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Ever a cheapie-hound, I tested Lovely in Sports Direct of all places, while buying value pack tennis balls to use as foot rollers. Bet you didn't need that piece of information, did you?

But I digress. Lovely is what I call a "good girl" fragrance. It's clean, uncontroversial (which is not the same thing as generic) and slightly cool in feel; unfortunately for me, a lover of confrontational chypres and outrageous gothic perfume oil concoctions, that leaves it a bit below the threshold of interesting enough to wear. Comparisons to (new) Ivoire are not unwarranted but Ivoire is far more grown-up, to my nose; it has an elegance, edge and restraint about it that Lovely cheerfully abandons in favour of being approachable. It's a bit like an olfactory Meg Ryan movie (and it definitely wouldn't be one that has a sex scene).

My entirely accidental eureka moment with it happened as a result of testing one thing while wearing another: layer it with Jovan Musk Oil. Musk Oil is a completely straightforward synthetic white musk at a very affordable price, and it adds just enough oomph to the lower end of Lovely to make it intriguing, inviting and warm. For me that firmly boots Lovely over the hump into wearable, and for the sake of what I get out of that fragrance experience I strongly suspect Lovely will be making it into my world.
16th January, 2018
Lovely is the first perfume by the mega-popular star of Sex and the City, whose name has been in the fashion and beauty magazines for 20 years - Sarah Jessica Parker. In collaboration with the house of Coty, Sarah launched her first perfume in 2005 and despite a negative opinion about celebrity perfumes, it was almost instantly at the top of the best quality perfume creations of the 21st century. Lovely inspired many, from well-known perfume reviewer Chandler Burr who dedicated an entire book to Lovely, called „The Perfect Scent: A year inside the Perfume industry“ to other people, like myself, to think about what makes one perfume lovely.

Loveliness. We all know what it is. We’ve seen it in romantic movies, read about it in tales of well known epic love stories and maybe even noticed it in the way rose petals sway when the wind blows. Do we know, however, anyone who possesses loveliness in their behaviour? Maybe some little girl, not yet corrupted by the world, a woman who never ever believed that being a woman is something lesser, even the elderly man, who cherishes this world in his kind and loving way, smiling, knowing that time could not touch him. Loveliness is timeless, and whispers to us through children’s laughter, feathery clouds…and Lovely.

This perfume gives us a lesson on loveliness. Its presence is modest and subtle. It’s delightful, but doesn’t bind us, it let us freely enjoy its scented notes.

Lovely is simple, but mysteriously unfathomable. Musk and lavender speak clearly with just a hint of mandarin and bergamot. It calms us down but does not allow us to fall asleep, because loveliness itself is located between dreamy sweetness and radiant energy. It allows you to be charming and gentle, characteristics that only a strong individual can allow himself to be like that. Large and sturdy oak a storm can break, but a gentle and flexible cane is left unharmed by the wind. Therefore start your day with a smile on your face and a few sprays of Lovely and show the world that you can win by being graceful.

Lovely is the ideal scent for spring, for during the day and carrying on into the evening. The price is not high and is ideal as a gift for someone’s first as well as their last perfume because loveliness is timeless.

