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Negative Reviews of True Star Men by Tommy Hilfiger

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Not exactly the kind of fragrance which I use to be smitten by. As well as the great Foetidus below suggests the opening is chaotic and easily misleading, something candied-artificial with a weird (soon collapsing) "balmy/rubbery-tart" fruitiness and a general aura of red-berrish artificiality. Grapefruit, something like red fruits from the forest (raspberries?) and simil saffron are dominant in this "shampoing pour le corps" phase. I get also increasingly something salty calonic, barely mineral and synthetically marine-ozonic in the hybrid indiscernible amalgam, an unpleasant mess soon joined by a sort of minty-anisic lingering undertone from licorice. Yes, the quintessence of Hilfiger's high school guys style "nondescriptiveness" in a bottle or far more, namely an emblem of olfactory void (a total absence of quality, conceptuality and creativity, a pure pseudo commercial operation with no future at all). Sorry Tommy but you hardly express your best when it comes to fragrances. Dry down is a misty vague idea of aromatic saffron with hints of saltiness and an indiscernible dose of abstract fruitiness (which is counteracted by a general weird stark woody aridity, something connected to hyper dry woods and hay of stuffs like these). Vanilla? Boh!!! May be something artificially soothing in the middle of the spicy-salty fruitiness (a bitter tart sort of fruitiness) but more probably something leathery, yes salty-leathery and woody. Resemblance to Le Male? Naaa, may be a vague ideal connection to Gaultier Le Beau Male which is more citric, more markedly ozonic and no leathery. Finally I can say that True Star Men is a rarefied synthetic connection of woods, ozonic patterns, saffron, grapefruit and soft leather, an amalgam anyway with "neither art not part" (good at chess and no slouch at bridge, either). Really not more to add, actually I don't get orris root and any idea (yet chemical-synthetic) of discernible further notes. This fragrance lasts not more than twenty minutes on my skin, seriously. Pass quickly by.
20th September, 2015 (last edited: 21st September, 2015)
Doesn't last at all and I tried all kinds of ways. Initial reaction was a transparent sour anice with a metallic aquatic accord. Like a true American rock singer, only good for one hit and all others are just faded memories of past glory.
27th July, 2008
UGH! I do like how it opens like an laudry fresh smell, but then it becomes sweet-fresh, irritatingly so, borderline headache (I wonder if it's the synthetics?). Then finally, I was surprised to smell it's fougere base. If the base was at the heart of this frag, I would've given this a nod of approval.
19th November, 2005
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