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Positive Reviews of Beautiful Sheer by Estée Lauder

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Such a fresh burst of sunshine,i am an ester lauder fan anyway,it stays with you and is not a fade away fragrance,I get compliments whenever I go out with this on,go only need to apply to wrists and behind ear!!! I hope they don't discontinue this!!!
21st December, 2017
Prior to testing this fragrance I was almost certain that the sheer version of Beautiful would smell just like the original only lighter, like an EDT. I was wrong.

Beautiful Sheer is like a fresh burst of youth and femininity. Although I quite liked the original Beautiful, this perfume seems to appeal to me more due to my young age. I would recommend this fragrance for Spring and Summer months, as it is light, fresh and non-cloying. The fruity and floral notes in this fragrance have been perfectly blended creating something that is both pleasant and versatile. It would be difficult to find anyone that found this fragrance offensive.

I don't think it was Estee Lauder's intention for this fragrance to be considered a masterpiece, which it definitely isn't. However, I consider it a fragrance that captures many desirable elements, such as being fresh, clean and inoffensive. I believe that every woman should have at least one fragrance in their wardrobe that is pretty, casual and refreshing like Beautiful Sheer. It could quite easily become a signature scent or a fragrance that you turn to when you can't decide what else to wear.

26th April, 2011
I really like this one although I'm not sure I like it on me, I smell pear, rose and tobacco in this, it is fresh and long lasting and will always be a head turner. I just dont think the frag suits me personally, and I found this out after buying a 75ml bottle, such is life !
23rd January, 2009
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I loved cedriceccentrics ver eloquent review as it says exactly what I feel about this fragrance. It was a gift, and not one of my personal favourites, but I recieve more compliments for this than any other fragrance. I dislike that it is a 'high street' frag, and I prefer the niche/cult type brands rather than smell like millions of others, however I do look forward to wearing this on occasion. Much lighter and less obvious than original Beautiful, but still has great longevity. Ideal for any occasion
04th April, 2007
Like this one to, reminds me of Tommy Hilfiger
05th December, 2006
OK, It's no masterpiece but I don't think it tries to pass like it. Absolutely no relation to the classic Beautiful, the classic is more sophisticated. Beautiful Sheer also is much greener and has that "wet floral" note so typical of Lauder fragrances since Pleasures. If you like other soft green florals with a tropical feeling (Ginger Lily), like say Cabotine or Tendre Poison, but are looking for something with less vanilla try Beautifull Sheer.
Beautiful Sheer is one of those optimistic fragrances, you will feel like there is sunshine even on a rainy day. It's made to wear for every occasion. It's longlasting... don't overspray.

Not for those who like "dark/mysterious" fragrances.
... also BS contains a lot of "living flower" technology notes, I know some people are sensitive, me included, and can get headaches when wearing fragrances which have them in their compostions
05th April, 2006