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Neutral Reviews of True Star Men by Tommy Hilfiger

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United Kingdom
The opening is a mix of a reasonable grapefruit with a steely-metallic fresh impression. In the drydown I get liquorice, but is quite faint, as is the rather generic wood note in the base; towards the end a slim vanilla emerges, which is o limited sweetness. Limited projection and poor silage on my skin, but the longevity is quite decent at around five hours.
Interesting opening but a bit dull from then on.
11th July, 2014
That first blast is a real assault weapon: It’s chaotic, but it does settle down very quickly; I’m not even pestered during the remainder of the fragrance. I don’t care for that opening or the top notes as a whole – I find the whole top accord synthetic as compared to the grapefruit / aquatic notes in several other fragrances I’ve tried. The settling down of the fragrance is taken a little too far – it becomes another one of the modern mass market ones that are much too weak IMO. I do get a hint of licorice in the middle notes – extremely light with nothing else going on, seemingly. I don’t pick up the orris at all – if it’s there, it’s not powdery. MMM is right about the saffron from the base: Although I don’t usually care for saffron in a fragrance, this one is well-done. True Star doesn’t last, which makes it very much like its typical competition. It’s a mediocre fragrance and, besides the saffron remark, about the best thing I can say about it is that it isn’t annoying.
18th October, 2007
jdnba Show all reviews
United States
This is gonna sound crazy but her goes...I used to teach swim lessons and the 2 year old girl i was teaching threw up her trix cereal on me because she freaked out and gulped some pool water...getting there...the initial blast smells just like that..thrown up trix with a dash of pool water. Crazy huh? Let it sit and it becomes real nice...inoffensive, nothingness.
03rd June, 2007
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This one is interesting on my skin- basically, it just smells like wet bamboo stalks, but in a good way. The other notes don't really ever show up as I'd expect. Sometimes I can make out hints of them (the saffron most of all), but the wet bamboo is always there. It's actually quite nice on a really, really hot day, but otherwise, it's pretty forgetable.
14th June, 2006
Actually a decent rendition of saffron lurking inside this one, with pretty boy Iglesias gracing the cheapo packaging. Overall synthetic and messy and hardly worth a purchase (although it's really inexpensive) but the saffron in the opening is really nice, better than for instance the one found in Armani Mania.
15th March, 2006
This fragrance hints on spice; though spice is not in the composition. The obvious references to pop culture will definately be a selling point for the cologne (ie. Enrique, the microphone-shaped-bottle, the guitar-shaped-blotting-paper provided at department stores)... The initial smell is rather putrid; however, once the scent settles in, it is rather good! Kudos to the designers...
22nd January, 2006
ilnaso Show all reviews
United States
A rich but mild addition to the Tommy line. The enrique iglesias tie-in is obnoxious but the fragrance is nice. A little too light for my tastes, which is odd considering the vanilla, sandalwood, and orris ingredients. Not very long lasting either but a more sophisticated option than the original Tommy
11th October, 2005