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Positive Reviews of True Star Men by Tommy Hilfiger

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Discovered this scent many years ago. I think this is one of the scents that Hilfiger got right. Very aquatic and leathery smelling to me which seems to be a unique combination. Smells good on cool days and warm nights. As picky as my wife is about the colognes I wear she likes this one.
23rd March, 2012
I always was verry fond of this scent, I never got around to buy it mainly becouse of the fact that most people in my city used this at the time. I'd discribe this scent as "Le Male but better done". Weird I know but thats what came to my mind when I first tried it.
17th October, 2010
Oh how much ones nose can change. The first time I smelled this it smelled like watermelon and cucumber. A generic fresh aquatic. I questioned myself, did I smell this? Or maybe it was Tommy 10?

Regardless, I am glad I picked this guy up. At Walmart for 20 bucks I got a 2 pack of 1 oz bottles -- True Star and Tommy. Tommy is a high school classic scent to me. True Star is different, and along with Tommy, it's very unique for a designer fragrance.

The TH house doesn't get much attention, but this fragrance deserves it. It's niche-like. It's very woodsy yet also very aquatic. The "wet notes" are definitley there. The top is a combination of woods and anise. Or perhaps it's licorice. I'd say anise though, since it smells more vegetable like, and dirty. Result: mulch. Yes it smells like freshly chipped mulch. It stays pretty linear, with the combo of mulch and wet notes. A nice sharper cedar or sandalwood comes in in the dry down.

An excellent modern woodsy scent. Great bang for the buck. Niche quality. I would love to know the perfumer behind this one, because he/she/they knocked this one out of the ball park.
27th February, 2010 (last edited: 30th March, 2012)
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I do not agree with the statement that this is for 18-35s. I'd add half a dozen years to the lower, and ten or more to the upper end. Maybe that's what happens with all men's fragrances, over time there is age migration, because the fickle young and cool wannabes move on to the next new thing. A fragrance has to grab a non super-young audience, or die.

I like the instant clean grapefruit/sweet lemony element, there might even be a very slight trace of warm honey also, and this instant element mix has some staying power. After a time, a wet leathery, black liquorice emerges without being overpowering. This mixed nicely with the sweet first wave. There is ultimately a whiff that, indeed, as someone else hinted at, hits a bit like laundry water with fresh scent detergent in it.

I don't perceive the advertised sandalwood, which is completely fine by me, because too many men's scents these days are too musky/woody. True Star is a nice anti-wood option.

The scent is not strong, so I'd apply near sweat glands, the side of the neck, or toward the front opening of a v-neck or buttoned shirt. I'm looking forward to wearing this one on a sunny day next Spring, as I think it may be most suitable for Spring/Summer.
10th November, 2009
This is one of the most unique smelling colognes. Its hard to describe. The initial blast is a blend of licorice and some boozy accord kind of like a pleasant/ light whiskey with some aquatic and citrus mixed in. It is pretty linear but it does dry down to a more warm scent as the vanilla and saffron kind of takes over. There's also something about this that reminds me of the smell of a a clean leather jacket. Overall, I love it. I just wish it had better silage and longevity. Thumbs up
23rd February, 2009
This is one of my favorites. It's kind of weird b/c you have to spritz it just right to make it smell its best, otherwise it disappears really fast. When you do, it lasts pretty much all day and it'll keep you smelling really clean. There's a note in it somewhere that smells kind of like laundry hanging out to dry, and it rounds it out really nicely. It's best for warmer days and summer time.
26th April, 2008
This I like. the initial whif is kinda messy and all over the place, but the dry down is very nice. the drydown is kind of a blue scent but it is unlike any blue out there and it really doesn't smell like cologne, just a very clean unobtrusive inoffensive scent. Great for office wear in my opinion or just for a long day.
19th May, 2007
Smells just like a leather jacket to me too. Needs better longevity. They should release an Eau De Cologne version that's more powerful.
20th October, 2006 (last edited: 25th September, 2010)
I really didn't want to like True Star because of the whole ENRIQUE thing. That being said, I threw away the box with his mug on it a.s.a.p. and I love it. I think it is crisp and smells like freshly showered skin. I was very ify about it but a few days went by and I kept going back and spraying on samples of this. The wear time isn't terribly long but better than some scents out there. Just got a bottle the other day,...I'm hooked. I've been a Tommy snob for so long until TRUE STAR.
25th February, 2006
My immediate reaction brought to mind the scent of new leather (unsure as to why?). The fresh crisp fragrance is not easily forgotten. I was pleasantly surprised how the scent did not dramatically alter as many fragrances do when worn for a while. I am very pleased with this purchase.
19th January, 2006
It's a nice cologne that smells great, but the first faze of the scent is kind of “wet” and not so pleasant in my opinion, but as the scent settles on your skin it smells great. I just bought it today, so I can't really comment on how long it lasts, but I think it's quite long, because I can still smell the little spray I did on my wrist at the store about two hours ago.
02nd January, 2006
Finally a new cologne that doesn't smell like something I have already smelled; it seems original. Good call Tommy camp. It is clean and fresh from the top notes, but hard to describe after that. You just have to whiff for yourself. I don't see it as an oriental scent though as one said in another review.
15th October, 2005
A light cologne, (like so many out there.) But there's something about this one that hits me. The smell is really addicting to me for some reason. I can't quite place why, but I really like it. Thought about buying it, but figured that within months this will reek in schools and businesses everywhere, so I decided on something else. But I do recommend it.
01st October, 2005
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Just picked up a bottle of this today so I can't really comment on staying power in different situations. However, I do like the scent it reminds me a lot of a more lemony (less well balanced) version of Dunhill Man which I think is a superb fragrance. So if you like dunhill man but are looking for something less expensive this is worth a look.
11th August, 2005
Good bottle. Great notes. A unique oriental-type fragrance full of eastern spices. Thank God it's not another citrus like the original. I think this one will do quite well. It's sophisticated and interesting from an aficionado's point of view but still not so bold as to offensive or hard to sell. This one is a definite winner.
04th August, 2005
tops no doubt about it just smell so clean and those wet notes hit the spot just right for texas wearher a perfect 10.
01st August, 2005
Not bad if you like light and rounded scents for summer, or even a quick romp in the day. Although a good scent, not suitable for formal events in the least, unless you're going to your high school's Homecoming.

Give a bit to settle on your skin, because the first impression I've had, and most people I know is that there is an odd punchy-ness behind the scent. Don't let this scare you off, however, because it is a good scent overall.
29th July, 2005