It is designed for all women, from 7 to 107 years and occasionally some men who are so strong and unaffected by stereotypes that they are willing to show their gentler side. Although it is designed for women, scented oils from which Lovely is made of develops fantastically on men's skin. Whoever chooses this fragrance has my respect, because... you need to be really strong and tough to be lovely.
04th November, 2017
I absolutely adored this perfume when it first came out – full-on, love at first sniff, couldn't wait to put it on again and again and again adoration. But I was on a very limited budget at the time, so I had to make do with a couple of tiny sample bottles, which I eked out very slowly, until the price dropped enough to be able to afford a full bottle. I loved it and I got so many comments on it whenever I wore it, and I’m probably on my fourth bottle (at least) of this – with a full, unopened box in my drawer (a Christmas present from one of my girlfriends). On me, this goes on in a soft, pretty, warm, floral cloud. It takes a while for the individual notes to come through, then after around an hour or so, the cedar, pepper, musk, patchouli and orange come through. Two hours in the bergamot and martini peep out. This perfume is true to its name – a lovely, soft, elegant floral. It makes me think of big, soft, fluffy pink clouds – it’s a scent that you sink into, soft, warm and comforting, and it lasts amazingly well. Although I don’t really care what time of day or night I wear a perfume, with this one, I tend to wear it to work more than anywhere else – I seem to overlook it when I’m looking for something to wear out at night or on the weekend. One of the ladies I work with wears it too, and I can always tell when she does – the sillage is amazing and it smells beautiful on her. All of that said, it’s been quite a while since I’ve worn this – in fact it would probably be at least a year, as I’ve not touched the bottle once this year. And it’s still pretty, but I’m said to say that don’t love it as I once did – it doesn’t make me feel happy like it once did. In fact, it makes me feel kind of, not sad exactly, but muted – not happy, but not sad either, and ever-so-slightly irritated, and antsy, and a bit anxious, and frustrated, and wanting more – oh. Ohhhhhhh…I just realised why all of that sounded/felt so familiar. It was pretty much what I felt like when I realised I’d fallen out of love. With an ex. Yep – I’ve fallen out of love with this, except this is a much more pleasant break-up ;) I still like it, and can admire it because it is a beautiful fragrance, but I don’t love it anymore – it’s just not for me anymore and don’t know if I’ll wear it again because I’m feeling so “meh” about it. Shame, because this was truly one of my favourite perfumes, for a very long time. I'm still giving it a thumbs up for old time's sake though and because it really is a lovely fragrance.
07th August, 2016
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Genre: Chypre

The top notes include a detestable air freshener synthetic hyacinth, but once that settles down the rest of the scent reveals itself as a very pleasant, upbeat, sweet floral and wood composition: a kind of Ivoire-meets-Flower by Kenzo. A mere trace of the opening hyacinth lingers in the background, but in the company of the primary accord its sharp, green flavor provides a measure of welcome balance and contrast to the prevailing sweetness. The whole thing is clean and snappy, but also playful in a way that traditional green floral chypres never are.

In its bright, translucent texture Lovely reminds me of such crisp green florals as Drôle de Rose, Une Zeste de Rose, and Eau du Ciel, and I’m encouraged to find this happy aesthetic trickling down from niche perfumery into a mass market celebrity fragrance. Lovely is reasonably potent and projects well off of the skin, leaving plenty of sillage in the air. Once the notes arrange themselves into their central pattern the development is linear for a few hours, after which the floral notes peel away to reveal a drydown of clean musk and brisk woods, primarily cedar. This is altogether a much nicer scent than I’d expected, and I wouldn’t be embarrassed to find my daughter running around in it.
19th June, 2014
review by thanks sixx

I just received my bottle of Lovely. Eight years late, but oh well.

The opening is very floral, which I expected. I didn't recognize the lavender until about 10 minutes in, although it is listed as a top note. This may be my inexperience showing through.

My brain kept registering lily-of-the-valley, but lo and behold, the white floral influence is paperwhites, a daffodil! How clever of SJP to throw something so unexpected into the mix (well.... she personally didn't formulate it, but she did approve it).

Anyone who grows paperwhite bulbs indoors knows you either love or loathe the scent.

I'm not a big fan, but for some reason, it works in Lovely. It provides a white floral fragrance with a "dirty edge," totally unexpected from a pale pink juice in a very feminine-shaped bottle.

There is just enough earthiness in the drydown to keep this from being a run-of-the-mill floral perfume. It is definitely more Carrie Bradshaw than Charlotte York (for fans of Sex In The City).

I don't buy celebrity perfume, per se. I don't care who's name is on the bottle. My sole concern is what the juice smells like on my skin.

