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Neutral Reviews of Electric Youth by Debbie Gibson by Revlon

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This was the stuff, circa junior high. I was inordinately thrilled to get a bottle of this for my birthday from a "with-it" aunt. I wore it religiously most of my 8th grade year, and felt it was an integral part of my "cool cred" at school. I stumbled across the "travel bottle" of Electric Youth that came with my big bottle of it, a while back, and I gotta say, aside from the plastic floaty things and the coil of neon-hued plastic wound around the spray tube, this scent just isn't all I remembered it to be. Sweet, floral, and slight, it fails to excite me the way it did all of those years ago. But my white Reebok high-tops with the pink lining and laces? Those are still rockin', even today ;-)
21st July, 2008