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United Kingdom
The opening is a citrus-floral affair. After the initial orange peel, the drydown delivers a lovely floral basket, in which magnolia, iris and jasmine combine to a pleasant bouquet. This potpourri, which is never overly sweet or cloying, constitutes the core of this creation. At times an aroma of rice is present also.

The base adds touches of the ambergris for which this house is known for, together with whiffs of tonka.

I get moderate sillage, adequate projection and five hours of longevity on my skin.

This gently summery scent is a pleasant creation that is blended with skill. Whilst the ingredients are not very original, they are of solid quality and the whole is crafted well. 3/5.
03rd March, 2018

Naturally elegant and surprisingly pleasant.LOVE IN WHITE evokes prestige,a commitment to fashion, luxury,and the finer things that life has to offer.It has a distinctive scent and for those ladies out there that want a soft but yet special scent. Feminine,Fresh,Masterpiece,Elegant,Clean,Floral, Exquisite and Surprisingly Delicate Winner.

The initial burst of orange compliments rose the overtones of magnolia itself,always pitched at the right scale,garlanded by other white flowers and a subtle and soft base,retaining the perfect pitch of voice of a sophisticated,to-the-manor-born- lady who wants a soft spring&summer scent to accompany her most precious moments.Totally jasmine in the heart and vanilla in the base notes are more prominent here.

LOVE IN WHITE is not overwhelming,just subtle enough to grab the attention of others.This extraordinary perfume would make a great gift for any occasion.In my opinion it is the perfume you can wear on lunch dates or evening dates with close ones and sure you will be complimented for it.Anyway you can never go wrong with CREED perfumes if you are a real perfume lover.


Longevity?Excellent on my skin.

09th June, 2015
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United Kingdom
Bought this for my wife,

We both love the smell, and it lasts so long!

Whenever she wears it, it gives a very sophisticated feel, and many people comment how lovely she smells, always ask what it is, and then ask if we bought the bottle so they can try some!

This is the first Creed for my wife, previously she would not even bother with a more upper end frag, sticking more to the old and bold favourites. Thankfully, she now understands the reason i spend on Creed.

When its first applied, its very floral. That soon dissapates and leaves a gorgeous summery very royal smelling fragrance. Clean and crisp, not obtrusive, and perfect for evening out.
01st August, 2014
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I got this for my girlfriend at the time, but she never wore it, so I sprayed it on myself and tried it out for a day. It's a nice scent, but maybe a tad bit too feminine for a guy to wear. The jasmine note really carries this one places, I loved the smell, just felt too self conscious wearing it around town.

For a lady though, this one would be great! I believe a lot of the bad reviews on this one comes from it being a Creed scent; it's supposed to be exceptional, but this one's really mediocre when compared to SMW, Aventus, or any of the other big Creed names. Still, not a bad fragrance at all, maybe not worth the price tag though!
10th April, 2012
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United States
a nice well blended jasmin and light floral embraced with a powerful but gentle vanilla body.the florals are calm.women give it a try. love in white has class and and a safe scent
26th January, 2012
I hadn’t heard of this fragrance as I scoured the Harrods hall looking for the perfect scent to wear on my wedding day.
Funnily enough it found me, I loved it on first inhalation and the fact it was called Love In White seemed like divine intervention. Indeed it almost smelt angelic.
Years later I still love it, but its like a cold beauty sitting aloof and alone in my room and only to be used when I want to evoke special memories. That doesn’t mean I can’t wear it every day – I could, its fresh (but hard-hitting) sharp, white floral notes are very simple and accessible – but I like to save its austerity and beauty for magical days.
Could you wear it with a hangover? Most certainly, it would be like taking a long cold drink of iced water…
08th June, 2011
Love in White is absolutely lovely. Its soft, floral, and incredibly fresh. It leaves an impression of fresh flowers and uber cold water/air to me... That said, reading the add copy I get nothing that would at all suggest 'Aegean sea' unless we mean an Aegean sea goddess who is resting on a bed of gardenia instead of the sand and has managed to avoid both salt water and breaking a sweat.

I've only gone with thumbs up because, while for its price tag the perfume doesn't do anything that can't be found for much less, it still smells incredibly good and I wouldn't say no if someone offered me a bottle.

