly not along the lines of a Chanel Pour Monsieur or Dior Eau Sauvage, but it's an option that some men might find to be a good fit for them.

At $130 for 100ml EDP, as the online reviewer Brad puts it, it's appropriately priced for a small house, but in my opinion, it's pricey if you don't find it exceptional.

7 out of 10
24th October, 2016
Herbal, green and citrus in a light way. Never cloying or overbearing. A lot of notes in this one, but it all comes together very well. Unisex fragrance that would be good year round. 7/10
19th April, 2015
drseid Show all reviews
United States
Frank for Men opens with a mild peppery angelica, coupling with tart citric grapefruit and subtle mint leaf that lingers for a few minutes on skin before gradually transitioning to the scent's herb-laced green tea heart with the peppery angelica and mint remaining as support. The overall effect comes off as a fresh peppery grassy green herbal accord. The green nature remains through the linear dry-down as the angelica recedes and the soft tea facets are more at the fore, tempered by an extremely small amount of sandalwood that could easily go unnoticed. Projection is average and longevity is very good at about 10 hours.

Frank for Men was a blind buy after I was relatively impressed with their completely different follow-up release, No. 2. Unfortunately, the angelica and green tea here comes off as a bit off-balanced; and while I like the use of angelica when properly implemented like in the excellent Angeliques Sous La Pluie, here it just seems a bit out of place. If you buy this, please understand Frank for Men is pretty much green all the way with little development after the herbal and tart citric open that is the best part of the scent. I love green scents, but tend to enjoy the coniferous aspects and not fresh grassy green as much (which is what this is). If you like the sound of peppered grassy green tea then this very reasonably priced scent at $65 for 65ml will most likely appeal to you and prove an excellent value, but I don't, so it gets an average to slightly above average 2.5 to 3 star out of 5 rating from me.
22nd December, 2012 (last edited: 23rd December, 2012)
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I would describe Frank No. 1 as a spicy, flowery and transparent tea fragrance which turns slightly powdery on skin - IN A PLEASANT WAY! Think spiced water lilies swimming peacefully in a green tea pond along with some leaves. It's not feminine but not your classic men's fragrance either.
13th March, 2012
The bottom line is I'm not inspired by this. It's fresh and green, but it doesn't have a distinct personality compared to my other citrus favorites, Green Irish Tweed by Creed, Reaction by Kenneth Cole, Riverside Drive by Bond No 9.

The king superior citrus scent I've found in it's simplicity and blend is Bergamote 22 by Le Labo. Skip Frank, and try Bergamote.
05th March, 2010
I'm with several others and can't find the appeal. It's not BAD, by any means, but it just never really rises to anything distinctive.

There's a LOT going on in this scent, but the mass of notes seems to me to blend together into something rather dull and flat, much in the same way mixing fifty different colors together will give a dull shade of brown, or fifty different sounds will give a single dull tone.

Each of the notes, individually, might be something nice, but a little goes a long way and more isn't always better.

24th November, 2007
Pleasantly green and citrusy, but unfortunately quite artificial smelling. It also has ginger, and I'm a sucker for ginger so that's what saves it for me.
20th June, 2007
It's hard to describe Frank No. 1. It's very soapy and clean smelling, similar to the Gendarme line, but it's balanced by the addition of grapefruit and some spices. It's nice. Unfortunately, scents like this always disappear on my skin. But, if you want something extremely subtle, I'd give it a try.
04th November, 2006
Well structured and elegant, Frank comes across with a somewhat formal presence. I’m not sure which is more successful, its balanced accords or its almost translucent ambiance - I admire it. It is brightly fresh with its grapefruit, ginger root and green tea; and lightly spiced with its cassis, clove, and angelic seed. Its accords are seamless and softly rich. It has green freshness as well as a surprising depth. It has a long lasting dry down of clove / sandalwood which gives the feeling of being a soft nutmeg accord. Basically masculine but, because of its subtlety, Frank No. 1 could easily be considered unisex. I am impressed by its dual nature of complexity coupled with subtly.
29th October, 2006 (last edited: 08th December, 2010)
Paul G Show all reviews
United States
Outstanding scent that is very quiet and well made. It has a nice non sharp citrus edge at the top and the sweet spice and florals mark the middle. There isn't a dominant note in this scent. All of the scents seem there solely to compliment each other. Excellent scent and one that should get more attention.
04th June, 2006
Initially very interesting. Fruity and herbal top notes were compelling. Drydown was disappointing--too much cassis? What is that sharp, fruity note that radiates like poison darts from any woman who wears Allure?
07th March, 2006
kilted Show all reviews
United States
Recently purchased this one and I am quite impressed. It is very fresh, very ozoney, quite minty at first, but at the same time woody and dark. It is a great office scent, not at all overbearing while still being noticeable. Frank of Los Angeles lists the notes as follows;
grapefruit, lemon, cassis, tagette, angelica seed, ginger root, clove, cardamon, peppermint, green tea, ylang ylang, galbanum, sandalwood
18th September, 2005
I consider Frank Los Angeles to be suitable for both women and men. It is so many things at once, and all at once completely wonderful. I have heard that it has over 100 notes in it. I smell vetiver, but I understand it also has sandalwood, grapefruit, ginger root, green tea, bergamot, cassis, angelica seed and clove.
It smells like a greenhouse without being floral. It is also as gourmand as a bakery without being sweet. A great scent at a pretty nice price.
02nd August, 2005
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