After reading Chandler Burr's book, I felt compelled to try Lovely. I think what sold me is how involved Ms. Parker was in the creation of the first commercial perfume to bear her name.

Her involvement and passion paid off, figuratively and, I assume , literally.

Autumn is in full swing on the US east coast. I can wear Lovely today, and am also pretty sure I can still wear it when the weather heats up in spring.

I did not expect to enjoy this perfume as much as I do.

Great job, Coty.

Superb job, Ms. Parker.

28th September, 2013
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United States
It isn’t my fault! Chandler Burr and Katie Puckrik made me do it. HONIST! You see since I have fallen into the pit of perfume I must have hit my head on a protruding rock on the way down and when I came too I found I was a bit of a perfume snob. Not mind you in the school of thought that goes: “It has to be expensive to be any good.” No the other kind of snob. If I noticed a gaggle of paparazzo following a bottle of perfume I could be seen rubbing the tip of my nose on the ceiling. You can loose a lot of skin doing that and trip over your Italian loafers if you are not careful and end up looking rather foolish. So I turned a blind eye to Celebuscents by everyone from Alain Delon to Zazu Pitts.

I came to discover “Lovely” by Sarah Jessica Parker when I read Chandler Burr’s mesmerizing book, “The Perfect Scent: A Year Inside the Perfume Industry in Paris & New York.” I am sure you have all read it but if you are new to this like me then grab a copy or download it to your electronic reading device. It is an education in the creation of two perfumes, “Un Jardin Sur Le Nil” by Jean Claude Ellena for Hermes and “Lovely” by Miss Parker for the house of Coty. No recapping synopses here …go read the book and find out why I had to try “Lovely”. I wouldn’t want to ruin any part of that reading experience for you. (Un Jardin Sur Le Nil is on my must buy list).

Now how does Katie fit into this? Well, anyone who reads her blog, or watches her very entertaining and extremely informed video reviews over at YouTube will tell you that the lady in question smells. She smells real good. “Lovely” is in her top ten best female perfumes that men can wear. So that spoke to me. After all this His smells Her smells approach to perfume only began in the early part of the 20th century when the middle class was on the rise. The perfume houses wanted to grab the attention of men who might not want to smell “pretty” or like a Dandy. Before this segregation of scent was imposed on the world everyone who could afford perfume wore the same scent. Eau de Cologne Impériale and Jicky were unisex! As far as I am concerned if you love it, wear it! There is a certain thrill to being a daring pioneer of perfume. If Joel Cairo in “The Maltese Falcon” had the balls to wear Gardenia ….so can you.

“Lovely” opens like rain on predawn cobblestoned side streets in Soho. Not a clean rain but a bit dirty and risqué. The kind of rain you would love to walk in after an sweaty sexy all nighter in a dance club. The top notes of mandarin, bergamot shimmer lightly on the skin and are fleeting as they soak into the lavender and Brazilian rosewood which add a cosmopolitan sophistication. A dirty patchouli downs an Apple Martini grabs the hand of the bashful orchid and runs through the burst of rain down the street to hail a cab to midtown dry down. This is the woodsy central park of the fragrance with musk scampering in the early wet morning of Lovely though woodsy notes and cedar. As the sun dries the earth there is an echo of white amber balmy and richly warms the skin to a new day.

Yes “Lovely” is confident. Self-assured and shows in its progression from opening to closing that it was indeed a labor of love in its creation. Thoughtful and not rushed it is more than lovely, it is superb.

It is all about what is in the bottle. Sure there are going to be lots of Celebuscents that are not good. Cheap thoughtless creations with a name tacked on who had nothing to do at all with the creation of the perfume. But somewhere in there in the midst of the rushing crush on the red carpet there may be a fragrance worth trying even in the glare of paparazzi flash bulbs exploding in a night filled with promise and possibilities.
14th October, 2012
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United Kingdom
Beautiful scent that has the hallmarks of a classic, I believe this scent will stand the test of time. I was a bit disappointed with the rest of the range, Covet isn't bad, but they are not a patch on this.
20th July, 2012
Gorgeous bottle, gorgeous scent. I have to say this is very similar to Narciso Rodrigues for Her, they are alike but Lovely is softer in the drydown I think. I love them both, have them both, and wear them both.
On a SJP topic, I prefer Covet Pure Bloom of all her frags. I'm not taken at all with the Lovely Collection however, I have sniffed 2 of the 3 and I have to say.....Eurgh!!