30th January, 2011
Oh, how I love this scent ( must be the magnolia ) if only I could live in a cloud of this everyday. It is elegant and sweet and pretty. I see some of you don't particularily care for it but I just adore each his own I guess.
19th September, 2010
Oh. Now this is lovely. Beautiful. Gorgeous, actually. It "smells" like a wedding to me (more so for the bride than the groom). Others will give you the notes, but it's extremely well-balanced IMHO. If a women were to ask me what perfume to wear on her wedding day, I would tell her that there's no way she could go wrong with this. "Perfect" may not be perfect all of the time, but if there were any exception, this would be it.
24th May, 2010
Elegant perfume in a virginal white bottle. Should be on every woman's top list. Arguably the best of Creed's women's line...modern, virile, yet pure. Hardly you would come across someone wearing this as everyday scent but you could very well do that if you can afford the price. This is appropriate in any ocassion. The vanilla marries well with rice husk and magnolia. Bellissimo!
18th May, 2010
Own this and love this. I think it works perfectly on a guy as it does on a lady. Imagine some orange sprinkled over a lush bouquet of florals, on top of sandalwood. The whole scent is then enveloped by a very briny and metallic accord. Quite wonderful stuff.

07th January, 2010 (last edited: 26th July, 2010)
Some may use this for office wear but I think it is best suited for going down the aisle of your wedding. Full of white flowers, and purity doves as the bells ring through the chapel, or you can use it in a night club and get hit on by a dozen drunks.
28th December, 2008
I like this one. I love white flowers because they don't force a really power floral scent. The white flowers in this fragrance creates a creamy and sweet fragrance.
Unfortunately, for whatever reason this one turns sour with my wife's body chemistry.
The fragrance by itself or on a card is amazing, so I can recommend it for any self respecting, younger woman who is looking for a great quality fragrance.
Thumbs up.
15th July, 2008
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Love in White is one of my very favorite perfumes – who cares that Luca Turin trashed it in his recent perfume book! He also ridicules Creed's packaging overall which I find rather odd. I think this bottle in particular, with its opaque whiteness, etched feathers and silver bow, is quite stylish.

With Love in White, I initially notice a mélange of orange flowers, almond and musk. After about 20 minutes, notes of sandalwood, vanilla and white flowers begin to appear in a soft well-blended way. The sandalwood and vanilla notes make this into an especially calming and comforting fragrance. In conclusion, Love in White is a soft, elegant fragrance that smells expensive and classy, in an understated way.
30th April, 2008
Like the sweetest breeze, I wore this for my wedding day and it will forever remind me of this. A pretty fragrance which sadly does not last long on me.
13th December, 2007
Crisp clean cotton sheeting sun-dried by a lakeside breeze. Virginal - pure & completely innocent. The white floral's tendency here is clear, bright and delicate. On my own skin it dries a bit soapy, and harsh. Stark. Even so, I cannot say anything bad about this one! Wish I could wear it, I'll just have to enjoy it on some passer-by...
12th October, 2007
zztopp Show all reviews
United States

Exquisite white flower notes rendered in such a way so as to be light yet substantial, thoroughly modern yet composed with a classic touch.

In Love in White (LIW) the daffodils and magnolia are the clear highlights, are given a gentle sprightly introduction by the use of orange zest in the top notes. A combination of daffodils, magnolia, and rose can potentially lead to suffocation but here this floral heart is joined by a rice husk and orange zest to restrain the floral madness that so plagues fragrances from grandma's days (or even when compared to some of Creed's older fragrances for women).

