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Negative Reviews of Love In White by Creed

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Creed's Love in White unfortunately misses something the house usually deploys so well--the clever use of high-quality ingredients, deftly blended with modern aromachemicals to create excellent, long-lasting fragragnces that smell rich and true to life. (Their house style is Aspirational English, which might smell strange and somewhat bare or linear next to classical French perfumery, if that's your reference.). With Love in White, Creed fixed what wasn't broken and seemed to take a shot at the 1990s Estée Lauder customer, by releasing a squeaky-clean white floral--in 2005, when everyone else was cranking out Pink Sugar clones. The emphasis here is on squeaky--Ivory soap and some nicer kinds of shampoo come to mind--and less so on the excellent botanicals that I expect from Creed. It's really a shame. Still, like most perfumes from this house, this really one sticks around. It should last well through a shower, although you probably won't be able to tell where it ends and your soap begins.

But the packaging suggests that this scent is aimed at a particular customer, who apparently will lose her mind at the thought of a special "wedding perfume" and drop an unconscionable amount of money on something she might only wear once. I wonder if Love in White was something that sat in development too long, got stuck on the back burner, and then finally sent to market, somewhat spiffed up. I'm usually amused by the cynicism that accompanies perfume marketing (it's so dang transparent!) but this bugs me. I suspect this is a particularly inexpensive formula for Creed to produce, and the idea of trying to foist it off on young women is irksome to me. If you love this fragrance, look for the best deal you can find on it.

15th April, 2016
Love in....shampoo.
04th September, 2012
I know the power of prejudice. I tried LIW once. It is easy to bash a thing that has been considered an archetypical failure in Turin/Sachez Guide. Love In White completely lived up to the expectations.

My personal first impression was: O/k, is is not so bad! Maybe it has to develop on skin. The second was: uups!

Dense as marble, and as odorless as that. Maybe I suffered from fatigue. Does it really smell good? I will not come back to it.

edit: Alas, I have to come back to it. I read the advertising. LIW is praised for being used by two "first ladies", the Empire State Building was enlightend all in white to welcome Love In White to the world in 2005. This effort to make it a top notch choice is seconded by a price tag that may seem offending - 140 bucks for a humble amount of 1oz EDP is something. As if that were not enough the ad explains, that Love In White refers to Mr. Creeds love in sailing - white sails, You know. Mr Creed is an autocratic "master perfumer", and so LIW has to be a masterpiece. But - still people have a choice. According to Luca Turin, I really would prefer to keep the dirt after sleeping two weeks in the woods, if the alernative would be a shampoo scented by LIW. And that only for the style of it ...
26th March, 2011 (last edited: 12th April, 2011)
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I have a fond relationship with "Spring Flower", so, of course, I jumped to purchase (blind!) my own vat of "Love in White" (MYSORE sandalwood--could it truly be?). Unfortunately, I not only had to nurture a rash after testing this doozy, but also had to beg the place I purchased it from to consider refunding me. I understand the concept of this mix, I really do---seabreeze freshened wax-white flowers, pinned to someone like Grace Kelly, as she yacht-trots along the Monoco coastline---unfortunately, this brew morphs into something bizzare and even violent on my skin. It opens in an almost faint-worthy hesperidic burst of citrus oil, that shoots and blinds the eyes, then dries down into a bitter cheese that remindes me of a really tasty brie, enncrusted with sea salt. So far by account, not lovely but perhaps tasty. However, I wouldn't allow myself to be fooled by the picnic lunch opening, "Love in White" then dries-down into a surprisingly chemical petrol/gas station kind of blend; it's oily, dry and kerosene-like and makes me think of celluloid flowers bubbling in a nuclear meltdown. Congrats to all of you who smell loveliness and virginal purity; I actually felt a bit violated after "Love in White" invaded my airspace.
27th June, 2008
This fragrance smelled nice on my friend, however, I tried it on myself and it smells AWFUL, I can't stand it.
03rd April, 2007
Creed may not be among my favourite perfumes at all, but I love and sometimes use a few of their fragrances.
This Love in White, however, is so digusting it makes my skin crawl: I can feel no Iris, no Rose, no Amber, no Vanilla as there should be - just a face-punching kind of rotten ginger swallowing up every other note that might be part of the fragrance. It reminds me of dirty rags in a kitchen sink, when they become muddy with dampness. It is aso obvious that, in such case, a remarkable persistance adds up to the negative impression.
I am sorry to be so hard in judging a perfume, but it is REALLY the worst perfume I ever smelled in my whole life! :(
08th September, 2006