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I would describe Frank No. 1 as a spicy, flowery and transparent tea fragrance which turns slightly powdery on skin - IN A PLEASANT WAY! Think spiced water lilies swimming peacefully in a green tea pond along with some leaves. It's not feminine but not your classic men's fragrance either.
13th March, 2012
It's hard to describe Frank No. 1. It's very soapy and clean smelling, similar to the Gendarme line, but it's balanced by the addition of grapefruit and some spices. It's nice. Unfortunately, scents like this always disappear on my skin. But, if you want something extremely subtle, I'd give it a try.
04th November, 2006
Well structured and elegant, Frank comes across with a somewhat formal presence. I’m not sure which is more successful, its balanced accords or its almost translucent ambiance - I admire it. It is brightly fresh with its grapefruit, ginger root and green tea; and lightly spiced with its cassis, clove, and angelic seed. Its accords are seamless and softly rich. It has green freshness as well as a surprising depth. It has a long lasting dry down of clove / sandalwood which gives the feeling of being a soft nutmeg accord. Basically masculine but, because of its subtlety, Frank No. 1 could easily be considered unisex. I am impressed by its dual nature of complexity coupled with subtly.
29th October, 2006 (last edited: 08th December, 2010)
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Paul G Show all reviews
United States
Outstanding scent that is very quiet and well made. It has a nice non sharp citrus edge at the top and the sweet spice and florals mark the middle. There isn't a dominant note in this scent. All of the scents seem there solely to compliment each other. Excellent scent and one that should get more attention.
04th June, 2006
kilted Show all reviews
United States
Recently purchased this one and I am quite impressed. It is very fresh, very ozoney, quite minty at first, but at the same time woody and dark. It is a great office scent, not at all overbearing while still being noticeable. Frank of Los Angeles lists the notes as follows;
grapefruit, lemon, cassis, tagette, angelica seed, ginger root, clove, cardamon, peppermint, green tea, ylang ylang, galbanum, sandalwood
18th September, 2005
I consider Frank Los Angeles to be suitable for both women and men. It is so many things at once, and all at once completely wonderful. I have heard that it has over 100 notes in it. I smell vetiver, but I understand it also has sandalwood, grapefruit, ginger root, green tea, bergamot, cassis, angelica seed and clove.
It smells like a greenhouse without being floral. It is also as gourmand as a bakery without being sweet. A great scent at a pretty nice price.
02nd August, 2005