Lovely is Lovely :-)
21st March, 2012
My grandmother had this on. Not sure how I'd feel about it on my Fiancé but I think this is perfectly suited for more mature adults. The musk and orchid are very comforting to the nose.
11th March, 2012
It's a sweetly romantic fragrance with an off-note in it that keeps it from playing it safe. At first I found the scent unsettling but after having received it as a birthday present I am in love with this fragrance. I'm almost out of it and I'm ready for a replenishment!

It is flirty, understated, innocent yet sexy. I often wear this when I'm in the mood to wear flirty dresses, soft cardigans and jeans, or vintage romantic tops with a kitten heel. It's one of the few fragrances I have that I feel I have to dress according to it.

My only complaint about the fragrance is it's lack of staying power. Luckily I was given a fragrance set which included a lotion and a rollerball. I definitely have to wear the lotion and carry the rollerball in my purse if I want the scent to stay with me all day.

This fragrance is anything but boring. It's uniqueness lies in that one discordant note. I love this one so much!
10th December, 2011
I love this scent. The floral mixed with a musky undertone makes it a little less "old" feeling to me, even though it is so floral. Frankly, it reminds me of the camelia bushes outside my grandmother's front entrance. It is a nostalgic scent for me.
26th September, 2011
If Chanel No. 5 is your little black dress, Lovely is your favorite pair of jeans.
13th July, 2011
I bought this blind after reading THE PERFECT SCENT by Chandler Burr, and after owning and liking SJP's subsequent fragrance, Covet, so my expectations were shaped by two influences. (And yes, I may be 6 years late to the bandwagon, but what celebrity fragrance purchase doesn't benefit from an intervening 6 years to let the price come down a bit?) Based on what I knew about Covet, I'm pleasantly surprised by Lovely: it's a more coherent fragrance than its successor, if less daring. I now recognize that what I've been smelling ambiently on coworkers/friends/the general subway-riding public for about five years now is, in fact, Lovely, and so I don't feel entirely surprised by what I'm smelling. I don't get the "apple martini" accord at all, just an unobtrusive, musky floral with a slightly papery sense about it. It seems like a very versatile fragrance: I can imagine dressing it both up and down, like a summer dress that could go either way with the right accessories.
02nd June, 2011
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I read Chandler Burr’s story of the ridiculousness of the making of this scent and an Hermès Jardin fragrance, and then, of course, was dying to try it. What’s funny, though, is that for all the attention centered on Lovely and the Hermès scent, I found them both to be first and foremost dull. I thought that I would at least find Un Jardin sur le Nil intriguing or memorable. 5 minutes after testing it, though, I could only vaguely even remember it, and never went back to try it again.

As ho-hum as Lovely is, I like that it’s a musk fragrance. Little wood, little flower, BIG MUSK. Enough musk that this could be a musk-in-the-title perfume if it chose to be. Soft, when used to describe musk usually means rounded and comfortable. This is soft like soggy. The cloying musk burdened with flowers and patchouli is all weight and no buoyancy. Also a bit like chewing a taffy ‘til your jaw aches—it takes effort and seems to go on forever. Still, if you like sweet, this is better than most candy-perfumes.
29th November, 2010 (last edited: 13th January, 2015)
Upon first spray Lovely smells more woody and herbal than you might guess looking at the beautiful pink packaging it comes in. The top notes create a fresh, slightly spicy scent and there is very little sweetness in the top layer. However, it doesn't take long for the citrus notes to fade and for the woods to really show through. Cedar and Patchouli offer a light warmth to Lovely, while Amber and Musk in the base notes create a 'powdery' scent which I find to be very comforting.