Love in White is a well-behaved and well-composed bouquet of white floral notes infused with a transparent layer of orange zest which filters out the cloying heady vapors that so many florals emit. The longevity is excellent and the warm vanilla/sandalwood base introduces a hint of creaminess. LIW is an excellent demonstration in exhibiting the inherent rich characteristics of white flowers in the purest yet most restrained manner.
15th July, 2007
I absolutely love this fragrance. I can't get enough of it and will keep my wrist close to my nose all day if I am not careful. Beautiful! The white flowers here are so ravishingly lovely...seems like flowers just a day away from falling petals...heady
01st June, 2007
It is delicately floral without being cloying and is effervescent and unique. Perfect for a younger woman it's breezy and will get you lots of favourable comments. I don't know about anything relating to the high seas, I think more about a royal garden party! Fairly European feel to it.
27th February, 2007
Kotori Show all reviews
United States
Love in White is a gorgeous scent, and hands-down my favorite of the Creed feminine scents. Unlike some of the older Creeds, such as Jasmal, Fleurs de Bulgarie, and Fleurissimo, it is soft and gentle, and not at all cloying or heady! It is more of a whisper than a fragrance. It envelops like a down comforter. My one complaint about it is that it doesn't last long.
15th October, 2006
This is by far, the most beautiful fragrance i have ever tried. serenella, your comment almost made me cry! how can this make your skin crawl??
The frangrance starts off fresh because of the orange mixed with the white jasmine. The floral arrangement of the daffodils and rose are soooo feminine! After an hour or so, the warmth of the vanilla and sandalwood are intoxicating.
13th October, 2006
This is cool and it isn't listed, but I smell spearmint among the other notes in this. I must say I've never been impressed with many of Creed's scents. With the exception of Jasmine Imp. Eugenie & I've gotten ahold of many bad bottles of it.

Love in White is a very crisp, fresh floral with what smells like minty spearmint on me! This is very pretty, delicate and feminine. Perfect for springtime. My complaint is that this has to be constantly reapplied every hour. With Creed prices this could make it difficult to keep in stock for those of us on fixed incomes.
02nd April, 2006
kewart Show all reviews
United Kingdom
This is a fabulous scent! I haven't been as excited by a new perfume in ages.The magnolia and jasmine are gorgeous and the whole melange seems to reek of class and purity. So nice to know that a portion of each sale is going to UNESCO - hope it's a large portion. I would feel confident wearing this for any occasion, although to me it says weddings or summer balls.
I've always loved the minimalism of white flowers and this Creed composition is a tribute to their bewitching elegance.
30th March, 2006
Wow, what a glorious scent! I was able to obtain two samples of it, one of which I gave to my mother and the other to a lady friend of mine. The scent is intensely floral, yet the smooth sandalwood, vanilla, and ambergris basenotes and orange zest topnotes turn it into something truly sublime. There's something magic about how natural and "real" this smells compared to department-store fragrances. It is so well balanced, with no one note sticking out, and manages to be delicate and deep at the same time- something Creed seems to pull off so well in their line of fragrances. Possibly the best floral I have ever smelled, period.
08th February, 2006
This is very soft, clean, and feminine. Not overwhelming at all. It stays pretty true to the initial smell, like all creed parfumes, it doesn't seem to change a bit on my skin. Definitely a good everyday where. Its a little softer and warmer then the Spring Flower and less fruity and more floral.
20th January, 2006
Shycat Show all reviews
United States
My decant of Love in White arrived and I do like it. It is light and delicate, in a sharp kind of way. It brings to mind a Japanese flower arrangement, where a few blossoms accent a small, bare branch. I feel a sense of restraint, a mininalist elegance.
Orange zest gives a unisex impression to the opening, very crisp. The rice is a woody note that is sweetened and softened only some by the jasmine and rose. If it were a bit less delicate. a tad less soprano this one would unisex throughout. I prefer a more floral scent for the most part, but LIW makes a relaxing change, a withdrawal from excess that is quite calming.
10th December, 2005
I picked up Creed's Love in White, the travel-size, at Bergdorf's, for my fiancee. She loves it, her second Creed scent ever, describing it as creamy". She's an idealist, a supporter of world peace, and she's happy that part of the price goes to UNESCO. She plans to bring the scent with her on a trip to Portugal next week."
05th October, 2005
I have been eagerly awaiting Love In White, and I was thrilled when the product became available. I love the top notes of the Orange which nicely mixes in with the floral middle notes. I think that it is very admirable that the company is donating a portion of its profits to such a great cause, and more companies should definitely follow suit!
05th October, 2005
Love in White is Olivier Creed's latest masterpiece. Exotic, welcoming, warm and sophisticated, Love in White is sure to be the latest legend from the House of Creed.
09th August, 2005