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OK if you like Bogart homme you'll love this..I bought it thinking from the reviews it would be a lovely fresh summer aquatic type edt perfect for work but o my God far from sticks to you like glue,cloying away. Hard to get rid of it really. Like I said if you like oriental types smells you will love it.think of jpg but extreme..
08th February, 2016
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United Kingdom
Citrus, caraway and green herbs are all right an opening, but quite synthetic and a bit thin. On my skin this scent improves with the drydown, with a decent coriander emerging. The base is a mix of white musk and tonka, which are of decent quality. A middle-of-the-road aromatic fragrance but with good silage, excellent projection and seven hours if longevity.
07th March, 2014
The opening – rosemary, caraway, grapefruit – comes across to me as a little aromatic and a lot synthetic, but it is not unpleasant. I’m not sure that I actually smell rosemary or caraway or grapefruit, but I do get an impression of them. I get the same result from the heart notes: I can’t identify the coriander or heliotrope but I get a strong synthetic vibe. Ditto for the base…

Joop! Jump has a lot generic and synthetic going for it, but it is not too sweet, it’s a bit fresh, and I just don’t dislike it as much as I probably should.
09th February, 2014
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Decent, just very decent. Joop Jump is a bit of a skin scent to me, though I cannot be so certain as I have only worn this one twice. With that said, I cannot really give a full in depth review, but I can tell you what I get from it. Fortunately, the first wearing smelled the same as the second, which is good, so I know that what I got out of it is what it is on my skin. The opening gives me a slightly herbal, but mostly citrus start, smells a bit cheap honestly. The more it dries down, the nicer it becomes. In the middle notes, which take over about 20 minutes after the initial spray.. I get this tomato leaf like accord, only smoother, along with heliotrope, and some creaminess from the tonka bean. It dies down this way, but more emphasis on the tonka, and less on the interesting mid notes. It has this sort of cheap aquatic note throughout the middle and base, the same note that I find in a lot of fragrances. It almost smells like "wet dog". It isn't so much noticeable unless you go searching for it, which is something my nose has been known to do xD

Overall, it is just ok. I think for your buck, 25 dollar-ish range, you can do better.
02nd June, 2012
I tried this one on once.
I liked it, but it didn't really struck me.

I like Joop! Go better
18th June, 2011
Can see the comparisons to Allure Homme Sport with the difference being the fruitier opening and less of the orange/vanilla in the drydown. Joop did a really good job on sillage, projection, and longevity with this fragrance. Problem is that it isn't better than Allure Homme Sport or Versace Pour Homme (which resembles AHS).
22nd May, 2011 (last edited: 22nd January, 2013)
The lovers of Allure Homme and Sport should try this , this would definately save their money. Good stuff even i hate halwa sugar sweet men fragrances but this is good.
23rd May, 2010