Lovely is beautiful and easy to wear, while it's not an overly complex or striking scent it's perfect for daytime or quiet nights spent cuddling on the couch. It stays fairly close to the skin and the musky notes cling for a few hours. I don't find it's a perfume that others will comment on but it's one that makes me feel warm, safe and happy. I also think that Lovely has a timeless quality about it, there is a slightly old word gracefulness about it yet Lovely doesn't smell dated - it is a fragrance that will surpass trends. For a celebrity fragrance, a genre which can garner much cynicism and criticism, I think it holds it's own very well.
15th January, 2010
I wore this to the office one day and a co-worker commented (quite loudly) 'Who's got musk sticks?' (those vivid pink, long, thin, corrugated, soft musky sweets) It took me a minute to realise it was my perfume. Uh oh. I slid down in my chair and slunk off to the ladies room to tone it down a bit. Nonetheless I persist in wearing it (just not to the ofice) because I like it. It really is lovely. But, I do think that it may be best on young women and teenagers, and it is time I moved on. If you are too old to eat musk sticks then you may be too old for this one.
18th December, 2009
I used to really love this one but somehow I have grown so used to it that I cannot even smell it any more! It is an excellent perfume for daily wear. It can be smelled from a distance but is very mild and composed. It has excellent longevity and leaves a lovely fragrance on coats and scarves. It is very very clean. It is not a fragrance that shouts out, it is not something fantastic but it is 'lovely', exactly as its name implies. Quiet and unassuming, unlike the name of the woman it bears, it still makes a statement.
14th December, 2009 (last edited: 15th March, 2010)
Lots of sharp points here, but alluringly feminine all the same- I really enjoyed this one and would buy it again- and the bottle is nice to have around, too- piquant and energizing, yet not "in your face" about it-
04th December, 2009
Some people have compared this to Narciso Rodriguez, but it reminds me more of Eclat De Arpege by LANVIN. The apple martini, cedar and amber give it that fruity floral kick.

The patchouli is very high quality and manages to keep the fragrance "musky" without ever becoming spicy.

I have to hand it to Sarah Jessica Parker, I wouldn't touch most "celebrity scents" with a 10 foot pole, but she did her homework on this scent. A great women's scent for those who like musky florals. A hidden gem !
01st December, 2009
To know what "Lovely" smells like, picture this: a young woman in a strapless summer dress steps out of her house, fresh from the shower. It is 11 a.m. in July. She's late, so she walks fast along a hot sidewalk to get to the subway. "Lovely" is the scent she exudes when she sweat. ("glow"-- sorry-- men sweat, women "glow.")

Clean, fresh glow. Sexiest scent imaginable.
Two thumbs up-- way up.
22nd November, 2009
I like it. Is it masculine? Umm.... maybe a teensy bit. But does it still smell good? Yes, to my nose. A bit strong sometimes, but still... Lovely! It's true. Jessica Simpson named hers "Fancy," which it's not, but this one's appropriately named. It's warm, but not a sugar-sweet warm. It's a strong-type of warmth. The perfume itself is strong; it lasts, but I don't know, it smells lovely, and has an independent strength. I guess it's the musk, evoking some kind of masculine quality that doesn't overshadow and overwhelm.
18th May, 2009
I find so many women's fragrances too floral and cloying. There are very few that I buy as gifts, because I find them overdone. I was shopping for an Xmas gift once and I smelled this one. I didn't buy it as a gift, but I remember being impressed by the glorious bouquet. It smelled very classy and sophisticated, yet piquant and pure, and like Cashmere Mist, ultra-feminine. I need to go back and take a whiff of this one again. It has lingered in my memory.
18th May, 2009
I can't tell you how CUTE and "girly" this stuff smells on my girlfriend. It's nothing fancy but this is indeed her signature scent. She's never wore fragrances before but she fell in love with this at first sniff. Half of the other perfumes she wrinkled her nose in disgust.
22nd September, 2008
Crisp florals, luscious white musk, caressing patchouli. What's not to like? The first time I sprayed this dazzling creation I immediately wrinkled my nose in dismay. Is this what I had been waiting for? the scent of acetone and biting, rubbing alcohol. After a couple of moments the sharpness retreated and a gentle, creamy, come hither fragrance unfolded. Lovely stays with me all day, subtly and naturally. I smell musk, black pepper, all the things a clean man should smell like. Every man/woman loves this on me, and i have yet to find it smell nice on a woman.
13th June, 2008
It's lovely. Not as soft and fluffy as the name and advertising implies - it does have some backbone and impressive sillage. It also lasts phenomenally well on the skin and is often still there the following morning. There's a definite crispness and sparkle to the head and heart notes and it clips along like Carrie in her Manolos. There's a sass to it.

