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I'm thinking the same thing I often do when trying Demeter's more realistic creations - why bother?
I love conifer fragrances, straight up, in blends, whatever, and have six or seven essential oils of various conifers, and that may be part of my problem with Christmas Tree. Conifer EO's are fairly short-lived, but amazingly grounding and woody while they last. Christmas Tree didn't last any longer than an essential oil, and wasn't as fresh or nearly as wonderful.
I understand for those who don't have the essential oil, this might have an appeal, but it's pointless for me. I can get a better Christmas tree memory at a cheaper price in an essential oil.
24th January, 2013 (last edited: 06th December, 2013)
Ugh, this is disgusting. Absolutely disgusting. I bought this on a whim very cheaply in search of the scent of pine leaves but this is a plastic christmas tree if any kind of tree at all. It is more like pino clean detergent and even then, much much less appealing. At first it has a horrible toxic, plastic smell which dries down a bit but never goes away. Demeters Dirt (which I quite like) has a similar artificial note at first but that disappears quickly and leaves a somewhat natural smelling concoction. I can't even use this as a room spray (which is what I intended) nor even in the bathroom. It reminds me of a bathroom that hasn't been inadequately cleaned. I would give this bottle away, but I don't want to subject anyone else to it's disgustingness and I doubt anyone I know would like it so I'm just going to throw it away. Given the positive review above I'll give it the benefit of doubt and assume that the bottle I own is off, but I can't bring myself to give a neutral rating.
22nd January, 2012
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United States
Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree forever true your colours!! I have this one and wear it with pleasure and would recommend it to anyone for the early fall through the winter. It's just great.
27th April, 2008
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