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If you like mediocrity in all things -go for it.
31st December, 2016
Bought a partial bottle of this to smell as I was reading Chandler Burr's book, "The Perfect Scent." I can't say that I love this fragrance -- it's not quirky enough for me to love -- but it's a very pretty, young, and eminently likable fragrance, with just enough masculine and non-floral notes to keep it from being as prissy and conventional as its packaging might suggest. I'll wear it from time to time because I feel like I "know" it after reading the book and learning about its creation.
13th November, 2015
All I got from this was a soapy floral with a touch of musk, like you had just taken a shower with one of those little pink rose shaped guest soaps and had forgotten to wash a few places.
08th September, 2012
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It remains a mystery why I ever acquired a bottle of SJP LOVELY, not being a fan of SJP, and not a fan of celebrity scents in general, but it happened somehow, so about once every six months I take out my undeniably lovely bottle of LOVELY and try to figure out why I don't really like what's inside.

I watched a grand total of one episode of "Sex and the City," which featured the looking-for-love-in-all-the-wrong-places SJP coterie grappling with one of their cases of crabs. Seriously. Was it the luck of the draw, or were all episodes of this series about venereal disease? I did not stay tuned to find out.

Last night, however, I decided to give Carrie Bradshaw another chance and watched the movie "Sex and the City," which over the course of a long, somewhat tedious two and a half hours relays the trials and tribulations of the same group of gals as they approach menopause but without having changed much of anything about their outlook. Shoes and bags and dudes remain the focus of their lives.

LOVELY edp is a floral woody musk perfume with a slightly skanky and dominant musk note which generally reminds me of the sole episode of "Sex and the City" I watched long ago. It's just not my kind of thing: too sweaty and slightly dirty and somehow suggestive in a not-so-appealing way, like a guy who leers at every woman who walks by, making eye contact as though there were some deeper meaning behind the gesture beyond the fact that he's looking for casual sex.

Not for me.
30th July, 2011
I want to like this fragrance. I really, really do. Unfortunately, this is one scent where it's appeal to Mr. Turin will forever go over my head, as I simply can't smell it. I get white flowers and then nothing. Light, airy, instant vanishment.
30th May, 2011
I loved the bottle, but not the scent. It wasn't an offensive fragrance, but it was too predictable and common for my liking. It was also one of those fragrances where you have to push your nose onto your wrist in order to smell the scent. I think I expected a little more from SJP's first perfume, hence the reason why I was so disappointed.

26th April, 2011
I think Lovely smells like detergent. Gain, to be precise. If you can get past the opening, it's not bad. And then another part of me says "skanky." It's clear I have a love-hate relationship with it.
22nd January, 2010
Bug spray at first, but wait! It goes away. After a few minutes it is VERY nice, the top and middle notes are so great, but the dry down was really strong on me. As the description tells you, the dry down includes patchuli, cedar, woods. For me, it was just a little too harsh, and it doesn't smell anything like the top and middle, it's almost like two different perfumes. I like to wear it, but I have to scrub toward then end. I agree that it lasts a good while, even until the next day.
18th April, 2009
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United States
I had read that Lovely was a possible unisex fragrance. Tried it. They were right. My initial reaction was that it smells like one of my old 80's men's colognes, but I can't quite recall which. I could give this another chance, but there are so many others out there to try.
18th April, 2009
I usually avoid anything with a celebrity name, but I do acknowledge when I come across one that I like. This is one of the better "new chypres." (My favorite is Narciso Rodriguez for Her.) Lovely artfully balances the sweet and sour notes. (Nevertheless, I miss the heavy labdanum base of the "old-school chypres.") I can appreciate this new genre as long as I don't hold the two up for comparison. This one serves up a dollop of earthiness and woodiness with the florals--a standout lavendar along with an abstract bouquet-- but the patchouli is so mild that it won't scare away most women, and the vetiver and cedar never overtake the base. Why, it's almost--lovely. Yet, I sigh. Give me back my old Miss Dior.

05th May, 2008
I am not surprised with the reaction from most people about this perfume. I've tried it before and the acrid smell almost reminded me of burnt skin, but of coz, the chemical in me is really tricky.

However, surprisingly, my mother bought a bottle for herself and it smells gorgeous on her. I couldnt stop complimenting her infact. I guess the compliments worked fine for me coz she bought me the perfume's body lotion despite of my pessimism. This was another surprise, it turns out that it smells a whole lot better on me than the edp version.

I had infact gotten a few compliments each time I've applied the lotion on me. Interesting eh?
13th May, 2007
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United States
I recived this scent as a graduation gift from my mother after exclaiming how much I I loved it on my best friend. However, It seemes to smell much heavier on my skin than hers. In the case of this scent its a case by case basis, it either smells good on you, or it dosen't. I still wear it, but only at night. It too heavy for daytime use.
04th November, 2006
Let's just say that I had higher expectations from SJP as I am a HUGE fan of SATC. This fragrance was undeinably pleasant but certainly unremarkable as well.
25th October, 2006
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I expected to like this scent much more than I did. Initially, it was nice. Pleasant, but not particurally spectacular. However, the dry down on my skin was musk, musk, and more musk. There were no hints of other scents at all. It smelled like a one-dimensional men's scent. I might try it on a few guys...
17th October, 2006
Having read Chandler Burr's piece in the NY Times about the making of Lovely, I was expecting something slightly daring and exotic and was disappointed when I actually sampled it. It's got a bit of fizz in the opening, an unusual floral accord (not too sweet, at least), and then musk, musk, musk. I wish SJP had ignored the marketing people and launched the mysterious, sultry fragrance she'd concocted for her own use by mixing three separate scents together. Maybe her next fragrance will be more compelling.
11th October, 2006
It was ok...I personally thought it was just a little bland. But the day i smelt it well, i had smelt a few perfumes before it, so it could have been good. But i remember it didn't smell that great.
16th January, 2006