I think that's the image to hold when considering this fragrance - don't think of SJP the dancer, fashionista, Broadway actress, Mrs Matthew Broderick... think of Carrie clipping smartly down a sunny New York street in a little bitty dress and high heels, going to meet her girlfriends. It's warm, sparkling, charming and urban; it doesn't put a foot wrong.

Makes a great gift too.
27th May, 2008
Similar to Narciso Rodriguez for her but softer.Nice for office wear or for a lunch with friends.Beautiful bottle too.I even like the advert with Sarah Jessica Parker as a ballet dancer,although I have never been very fond of her.So different from her other fragance , Covet!
03rd April, 2008
I really love this one of my best friend.

When I first smelt it I was kind of taken by it but I wasn't sure - it had a rather musky sporty kind of smell. It has grown on me a lot (perhaps because of who wears it).

If you like musk - you should like this. I agree with anyone else who has noted this also - it has a unisex appeal.
14th December, 2007
This fragrance took me back ages when i fist smelled it, it just so happens to smell like something else that was launched decades ago.
This very light musky scent is all good, it's very much unisex and it has a tenacity to it that i admired for a scent that opens rather strongly but fades quickly but stays that way for a long time on the skin. It has a hint of fruits that i found very attractive, and a base of ,well, white musks and rosewood that are very comfortable.
I will mention that Rigaud had a scent called Lovely too, but that one was more about Lily of the valley, jasmin and other flowers than musk.
So, i have smelled this one before, give or take a few other notes, and i think i'll keep smelling it in the future thanks to its success.
29th November, 2007
It's really nice. The mixture of lavender and musk in a soft sweet way. In fact because of this, I want to stick to the genre, the soft floral subtle perfumes.

Too bad that my friend use this and everytime I wear this, it remind me of her. Not a bad thing, but I couldn't make this as my HG perfume.
07th November, 2007
I think the opening is a bit strong. It is unique: quite a bit edgy, quite a bit sophisticated, and very much creative — one of those borderline openings that seem to shift between “Fantastic!” and “I’m not so sure.” It’s that borderline thing that typifies fragrances of complexity and character. I find the opening accord abstract (actually all the accords are abstract, as Ayala has mentioned), and I think that the rosewood is the note responsible for the uniqueness / ambiguity of the opening. Tricky stuff, that rosewood, but not as tricky as lavender. Lavender is my most variable note: I often dislike it, in some fragrances I love it, in Lovely, I’m mesmerized by it — it’s juncture with the rosewood is the genius of the top two layers of the fragrance IMO. The “Apple Martini” is responsible for the effervescence, the lemon grass is responsible for its hint of clean, but the rosewood / lavender is responsible for the creative challenge. I love the paperwhite narcissus of the heart notes — so clean and abstract; I dislike the orchid—orchid is always too strong and errrpy for me, but it is presented so…”abstractly” that I can quite overlook it. Very refined base — the most abstract of all the levels. This is a wonderful feminine fragrance, and this IS a fragrance men love.
15th October, 2007